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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience/Shawen Acres/Accidentally on Purpose-Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...tonight it's like 1991 all over again down at Canal Street Tavern. Yes kids, it's gonna get heavy. And you're likely to blow an eardrum. Call it the price of admission...

...opening the night will be Accidentally on Purpose, with their female-fronted alt/punk onslaught, this will serve as a perfect indication of what's to up you've got Shawen Acres, fronted by none other than Mr. Nate Farley (ex-GBV, The Amps, The Method). With more than a nod towards Farley's last tenure but with a healthy dose of his punk roots showing, this should be a good one...rounding out the night is Dayton legend Mitch Mitchell (ex-GBV, Fathom Theory) with his Terrifying Experience v 2.0. Apparently recruiting several members of The Sailing to back him up, you know he's gonna be ungodly loud....

...brace yourself and get down there...

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