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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stone the Mayor Sheriff/Outside Residential/Kanible/Mascot-Tonight @ Pacchia

...continuing the Pacchia Secret Show series this evening, you have an interesting bill to close out the month of May. From the unbridled sonic assault of Stone the Mayor Sheriff to the engaging A/V exploits of Outside Residential and Kanible to the humble folk-pop of Mascot, this bill has a lot to offer. We'll see you there...

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hospital Halos Romance we mentioned yesterday, things seem to picking up for showgoers here in the Gem City, and tonight bolsters our assertion. Of particular note, the show at Dayton Dirt Collective features a limited-edition cassette-only release from Hospital Garden, as well as a Gem City Records Gift Card Giveaway from Cincinnati's State Song. Have a look at what's on tap tonight and chart yr course accordingly...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Interiors Minutes

...with summer knocking on the door, it seems appears as if yr showgoing options in Dayton are only gonna improve in the coming months. Here's the lowdown on a nice pair tonight...

...over at Blind Bob's, The Buddha Den Presents series returns with The Interiors (Chicago; pictured), along with The Seedy Seeds (Cincinnati) and one of our local faves, The Turkish Delights...

MP3: The Interiors "I'm So Happy"
MP3: The Turkish Delights "Lite-Brite"
MP3: The Seedy Seeds "Drive Me to the Center"

...out at The Fusion Chamber, you've got a heavy bill featuring Corpus Christi, Imbroglio, Ambush, Minutes, By Way of Sunstorm, and Hester Prynne...

...whatever yr choice, we'll see you out tonight....

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WWSU Benefit Show-Tonight @ the Rathskellar

...although under the radar for most Daytonians, Wright State University's WWSU college radio station still operates as a strictly independent radio station serving the Miami Valley. By our count, that's a pretty important thing. While the signal may lack the ferocity of some others in the area, you can always tune in online to check out what they're doing. In many cases, they're supporting Dayton music in a big way. Over the years the station has not only played local music, they've also hosted local bands for live in-studio performances. Pretty cool stuff. Well, as you can probably imagine, alumni support for Wright State rarely trickles down to the lowly radio station, so they're putting out a benefit CD to help cover operating expenses. Tonight the station will be hosting a show at the newly re-christened Rathskellar (in the Student Union) featuring performances from such notables as Vanity Theft and The Northwest Ordinance. They've also put together a nice little CD sampler of local music featuring the aforementioned bands, as well Hospital Garden, The Turkish Delights, Smug Brothers, and many more. The show starts early (7 pm), so head on down and support a great local media outlet...


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO May Residency w/Black Wolf Fight Ends Tonight @ Oregon Express case you've not made it out this month to The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO at the Oregon Express, we've had a really good time hosting our May Residents, Black Wolf Fight. From their folkier explorations to their bombastic instrumental flourishes, this is a great young band that we highly recommend you check out. Tonight will be their last week as residents, so come join us tonight as we bid farewell to May. Remember, The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO is always FREE. Oh, did we mention that Mission Man will be opening? Yeah, we'll see you there...

MP3: Black Wolf Fight "Sacred Machine Gun"

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Fictionband Releases Smug Brothers-Fortune Rumors Vol. 5 EP

...hey kids! It's time again for another installment of the download initiative from Fictionband featuring the Smug Brothers. Available now is Fortune Rumors Volume 5, continuing the band's penchant for infectious blasts of power pop. You'll want to be sure to grab these now, as they'll only be available as free downloads until the end of June. The 6th and final installment of the Fortune Rumors EPs will be out in two weeks, so stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...

MP3: Smug Brothers "I'm Gonna Hover"

FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 5 case you missed the first four volumes of the Fortune Rumors EP series, here's another chance to grab them...

FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 4
FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 3
FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 2
FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 1

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PROFILE: The Interiors

...admittedly, we've been laying a bit lower lately than even we're totally comfortable with. For that, we apologize. Rest assured that we are still very much here and still very much tuning in to find new stuff all the time...

