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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breeders Shoot Video with St. Louis???

...last weekend, The Breeders spent their Valentine's Day in a way that is so the Deal sisters: filming a video with rollergirls. According to the St. Louis Riverfront Times, the band filmed a clip that will appear in conjunction with an EP due out this Spring, although the band only have an All Tomorrow's Parties date booked in May at the moment. While we're excited to see activity in The Breeders' camp, we're more baffled as to why the girls went to St. Louis to find some rollergirls. Who dropped the ball in Dayton???



Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one dropped the ball in dayton, the deal sisters are class 'A' jerks. why say that you're from dayton if you NEVER support our music scene. maybe make ONE appearance over the years, at a show/event, to support some local musicians- that would do a lot. bob's pretty much the same way, but at least i understand his reluctance to support a city whose newspaper that rarely supported him... kim's idea of a local music community is stealing others' songs & claiming them as her own.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Big In Day-town said...

Well, as a Gem City Rollergirl who's doing PR for the league, I have to say I'm bummed to hear this. My guess is they did the video where they were located at the time. That would have been good times.

Kyle, we WERE actually featured in a local music video - Atomic Johnny's "Galaxy Girl" -

Our season starts in April. It was great to see you last night!

-Melissa (aka Slay Midwest)

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"why say that you're from dayton if you NEVER support our music scene."

Seriously? Well, because she's from Dayton, that's why. Her being born and raised here isn't negated by the fact that she isn't eating burgers and watching your band at Blind Bob's. Kim is "from" Dayton, not "stuck" in Dayton whining that she's not getting help from successful musicians who have moved on with their lives. Good bands with their shit together who properly put themselves out there, go places and it has NOTHING to do with what particular petty midwestern music scene they come from. Do you honestly think because she's successful, she owes it to you to come see your shitty bands? Are you really that diluted? This 'support the scene' mentality is a dead end born from a fantasy built from reading too many Spin articles about what happened in Seattle 15 years ago.
Grow up. Wanna be successful? Go find a way to be successful and quit whining that successful people aren't going out of their way to make you successful. No one owes you anything and you can't blame an audience that doesn't exist for not flocking to you. Oh yeah, and Kim was in the Pixies. They were based in Boston. Maybe you've heard of them.

As far as Bob, the word "Dayton" comes out of Bob's mouth about every three minutes. If he's not showing up and buying your CDR demo, he probably either doesn't know about your band, or doesn't really like your band.

6:59 AM  

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