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Monday, February 16, 2009

VIDEO: Eat Sugar "Pop Singer" Teaser

...why are there teaser clips? Really? We find this whole concept to be in direct violation of everything we hold to be American: instant gratification, sensory overload, self-indulgence...In all seriousness, we're pretty excited about the teaster clip that came across our desk over the weekend from Cincinnati's Eat Sugar. The clip for the unreleased-upcoming-album-track, "Pop Singer" was produced by Ragged Productions and features a spandex clad young lady appearing more than slightly demented by the proposition of pop stardom. Have a look...

Eat Sugar-Pop Singer Teaser from Ragged on Vimeo.

...don't forget, Eat Sugar will be in Dayton this Friday for The Buddha Den Presents at J-Alans, along with Dayton's very own The Gluons. We'll see you there...

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Blogger Chad said...

What time is this going down.. and is J-Alans really 121 N. Ludlow? I thought that was a Subway restaurant.

9:48 PM  

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