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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Backward Goatherd

...for those of you in some kind of heavy-duty relationship, odds are you've got some big plans for Valentine's Day. For everyone else, yr probably looking for anything to possible distract you from the fact that you don't have those big plans. Well, you've got a pair of great options tonight no matter on which side of the l'amour line you find yourself...

...over at Blind Bob's, Brandon Hawk has assembled a trio of duos for his Valentine's Day Show. In from Columbus, The Receiver blew us away when we caught them last year. Dayton noise duos Hills and Goatherd round out the lineup...

...over at Oregon Express, you've got the Anti-Valentine's Day show, featuring the debut of Dark Backward (ex-Luxury Pushers/Mondolux/The Bang Tale/etc.), the politically-charged sonic assault of My Latex Brain (who made our Top 5 Albums of 08), and female punk quartet, Jasper the Colossal...

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