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Thursday, March 05, 2009

REVIEW: Lvngs-Sinking Ships 7"

...after catching the release party for Lvngs Sinking Ships 7" (which is out on the Mylene Sheath imprint), we finally got a full dose of the band's force - on previous attempts we endured a gear failure and missed them due to a last-minute schedule change. Unlike many of their post-rock contemporaries, Lvngs avoids the predictable dynamic shifts so ingrained in the genre, preferring a sludgier, classic compositional style. As each side of the 7" is filled to capacity with a single track, Lvngs sprawls out with glacial intensity, guitars soaring above like birds of prey preparing to descend to the icy depths below, taunting endlessly before finally going for the throat...

Lvngs "Sinking Ships"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this bono's new band? requested to remove the mp3, give me a break, respect lost for this band. music is made to be heard, get the fuck out of here, go join the riaa.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous lvngs said...

We didn't tell him to remove the mp3. It might have been mylene sheath or something. Truly sorry about that. I know that all of us in this band believe that all music should be free for everyone to listen to. I know the mp3 for Sinking Ships is on the Mylene Sheath website. I have no idea what going on. Sorry people.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous mick/lvngs said...

re: anonymous: mad confusion here. i (mick) had kyle remove the mp3, thinking it wasn't appropriate due to the album being available for purchase online. after clarification, all's well, and the mp3 is back. i apologize for offending anyone, i was only being cautious before knowing how the label would feel about it. once again, my apologies.

we appreciate your understanding and hope we can earn your respect back.

my bad guys!


6:50 PM  

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