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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Brainiac Live Archive Project

...perpetually looming large in Dayton's musical legacy, Brainiac still stands for many as THE Dayton band. Pioneering a sound that still informs countless lesser practitioners, Brainiac's legacy and influence seems likely to continue well into the future. For anyone that was fortunate enough to see them back in the day, they'll likely rattle on about what an incredible force the band were live. Well, one fan in particular, Bryan Seitz, has dedicated countless hours to collecting every last scrap of information and footage at the Brainiac Live Archive Page. Making available, for free, hours of audio and video, as well as a thoroughly researched timeline of the band's history, this page is essential for any Brainiac fan. Seitz notified us of a new find that had though to be lost forever: a 1995 John Peel Session. Although only three of the four songs performed were found, it's a pretty sweet little sesh...

MP3: Brainiac "Go Freaks Go"

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Yep. The best.

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