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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dark Backward

...if you've spent more than ten minutes in Dayton, you'll understand that this city takes it's punk rock very seriously. From pioneers Toxic Reasons to punk breeding ground Haunting Souls to current torch-bearers Luxury Pushers, My Latex Brain, and Legbone, the Gem City loves it loud. Carrying on in that raucous tradition, one Eric Purtle recently unleashed his long-running project, Dark Backward, onto eager-yet-unprepared ears. If yr talking about dues, these guys have em paid in spades, collectively serving in Dementia Precox, Mondolux, Luxury Pushers, The Bang Tale, etc. Likely to flatten eardrums anywhere within the Dayton GMA, Purtle's whiskey-saturated, snarling delivery is a deliciously sinister front for a merciless sonic blitzkrieg. Tune in now, as the band hit Oregon Express tomorrow, March 14...

Dark Backward "Parable"



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