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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dahls and Hiders....

...alright kids, ready to ramp up for the weekend? Well, you got two really good options tonight, depending on yr moods...
...if you're in the mood to shake it out and blow yr mind, you're best bet is to head over to the Nite Owl, where De Novo Dahl from Nashville (who we profiled earlier this week) is gonna help you work it on out. You've also got We Are the Fury, trafficking in vintage 70s glam, as well as one of our favorite locals, Grizzzzy Bear, to take it all right over the edge...., if you're more inclined toward some earthy introspection, we'd advise you head over to Canal Street Tavern and dig an incredible set of personal paeans. Up from Cincinnati, you've got a pair of Americana enthusiasts, with very different interpretative aspects: Frontier Folk Nebraska are the young guns and The Hiders are the road-tested troubadours. Rounding things out will be Joe Anderl, who will be joined by drummer Dan Stahl of Shrug. Anderl has just put up a pair of live tracks from a recent show, as well as a new studio track that will appear on his next album. Head over and dig in..., figure out where you stand and chart your course appropriately. If you need an early stop, don't forget that The Buddha Den will be playing the best of Dayton past, present, and future from 10-11 over at Pearl, followed by Fab Gear for the rest of the night....

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