...this Friday The Buddha Den Presents series returns with a great band from Chicago, The Interiors. The band's excellent debut came out last year on the 54' 40 or Fight imprint and the band quickly started making some inroads with incessant touring. We took a minute to speak with guitarist Chase Duncan and here's what he had to say...

The Buddha Den: For those who aren't familiar with The Interiors' backstory, how about a little rewind first? How/when did you all come together? What other bands were you involved in previously? What brought the three of you together?

Chase Duncan:
In early '04. [Interiors' drummer] Brian [Lubinsky] and I had been playing together for a bit with different bass players but none of them worked out. [Bassist] Collin [Jordan] came in after seeing an ad we were running in the Reader where we name checked Desmond Dekker as an influence. He was really into that as he had not yet heard American music.

Brian played in a handful of bands in Cincinnati and Chicago but he had yet to find his "shining star" until he met me.

Collin had something to do with some kind of free-jazz rock thing that involved copious amounts of drugs and a warehouse. Although no one bothered to document those events, we're confident that they must have sounded glorious.

TBD: Your self-titled debut quickly caught some big attention, i.e. you performed for a Rolling Stone magazine showcase in Chicago last summer. How has the reception of your album compared to your expectations? What has been the general response in performance?

CD: We had no expectations, in all honesty, but we've been very happy.

People love our show. It's hard not to, really.

TBD: Although you're from Chicago, your sound doesn't necessarily fit in with the classic perception of the "Chicago sound". Has that had any consequences for you at home and on tour?

CD: Not really but we do close every show with "Johnny B. Goode" so that everyone knows we're keeping it real.

TBD: We understand you are currently at work on a full-length follow up to your debut. How soon do you expect that to hit the streets? What can we expect from the record? Any sonic surprises?

CD: Not much to say in terms of the 'how' 'where' and 'when'. As far as the 'what' goes, I think it will be a stronger synthesis of our ideas than the first record which was written over a number of years and experiments. This will be over a much more concentrated period of time and, therefore, more focused, streamlined and themed both sonically and lyrically.

Going on the road makes you a better musician in a way that nothing I've ever experienced can. We're way better musicians individually and a much stronger band as a result.

There will be many sonic surprises. I intend to introduce the concept of the 'fade-in' whereby a song is ended by gradually increasing the volume of our 'jam out' until you are forced to turn it off before damage is done to your person and/or stereo.

TBD: How do you see 2009 shaping up for The Interiors? What does the remainder of the year have in store for you?

CD: Writing writing writing

TBD: Is there anything else you would like The Buddha Den readers to know about The Interiors?

We love you!

...tune in to The Interiors now and we'll see you Friday night at Blind Bob's with special guests The Seedy Seeds and The Turkish Delights...

MP3: The Interiors "I'm So Happy"
MP3: The Interiors "Powerlines"
MP3: The Interiors "You Should Have Known"

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wake Up Mordecai CD Release/Towhee/Jesse Remnant and the Trainwrecks/XL427-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective we mentioned earlier this week, Wake Up Mordecai will celebrate the release of his new album, Too Young for the Disco, tonight at Dayton Dirt Collective. Let us reiterate that we highly recommend to check out this new release. Along for the ride this evening will be some of Dayton's finest practitioners of indie pop, Towhee, Jesse Remnant and the Trainwrecks, and XL427. Things get started around 7 pm, so don't be late...

MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Cowboys and Indians"
MP3: Towhee "Calm Down"
MP3: Jesse Remnant "Better Than You"
MP3: XL427 "It's Not Just Pink, It's New Wave Pink"

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Save Yr Paste

...if you've been paying attention, you're probably well aware that the publishing industry is having a REALLY bad year. Some of our country's longest-running newspapers have crumbled in the wake of this financial debacle, while those still standing are scrambling like mad to ensure their continued existence. One such publication would be the highly-reputable Paste Magazine which is currently in the midst of a campaign soliciting contributions to stabilize their financial affairs with The Campaign to Save Paste. Although the word "bailout" is taking on a decidedly sour flavor these days, Paste Magazine assures us that this is a one-time-only situation. What's more, they're giving something back immediately as thanks for your help. By contributing, you'll receive access to a store of some 70+ rare and unreleased tracks that you'll not find anywhere else. If you're at all inclined to regarding Paste Magazine as an authority in music, you might consider dropping a proverbial coin in the hat for the future...


