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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Winter Sounds

...if you know much about music over the last 30 years, odds are the mention of Athens, GA will bring to mind a slew of big names. There's really no need for us to go into that here. We do, however, have cause to mention Athens in relation to current events, specifically in regards to The Winter Sounds. We've been hearing lots of good things about the band on previous jaunts through the Gem City and they'll be returning next Thursday, April 2 to Pearl/Vexx...

...Admittedly, we're a little disappointed in ourselves for not picking up on these guys sooner. With their incessantly danceable rhythm section propelling the sweeping choruses, alternately jangly/jabbing guitars meld effortlessly with synth flourishes glazing over into near-perfect pop hook bliss. With their second album currently in the final stages, the band seem poised to break out in 2009...

The Winter Sounds "Autumn Movement" from the Pinebox EP
MP3: The Winter Sounds "Windy City Nights" from Porcelain Empire



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