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Friday, February 13, 2009

Toads and Mice/Lungs @ Pearl 2.12.09

...with the winds dying down and the temperature staying a little above freezing, it seemed like a great night to go catch a show at Pearl (or Vexx, or whatever it's officially called now...). Unfortunately, we arrived just after the first band, La Dispute, had finished. Much to our chagrin, we were instantly informed by half a dozen attendees of the awesomeness we had just missed..., we settled in to catch Lungs' set in celebration of the release of their 7" on The Mylene Sheath label. For the first time that we've seen them, the band evaded all technical difficulties and turned in an incredibly powerful set. Although the star of the set was Mick's new kick drum (allegedly purchased from screamo powerhouse The Devil Wears Prada), the metallic, yet soaring, guitars found a near-perfect balance of drone and motion, progressing at just the moment when any idea was in danger of becoming stale. The band's ability to draw out and unfold their ideas at this glacial pace may frustrate some, but really makes it for us...

...closing out the evening, Toads and Mice started a bit slowly, with a few missed notes dashing all hopes of a perfect game. By mid-set, however, they had found sure footing in their newer material. With their winding arrangements, Toads and Mice possess a dreamlike essence: floating and spacious one moment, savage grinding the next, all narrated by the haunting, ethereal vocals of guitarist Dustin Rose. We just have to love a band that can get a crowd alternately dancing and headbanging uncontrollably all within the span of 40 minutes...

For more photos from the show, go here.

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