Monday, May 18, 2009

That's What She Said

...for a kid who's still not even out of high school, John Callon aka Wake Up Mordecai is making quite a name for himself in the Dayton music scene. His debut EP North to the Nth Degree (out last fall) got quite a bit of attention in the local press and already he's dropping a second release with Poptek Records, the full-length, Too Young for the Disco. Retaining much of the understated charm of his first release, Morti ups the ante this time around, however, fleshing out the arrangements with sugary guitar lines and lush harmonies. While there is plenty of ear candy to enjoy, the melancholic fringes give the disc a depth that begs repeated spins. Wake Up Mordecai will be celebrating the release of Too Young for the Disco with a show at Dayton Dirt Collective this Saturday, May 23, so tune in now...

MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Cowboys and Indians"
MP3: Wake Up Mordecai "Kinky Girl Scout Cookies"

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Flight Returns tonight is the night when the enitre Miami Valley region rallies to contest the current conventional wisdom that Dayton is a dying city with its semi-annual Urban Nights event. In addition to the countless sanctioned diversions presented by the benevolent city governments, you've also got a pair of great offerings from those that do their best to elevate Dayton throughout the year: The Circus and the Dayton Dirt Collective. Dig the posters for the lowdown. We'll see you out on the streets...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Forecastle Announces Complete 2009 Lineup one of the biggest festivals in the Midwest, Louisville's Forecastle Festival really stepped things up this year with an incredible lineup filled with some impressive headliners and plenty of great regional talent. If you scan the list, you'll notice several names that we've been talking about or hosting here in Dayton over the last few months. Although, we're a little disappointed that not a single Dayton band made the cut again this year. Here's the rundown:



Widespread Panic (2 nights!)
The Black Crowes
The Black Keys
The Avett Brothers
Zappa plays Zappa
Umphrey’s McGee
Yonder Mountain String Band
Pretty Lights
Dead Confederate
The Whigs
Cage the Elephant
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Man Man
Designer Drugs
The Detroit Cobras
Maps and Atlases
DJ Three
Hackensaw Boys
Gringo Starr
Kid Color
Trevor Hall
Backyard Tire Fire
Royal Bangs
Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights
DJ Electrolyte
These United States
The Deep Vibration
Lion’s Rampant
Almira Fawn
Madi Diaz
Bad Veins
DJ Dory
Pokey Lafarge and South City Three
The Young Republic
Jesse Jamz
Rosi Golan
J.Wail and Papadosio
Adam Franklin
Arnett Hollow
OK DeeJays
Hac Le
Paul Dailey
U.S. Royalty
The Ascent of Everest
Erin Hill and her Psychedelic Harp with the Space Rats
DJ Ben Wu
Deepak Sharma
DJ Jackola
Paper Airplane
Da Riddem Warriors
Jason Clark (of SKL)
Sam Gracie
Ben Alan
The Broderick
The Instruction
DJ Amtrak
You, You're Awesome
Lady Killers


Outdoor exhibition by Brad White and The Sustainable Living Roadshow ~ a caravan of educators, entertainers, artists and activists coordinating cross country tours that empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable strategies for a healthier planet. Traveling in a fleet of non-petroleum based renewable fuel vehicles, the caravan sets up experiential-learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment.


Over (60) environmental non-profits from (6) states, outdoor extreme sports park, speakers, panels, technology exhibits, films, and more.

2009 Keynote Speaker: Christopher Childs (Greenpeace International)

...if you're looking to get in on this, grab your tickets over here...


