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Monday, March 23, 2009

Hospital Garden

...pretty much since The Buddha Den first started hosting our free monthly shows at South Park Tavern, we've been trying to get one of our favorite Dayton bands, Hospital Garden, on board. Well, this Saturday we're finally making it happen as the boys and girl of HG will take to the stage for the entire evening...

...In case yr still in the dark on this outfit, Hospital Garden's self-titled/self-released EP was one of the best releases out of the Gem City in 2008. Clearly in love with indie rock giants like Pavement, GBV, and Dinosaur, Jr., Hospital Garden echo traces of Murmur-era REM as well. Guitarist/vocalist Lucas Hollow spins triumphant underdog anthems splattered with searing guitars that are likely to inspire impromptu air-guitar singalongs. Tune in now and we'll see you this weekend...

MP3: Hospital Garden "Prayer for Skeptics"
MP3: Hospital Garden "True"

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