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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VIDEO: Captain of Industry "Healthy Spines"

...this came across our desk late last week. Just when we thought Captain of Industry was laying low, they bust in with this visual gem. We're just trying to figure out how late they had to stay in their office building to get this one done...

Captain of Industry - "Healthy Spines" from trevor hollen on Vimeo.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad the band is deceased.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous sprotacus said...

now that's a bit odd...we must have missed that telex whilst we were out enjoying a nice spot of lapsang suchon with marmite scones...anyhow if that is case we ascertain that we should be burying ourselves now...we have but one simple our wake we captains prefer to be be strung up like pinatas and battered open by the indie rock illuminatti who profer such tales of our passing....until then scotch tape for everyone

3:09 AM  

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