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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lo-Fi Movement

...with his movement of the moment "recession pop" sound, Kris N. continues to wave the banner for the lo-fi basement hero. His new album, Lo-Fi Movement, will be out on Dayton label Poptek Records on April 23. The release will coincide with a show at Canal Street Tavern with Dayton ex-pat, Wil Cope, who is currently living it up in Austin. Although reveling in the murky lo-fi realm, Kris's melodies possess the ability to weave through the mire and lodge themselves firmly in the listener's psyche...

MP3: Kris N. "Pollard's Old Drunk Drivers"
MP3: Kris N. "Mustache Jesus"

...if you wanna dig into more Kris N., you can head over here to grab exclusive tracks courtesy of Poptek Records...

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