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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: The Buddha Den Presents: Toads and Mice/Grizzzzy Bear-Tonight @ Pearl for L'Eighties Night 2 Year Anniversary!!!

...that's right, we've talking about this one for a while now. Well, we're literally bursting at the seams over this one. Two of our favorite bands at one of our favorite weekly events?!?!? Yeah, you're gonna wanna be there on this one... sweeten the deal a little, we've gone and set up a little something special for all of the supporters of The Buddha Den. We're going to give something back: We're giving away five copies of each of the debut albums by Toads and Mice AND Grizzzzy Bear! That's right! Plus, DJ Jay from L'Eighties Night will be including a special 80s comp in the deal as well! It's 3 albums that are gonna change you... win, email us at with L'EIGHTIES NIGHT in the subject line. The first five respondents will each win a 3-disc package, courtesy of The Buddha Den. The winners will receive their prizes tonight, at the show, between bands in a special presentation by The Buddha Den. You must be present to receive your prize...

...So, win a prize today, then brave the winter weather and get a really special prize tonight at Pearl!!!

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