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Friday, May 16, 2008

Human Reunion/Yea Big + Kid Static/The Goody Two Shoes @ Pearl 5.15.08 the brutally cold rain fell down on this Thursday night, those who were undeterred received a very special treat this night at the Pearl in the form of one incredible show. Opening the evening, the always-splendidly-dressed The Goody Two Shoes hit the ground running, sounding the best we've ever heard them. Truly, the band has put in some very hard work and it is really beginning to pay off. The sparkle of their choruses that were once buried under murky guitars and shaky rhythms were delivered on this night with a confidence and sense of purpose. We understand the band is currently in the studio working on some new tracks. We're most certainly looking forward to more from The Goody Two Shoes... up were the dynamic duo of Yea Big + Kid Static from Chicago. Their ability to bring fun and a sense of humor back into hip-hop effortlessly won over the audience on this night. As the pair winded and weaved through the crowd, jumping on every surface they could find, and even inciting many in the audience to break loose and just dance, we could not have been more grateful that Yea Big + Kid Static continue to make Dayton a regular tour stop...

...closing out the evening, Human Reunion offered up their finest in electronic manipulations. The driving rhythms of drummer Ian Kaplan and bassist Alan Baker undeniably anchor this band. As the synths and angular guitar work slashes across the sound, the band's songs continue to shine through. We're hoping that the band is able to release it's debut before too long and get it out to the masses...

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It was one worth remembering!

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