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Thursday, March 05, 2009

VIDEO: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Jimmy Fallon, yeah, we're pretty into Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Both times we saw them they were just so much fun. Sure, their debut was one of the first albums the blogosphere really blew up, but it's a near-perfect record. Maybe their follow up, Some Loud Thunder, was a little underwhelming. OK, very underwhelming. Over months though, it grew and it's a good record. Well, after laying low for the better part of 2008, CYHSY returned last night to perform on the nascent Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (which so far is pretty great). They busted out a new song, "Statues". Check it:

...the guys were also awesome enough to put up a free download of the track on their website. Give them yr email address and they give you the song. I love technology...

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