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Friday, May 09, 2008

Christgau loves Drexel

...Dayton's very own proprietor of the derelict lounge, Drexel, will be featured in an upcoming buyer's guide by no less a musical authority than Robert Christgau. In an official statement from Drexel to Dingleberry's:

"We're going to be featured by America's Dean of Music Critics, Robert Christgau, in his buyer's guide next month that is published in Blender, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Village Voice, etc...

And you guys [Dingleberry's] are the only physical retail outlet in the world where one can obtain a copy of River of Chowder."

According to Dingleberry's these extremely rare artifacts will be made readily available for the extremely low price of $4.99. Go getcha some...

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Blogger David said...

River of Chowder is available at the counter of Dingleberry's right now. Just look for the art box, or ask. Thanks so much.

10:30 AM  

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