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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Making Plans for Daytonia....'s another Saturday night and we know you want to know what to do tonight. Well, you've got options kids...

...if you're inclined to stay closer to home, swing over to Oregon Express and show your support for musicians fallen on hard times, as there will be a benefit for Sohio, who recently had a majority of their gear stolen right out of their own home out near Trenton. The bands showing their love for their colleagues tonight will be Joe Anderl, The Goody Two Shoes, garage kings The Professors, and the elusive The American Static. You really couldn't ask for better bands to do a good thing for their mates..., if you're willing to do a little driving and would prefer your rock n' roll on the harder end of the spectrum tonight, head out to W.O. Wright's to catch The Black Cigarettes' celebration of the release of their Full Flavor album. Trading in sludgy, yet sleazy metal (think G n' R and early, early Motley Crue crossed with Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath), these guys are full on rock. Odds are, you're gonna catch one hell of a show. Also on the bill will be Electric Smoke..., make yr plans and we'll see you out there....

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