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Friday, May 09, 2008

Buffalo Killers/Andrew & the Pretty Punchers @ Pearl 5.8.08 the precipitation died down just long enough for everyone to congregate for what appeared to be the first great show of May, we made our way to the Pearl and found that a sizable audience had already gathered in anticipation of the opening act, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Having seen the band numerous times (most recently at The Buddha Den Showcase in April), we could not have been happier that the band had been given the nod to open for such a high profile show. On this particular evening, the band sounded very good and delivered their set with a sense of purpose, seeking to prove to all in attendance that they did indeed deserve this opportunity. While missing the mark on a few occasions, the band never withdrew from attempting to push themselves and their audience to even greater heights. Just before the last song, leader Andy Smith lost his spectacles and, perhaps due to impaired eyesight, burned with searing intensity on the final song of the set...

...with nary a missed step between sets, Buffalo Killers roared into action. Their trademark blues-inflected vintage rock n' roll enraptured the audience on this night, drawing the crowd in and keeping them there for the next 45 minutes. Recalling the finest moments of Cream, the Stones, James Gang, and just a hint of late-period Beatles, the band's ability to edit their improvisations down to a maximum intensity stands as perhaps their most brilliant achievement. While the evening was essentially a warm-up for their upcoming tour opening for The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers by no means phoned this one in. Even after nearly an hour, they were still ready to dish out an encore, fan-favorite "Homegrown". And with that, we ended the evening with the rush of gold old rock n' roll...

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