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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Traditionist winter finally peels away its grasp on us here in Dayton, it makes us want to think of sunnier places. You know, with nice weather and sunshine. So, we threw on Season to Season, the debut from The Traditionist (aka Joey Barro). Out today through Better Looking Records digitally (out soon on Banter Records physically), Season to Season serves as a companion to the transition from the wintry barrenness to the rejuvenation of Spring. Somber reflection gives way to carefree exuberance as the two sides wrestle back and forth. The Traditionist betrays his moniker somewhat, embracing electronic elements as well as folkier elements. As the stroll of "A Sleep Be Told" gives way to maxxed out fuzz guitars, you can just imagine the bees buzzing overhead. Soon. Very soon...

MP3: The Traditionist "A Sleep Be Told"
MP3: The Traditionist "I Know My Ocean"

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