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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Rundown

...tonight is the close of all the Halloween festivities kids, and you've got some excellent options to help you celebrate...

...if you head out early, swing by the Dayton Dirt Collective for their Misfits Tribute show. Twenty bands are gonna take turns bashing out a couple of tunes each, so it should be a good time...

...after that, you've got some choices to make. You can head over to Blind Bob's for a fun bill with good friends. The Story Changes is hosting and have brought compatriots The Sound For Language, Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and 8-Bit Revival along for the ride...'ve got one of the single-longest-running annual events in Dayton music with the Monster Hop over at Canal Street Tavern. Brought to you by local punk icon Jamy Holliday, his Luxury Pushers will host Toronto's Saigon Hookers and yet another local icon, Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience. Your eardrums will never be the same....

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