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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Buddha Den Summer Sampler 08

..It's time again for The Buddha Den to bring you some of our favorite music from Dayton. As always, we're giving all this to you for free. We've got some of Dayton's most notable bands as well as several bands old and new that are slightly off the beaten path. Regardless, we think it's a pretty fun comp. Check it...

Sleepybird “Certain Guessing” previously unreleased
Captain of Industry “Facefull of a Headfull of Hair” from The Bronze (courtesy of All Hail Records)
Accidently On Purpose “AKA” from the Miminari EP (courtesy of Consumer Value Deluxe Records)
Nightbeast “Jungle First Date” from Inside Jokes for Outside Folks (courtesy of Thriving Records/Eastwest)
The Happy Planets “The Summer Slime” from Death; Midwest
Drexel “Trick Knee” from Sexual Pancakes
Paego Paego “Liberation Through Miracles” from A Bird For Every Country
Mountain Screamer “Midnight Molester” previously unreleased
Umbrella Men “Sing Along Song” from Umbrella Men
The Human Reunion “Badge Mask” from the upcoming Arc de Square album (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)
Lungs “Lanterns” from Lungs
Jet Kid Committee “Rock N Roll 4U” previously unreleased (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)

...a very special thanks to Ryan France for putting together the artwork which is included in the download. The art includes instructions to make a nice little jacket in which to put your Summer Sampler. That's right, we took care of you...


UPDATE-11:42 AM EDT: We have a small technical glitch with the music files. We are working to correct them and they should be fixed within the hour. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will update this post when the file is fixed. Thank you for your patience and continued support...

UPDATE-12:37 PM EDT: We have corrected the glitch. The link above should provide you with all the audio files and the artwork for The Buddha Den Summer Sampler 08. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you heard that Happy Planets song?
Where have you been all my life Happy Planets? And what to do now that I have found you?
Gonna get some of that Summer Slime all over me for starters!

2:10 PM  

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