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Monday, August 17, 2009

INTRODUCING: Modern Mondays @ Pacchia

...we're always very excited to hear about new weekly events taking place here in Dayton. Even better is when they're free, right? Well, here's a new free weekly event we'd like to announce: Modern Mondays @ Pacchia [410 E. Fifth St. in the Oregon District]. Under the guidance of your host, Adam Sabin [of New Vega], Modern Mondays is fueled by its audience. The idea is pretty simple: bring in new music you'd like to share and Sabin will spin it. Seems like a good way to find out about new music, right? Right...

...On top of that, Sabin is giving local bands an opportunity to spin their latest tracks for his audience. Tonight, he'll be hosting Electric Banana, who will be spinning their recently-released sophomore effort, Black Rubber [preview below]. Next week, Sabin will be hosting Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, who will be spinning their debut EP and having a "Pie the Mayor Sheriffs" pie throwing contest. outside we'll have a pie throwing station set up. Members of STMS will stand at the pie station and contestants will stand on a line and attempt to throw pies to the face of STMS. We're looking forward to who else might show up soon....

...yet another great reason to stop in: Sabin will be giving out some free concert tickets. This week he'll have some tix for Modest Mouse at Lifestyles Pavilion in Columbus on August 24th. Next week, tix for Ra Ra Riot at The Basement in Columbus on September 14...

...Sabin will also be hosting special guest DJs in coming weeks, including Jason Watkins [of Mouth of the Architect] and Nick Testa [Nighbeast]. Modern Mondays kicks off at 9 pm every Monday. If you're at all inclined to get yr band heard or would like to take a turn at sharing the music yr loving these days, we highly recommend you stop in and check it out...

MP3: Electric Banana "Happy"

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Blogger trendysetgo said...

This actually sounds pretty rad.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-i'm glad that adam has had the sense to leave that cesspool known as vex.

3:53 PM  

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