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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NEWS: Nite Owl Officially Closed

...after more than 25 years as a jazz, blues, reggae, and underground rock hotspot, the Nite Owl has officially closed today. We understand that the building will be closed for renovations over the next couple of months and will reopen as Blind Bob's. For now, all shows have been cancelled. If you had a booking, we would recommend contacting the person who set up the show to see if it may be moved to another venue.

So long, Nite Owl....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone should stop crying, we need more places to go see mid life three piece cover bands.

"It's what I like about you!!!"

8:12 AM  
Blogger Gus said...

I went there last night to see Oxymoronatron and The Gluons, and instead got presented with a sign that said "Closed for private party." The new head honcho (James, I think his name is) talked to me outside a bit. I guess the bands were never told there wasn't a show there tonight, at fault of the old booking girl. I asked him some questions on the new place. He said the stage will be moved to the other window, the old stage will be taken out and "hopefully" get replaced with couches and a table or something. I asked him about the 25+ crowd - he said not to freak out and that people had been misinterpreting that statement. They would have never been able to afford a 18+ license because the Nite Owl fucked up...a lot. And he doesn't want a bunch of Chads from Ned Peppers coming over. He ensured me the bar will still "rock." I asked him if there will be still be weekday/weekend rock shows, and he didn't sound so sure about weekend shows. Thats the one that kinda freaked me out. But...we'll see....

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the nite owl but since it had become one of the last places to do punk/rock/indie shows it's been ok all it needed was the stage moved. No one wants to go there to get a fucking sandwich and chill out there. If Blind Bob could see he'd notice that it's a fucking dump which is why it was perfect for shows. The Lame as hell cover band scene never really did good there Nite Owl had found it's niche with underground stuff. When it opens back up I'm going to take a shit on the floor

3:48 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

Gus is close but not dead on: My name is Nate. The old stage area is planned as seating along the lines of a half booth bench/ half chairs kind of 6-top table. The 25+up reflects that we are dropping the 18-21 year olds because we can't risk any underage sales since the liquor license comes with the violations the Owl had for underage sales. I'm not hating on the Ned Pepper's crowd, but their just not my usual crew. We're not 100% sure what nights will work best for bands but expect to book an ecelectic mix of music across genres and both local and touring acts. If you'd like to make your feelings known to the new management please email

7:47 PM  

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