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Friday, January 04, 2008

Toads and Mice "Ghengis Kahn"-Live @ Gilly's 12.31.07

...having been there ourselves, we can say this is pretty decent footage of the band opening the NYE show at Gilly's earlier this week. One of the most amazing things we've noticed about Toads and Mice is their ability to impeccably perform the complexities found on their debut disc. What's more, they also command incredible control over their equipment, producing incredibly full, yet balanced sound in the venues in which we've seen them. For anyone who knows, getting good sounds in different clubs is much more challenging than it sounds on paper...

...Winding through the endless series of time signatures and dynamic shifts on the track "Ghengis Kahn" (off Toads and Mice), these youngsters somehow make it all seem so effortless...

Thanks to Justin for the footage!

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