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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Eat Sugar Issue "It's Not Our Responsibility" Today

...while we told you all about the new Eat Sugar EP, It's Not Our Responsibility, back in the spring, today marks the official release for the world...

...First, a little background refresher: After releasing a self-titled debut EP in 2006, Eat Sugar-Aidan Bogosian (vocals), Mike McBride (synths), Greg Poneris (drums) and Jim Reynolds (bass and synths)- traveled throughout the region, ultimately heading to Europe for a short tour in early 2008. Around this time, the band met up with Brainiac/Enon alumni, producer John Schmersal, who agreed to work with the band on their sophomore effort. In taking the mobile version of Schmersal’s Notausgang studio to Poneris’ suburban Cincinnati home, the tracks that comprise the 7-song EP retain Eat Sugar’s spastic punk aesthetic while the spacey, synth-fueled arrangements are given room to breathe. Taking cues from contemporaries such as The Faint and Death from Above 1979, this slab is poised to fill dance floors everywhere, particularly if a suitable remix should emerge... can pick up the album directly from the band HERE. Eat Sugar are scheduled to appear at the Dayton Music Fest on October 3. Tune in now...

MP3: Eat Sugar "Distortions of the Heart"
MP3: Eat Sugar "It Will All End In Tears"

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whatta great band!

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