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Friday, November 23, 2007

Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Wild & Free @ J-Alan's-11.22.07

...after gorging ourselves on the proverbial Thanksgiving feast, we regrouped and headed downtown for our first visit to J-Alan's in order to catch Wild & Free and Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Man, were we in for a perfect dessert to the day....

...opening the evening, somewhat unexpectedly, was Wild & Free. At this point, the band is building such an incredible momentum that they have willed themselves into being one of the best bands in this town within a matter of months. As guitarist/vocalist Jake Geisege continues to unveil one remarkable tune after another we can only say that Wild & Free is writing some of the most infectious and memorable songs in Dayton at the moment...

...without allowing any of the evening's momentum slip, youngsters Andrew & the Pretty Punchers stepped right onto the stage like a well-seasoned band and delivered their own brand of high-intensity, earthy pop tunes. Enduring technical difficulties, the band soldiered on and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. With Josh Wickersham pulling double duty on bass this evening and Cry Baby Genius dropping in on drums, the lineup continues to expand and fluctuate. Eh, who cares? The songs are great. Truly, it was a great evening of great songs with two of the best young bands in Dayton.... it was our first time venturing into J-Alan's for a show, we should say that we saw a lot of potential for this venue. With a sizeable stage, plenty of floor space, a pool table in back, and tables off to the side, both band and audience could be satisfied with the environs. Not to mention, there was no cover, who's next?

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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