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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Buddha Den Presents: Jordan Hull/Perkasie @ South Park Tavern 8.17.09

...for the second time in less than a month, we at The Buddha Den have had the bittersweet opportunity to send off some of Dayton's finest young talent to other cities. While earlier in August we said goodbye to Hospital Garden [off to Chicago], last evening at South Park Tavern we said goodbye to Jordan Hull, who is heading off to find his fortunes in Nashville. With his departure close at hand, there was no shortage of souls eager to come out and see him perform in his hometown one last time. Combing through his brilliant catalog, Hull juxtaposed newer material ["My Better Judgment"] against his most popular material ["On to Me", "Rusty Bones"] and even his earliest fan favorites {the all-to-poignant closer, "Home"}. While Hull will likely return from time to time, not having him on the home team is certainly a loss that will be felt for some time. We certainly wish him well...

...arriving through countless construction delays on the byways of America, Philadelphia's Perkasie channeled whatever their collective traveling miseries into a set that the fortunate Daytonians in attendance will not soon forget. From the word go, Perkasie commanded the room in a way seldom seen in the Gem City, as the iconic Kate Foust veered between the posturing of Karen O and the flair of a traditional flamenco dance routine. Even better, Perkasie delivered songs of undeniable substance filled with impeccable musicianship [when was the last time you saw mandolin and washboard on-stage with an indie band?] and an unbridled passion for playing these songs together, recalling Arcade Fire on the cusp of their buzz. While many eyes certainly focused on Foust, pianist Alex Walsh and guitarist Ben Roth both delivered several tunes with equal conviction, and the way in which the whole lot chimed in on the singalong harmonies demonstrated the powerful connection that these seven musicians possess. Certainly, no one in attendance was left anything short of stunned at such a display on a Monday night in Dayton, Ohio...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome show last night. Glad I came.


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