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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snake Oil "Almost Acoustic Music" available through Fictionband

...yet again, your good friends over at Fictionband have gone out of their way to make more great music from the basements of Dayton available to you completely FREE OF CHARGE. This time around, they're offering up the splendid debut from the now-defunct Snake Oil, Almost Acoustic Music, which originally came out (and is still available for purchase) through Star Heartless Records (as are several other remarkable releases...) Featuring the songwriting talents of ex-patriate Steven Gullett, the disc veers between raunchy foot-stompers, stripped-down rockers, and the heart-wrenching finale, "Angels Are Never Enough". You need this one.

...also, in case you missed them, go back and download the last 2 Caregiver LPs and the new Peopleperson and Spirit Breaker. You won't see these bands out performing, so better grab these free downloads and dig...

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