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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dayton Band Playoffs Update

...well kids, the 2009 Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern is nearing the end. Last night, the long-running Oxymoronatron advanced to the Finals. Tonight, their match for the title will be determined in a semi-finals match between The Turkish Delights and Good English. Admittedly, we'd love to see The Turkish Delights advance and go toe-to-toe versus Oxymoronatron, if nothing else than to see an amazing show. The Dayton Band Playoffs Championship will take place on Saturday, September 26. We'd encourage all of you to head out tonight and make our dreams come true...

MP3: The Turkish Delights "Lite Brite"
MP3: The Turkish Delights "Dig Yourself"

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