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Friday, January 25, 2008

Grizzzzy Bear/De Novo Dahl @ Nite Owl 1.24.08

...on this particular evening, we can't recall exactly how many times we heard mention of the fact that this was to be the coldest night of the year. With sub-zero temperatures and it being a weeknight and all, you might have expected a less-than-stellar turn out for this show at the Nite Owl. Oh, how you would have been mistaken....

...upon arriving, we just missed We Are the Fury. Although, reports from various audience members confirmed our suspicions that WATF blew people away, especially being in the opening slot on this night. The reports we got made us eager for a return visit soon...

...We were fortunate enough, however, to come in just in time to find a spot near the stage to catch De Novo Dahl. Luckily we made our move when we did, as within minutes the whole front area was jam-packed with dancers and romancers, all vying for a spot near the stage. De Novo Dahl were incredibly enthusiastic, unabashed fun. Their ability to incite the crowd and sustain the ride for the duration of their set left us in awe. There was not a minute of let-up the entire time, and the audience loved them for it... their amps get bigger, the sound of Grizzzzy Bear only intensifies. Luckily, they've not subjugated the brilliance of their songs in favor of sheer volume. Although some of the material continues to lack the edge that the application of synths has always given the the songs both live and on record, on this night Grizzzzy Bear seemed to have arrived at a suitable middle ground, as the guitar arrangements still delivered the intricate melodic runs with stunning accuracy, but with the added impact. Much to our delight, the band was joined late in the set by their previous keyboardist for the song "Passing". We were later told that he will be joining the band full-time, a notion which could not have made us happier....

For more pics from this evening, you can go here.

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