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Friday, September 04, 2009

VIDEO: Pretty & Nice "Massive U" Promo

...we're endlessly amazed at the work ethic of Boston's Pretty & Nice. Seemingly always on tour this past year in support of their stellar Get Young disc [out on Hardly Art], the band recently took up a challenge from Boston's Phoenix paper to write and record a new song for the return of college students to Boston. Simple enough, right? Well, there were some expectations:

For our “Welcome Back” issue, please record one (1) song that:

1. contains the phrase “welcome back”
2. includes, somewhere/somehow, a reference to the guitar accents at the beginning of the Welcome Back Kotter theme—but nothing else Kotter-related
3. insults the Green Line at some point
4. includes the names of 10 local colleges (used however you wish: “Tufts” can refer to clumps of hair, “Emerson” can refer to Ralph Waldo, “B.U.” can be the first syllables of the word "be-yoo-tiful,” etc.)
5. is rad, no small feat, right. Of course, the boys were up to the challenge...

...and here's the finished product....

MP3: Pretty & Nice "Massive U"

...don't forget that Pretty & Nice will be in Dayton next weekend, Sunday, September 13, for The Buddha Den 2nd Anniversary Party. You DO NOT want to miss them...

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