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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Poison Control Center/The Gay Sharks-Tonight @ Nite Owl

...some bands reunite for the money. Some reunite to secure their legacy. Some reunite because living in a post-industrial wasteland can be so void of options and you can only drink yourself into oblivion so much that you have to think of something else to do. Which brings us to The Gay Sharks....

...In their previous incarnation as The Motel Beds, PJ Paslosky and Tommy Cooper (currently of Captain of Industry) dished out some of the most sublime indie pop tunes to come out of Dayton. We'll go ahead and say ever. But, just as soon as they appeared, The Motel Beds were no more. With much time having passed, and with members relocating and such, PJ and Tommy have decided to wheel out some new material, with the promise of new recordings forthcoming, tonight at the Nite Owl. Headlining the bill will be The Poison Control Center, out on tour from Iowa. TPCC dishes out the type of powerpop/indie rock stew that would conjure up hints of Superdrag, The High Strung, and any number of Sub Pop bands you'd care to mention....

...we'll see you there...

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