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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Buddha Den Songwriters in the Round Sampler

...if you've been following The Buddha Den for any length of time, you know we like to showcase Dayton musicians quite a bit. We do this in many different ways, one being live performances. Way back in June of this year, we hosted a very special evening at the legendary Canal Street Tavern. Some of the musicians turned in exceptional versions of songs from upcoming albums. Some busted out tracks that we have no expectations to ever hear again anywhere. Some just played their "hits", which is fine by us... our unwavering efforts, we recorded the night's performances. After some technical adjustments by Ted Dankerson over the Fictionband HQ, we at The Buddha Den are very pleased to present as our final gift of 2008, The Buddha Den Songwriters In The Round Sampler. Here's the info...

Nathan Peters (from Captain of Industry) "Facefull of a Headfull of Hair"
Mascot "All My Favorite Films"
Nick Tertel (from Sleepybird) "Signals Surpass"
Derek Gullett (from Switchblade Serenade) "Burn Your Books"
Tod Weidner (from Shrug) "One Night Phase"
Miranda Penington "Beautiful People"
Dustin Rose (from Toads and Mice) "Sailor"
Andy Smith (from Andrew & the Pretty Punchers) "Goodbye Ohio"



Anonymous Lisa said...

Thanks Kyle. You do a great job promoting Dayton music.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mroe more meor

10:50 PM  

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