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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Turkish Delights @ Canal Street Tavern/Dayton Band Playoffs

...we realize that we have failed this summer in bringing you any coverage whatsoever on Canal Street Tavern's summer institution for young bands, The Annual Dayton Band Playoffs. While most in Dayton know of this event's legacy, let's remind everyone that such Dayton notables as The Method, Brainiac, Real Lulu, and Shrug all stand as past champions. Although in recent years it's been overlooked, the Playoffs continue to provide young bands with an opportunity to play in a great room on a great stage... appears as if this year we find one of our favorite locals making a push toward the finals: The Turkish Delights. Tonight the band will play in Round 3, hoping to make it to the semifinals. We wish them good luck in their title bid this year...

MP3: The Turkish Delights "Frightening Lightening"
MP3: The Turkish Delights "Vowels to God"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

god i love you, Melty :-)

you make me feel warm inside like a hot grilled cheese and tomato soup after playing in the snow all day.

3:56 AM  

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