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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Buddha Den DJ Set 3.27.08

In case you missed it last night, here's what we played at Pearl:

8-Bit Revival "Led Astrea"
Brainiac "Pussyfootin" and "Nothing Ever Changes"
Captain of Industry "Greater Than, Greater Than" and "Plastique Bones"
The Gluons "October Girl"
Grizzzzy Bear "The Mush Room"
Guided By Voices "Glad Girls"
Jordan Hull "On to Me"
Human Reunion "Hug Jail" and "Red Ape"
Jet Kid Committee "LOL"
My Latex Brain "Capitalist Knife"
The Northwest Ordinance "Surf and Destroy"
Jesse Remnant "The Human Cannonball"
Toads and Mice "Desert"
Towhee "Streetlights"
The Whathaveya "The Other One"
Wild & Free "Get It Straight" and "Where's Yer Head?"

As always, thanks to everyone for coming out and digging the Dayton music. If you'd like yr music to appear on one of the lists, contact us at to find out how...


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