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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Towhee @ South Park Tavern 5.10.08

...once again we found ourselves at South Park Tavern, hosting our second showcase. This particular evening we chose to showcase the band Towhee, who we were very eager to put in front of a Dayton audience. The band truly rose to the occasion, despite some early setbacks, and delivered a set of engaging, upbeat songs. As guitarists Brandon and Vallen effortlessly interwove their guitar lines around each other in some primordial sonic dance ritual, bassist Sarah and drummer Josh held down the rhythm section with authority, creating slightly complex, but infectious and danceable beats that virtually beg to be sampled. Veering from introspective and relaxed passages to full-throttle rock, Towhee won over the audience on this night and left us eager for their upcoming second album...

For more photos from the evening, please go here.

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