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Thursday, March 19, 2009

These United States

...a few weeks ago we came across Lexington's These United States, who are slated for an upcoming visit to Canal Street Tavern, on April 8. From the first listen, we were smitten. Running in similar streams to contemporaries Andrew Bird and M Ward running through its veins, TUS's most recent album, A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden, is filled with poignant sketches of modern life that engages the spectrum of human emotions, connecting the common links betwen us and telling the stories in language distinct to the modern era...

MP3: These United States "First Sight"
MP3: These United States "Burn This Bridge" the band are currently out doing the requisite SXSW activities, they've teamed up with one of our favorite blogs, You Ain't No Picasso, for a superfun contest. Here's the lowdown:

Moving up to the next level in the real-life version of Rock Band, These United States have recently acquired a brand new (to them) 12-seater tour van - but it just wouldn't be the vehicle of fortune it's going to be without a proper christening.

TUS fans/YANP readers are invited to name this glorious van by leaving their suggestions, with their email addresses, in the comments section of You Ain't No Picasso:

The winner of the "VanTasy Prize Pack" will be announced at These United States’ show in Lexington Saturday April 11th at Al’s Bar.

The “TUS VanTasy Grab Bag”
- one (1) Very First Non-Essential Item to (Naturally) Fall off the New TUS Van
- one (1) Personalized Traveler-on-the-Go Mixtape by These United States
- one (1) Enlightening Road Haiku written by the TUS band member of your choice
- one (1) Meaningful Souvenir from the World’s Largest Truck Stop (Interstate 80, in Iowa)
- one (1) Full-Color Glossy Glamour Shot (Standing or Reclining) of These United States
- one (1) Super-Awesome Bragging Rights Forever to All of Your Awesome Friends You Have

Here’s a list of van quirks supplied by These United States to help you personalize your nickname:
- it whistles at certain speeds on the highway…AND NO MAN/WOMAN/MECHANIC CAN FIGURE OUT WHY?!?!
- it’s got a sweeeeeeet American Flag spare-tire cover in back (as pictured)
- it’s got a lot of personality “quirks” that we’re just now discovering…but we love it anyway
- we got it from the local Lions Club in northern Virginia - they are nice people
- it’s from the year 19hundred+96, complete with state-of-the-art casette player + faux wood steering wheel grip cover

...head on over and help make history...

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