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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adam Gnade

...with Spring on the rise, we're tuning into some great new sounds that we're looking to set the tone for the season. Hailing out of San Diego, Adam Gnade caught our ears a few weeks back and has been growing on us steadily since. Operating in a realm he calls "talking-songs", Gnade's prose streams out of the Californian literary wellspring over prickly guitars and crouching drums, finally relenting into cascades of brutal, searing surges and Gnade's wavering voice burning through with earnest intensity. With his words, Gnade sketches out stark imagery of modern American life, populated by inscrutable details of landscapes and human frailty. Working with everyone from Asthmatic Kitty, Menomena, and Gang of Four, Adam Gnade will likely be a name we hear more from as 2009 unfolds...

MP3: Adam Gnade "It's Five O' Clock In America"
MP3: Adam Gnade "Hymn America"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

adam gnade is the best!! i have his book hymn california which is pure downhome heartland existentialism. haunting. can't wait for the new album!!!!!!

10:40 PM  

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