Fictionband Releases Smug Brothers-Fortune Rumors Vol. 4 EP

...just when you thought it was safe to go back in the blog, we've returned with the fourth installment of the highly touted Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors EP series. Thanks again to the kids over at Fictionband, here's another infectious blast that will certainly beg repeated listens. Dig in...

MP3: Smug Brothers "Superior Jitter Case"

FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 4 case you missed the first three volumes of the Fortune Rumors EP series, here's another chance to grab them...

FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 3
FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 2
FREE DOWNLOAD: Smug Brothers Fortune Rumors Volume 1

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Molly's Turkish Latex Airplane

...with the weather getting better and bands getting antsy to get out and play, show-goers have quite the options this evening in Dayton. Rather than listen to us rattle on about the bands, we'll let the posters do the talking. Rest assured, we highly recommend ALL of these shows to you...

Friday, May 08, 2009

Rock-A-Billy Prom 2009-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective

...for all the kids across the Miami Valley, and most likely everywhere else in L'America, it's Prom season. Well, we guess yr never too old to do this sort of thing, as Glad Girl and the Dayton Dirt Collective will be hosting their own spin on the subject tonight with the Rock-A-Billy Prom 2009. If yr still harboring dreams of being king or queen, you have that option. Additionally, there will also be a Cruise-In featuring some great vintage vehicles. Music will be provided by Akillis Green, Brian Hoeflich and the All-Nighters, and The Rebel Set. Get yr twang on....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Eat Sugar Return W/It's Not Our Responsibility EP

...after the guys from Cincinnati's Eat Sugar sent out a teaser track and video clip a few months back, we've been eagerly awaiting the newest release, the It's Not Our Responsibility EP. Done with Enon's John Schmersal, the seven tracks turn a murkier corner on the band's electronic tendencies. While the urgency of the band's debut remain, their ability to draw out the tension takes the whole trip to a much more rewarding level. Check it out now before the disc drops later this month...

MP3: Eat Sugar "Distortions of the Heart"


Monday, May 04, 2009

Ladyfest Dayton Submissions Open

...for anyone still keeping score, you'll know that we're looking for the 2009 edition of Ladyfest Dayton to be a red-letter day on the Dayton music scene calendar. The organizers have the dates for this year's event pinned down as August 21-22, with August 23 being a workshop/movie date, all to take place at C{Space (20 N. Jefferson St.). Submissions for participation in this year's event are currently open through May 31. To get an application or for general inquiries, you can contact the organizers at If you're band is at least 50% female, we'd encourage to get in on this incredible event...

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Deer Tick

...we've been hearing about Providence, RI outfit Deer Tick for some time now, but until recently just weren't sure how we felt about this band. A little back story helped pique our interest: an 18-year-old John McCauley starts dishing out some home recordings to his friends, earns a little buzz, records War Elephant completely on his own,tours extensively in support of his debut, finally gets enough momentum to bring in longtime friends to be the band. We like stories like this. The newly christened Deer Tick are poised to release their sophomore effort, Born on Flag Day, on Partisan Records June 23. The new album features the fully fleshed-out lineup taking their steps, and we're liking what we hear...

MP3: Deer Tick "Easy"

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Friday, May 01, 2009

INTERVIEW: The Breeders (Part 5 of 5)

...if you've hung with us through the previous four parts of this interview, thank you. We know it's a lot of information and, quite frankly, not many of us have or take the time to digest something like this. For whatever it was worth, we hope you enjoyed this interview. We most certainly did. And now for the exciting conclusion of The Buddha Den Interview with The Breeders....

Kelly: Did you know about the video? We have a new video…

TBD: Yeah, I was gonna ask about that.

Kelly: It should be out today or tomorrow on It’s cute. Oh my god, the girls are so adorable.

Kim: St. Louis…

Kelly: We went to St. Louis. I drove down from here and then Mondo, the bass player in the band, who’s actually a film guy…

Kim: He’s got a nice camera, Mondo does.

Kelly: Yeah, he’s got a nice camera and stuff. He flew out from L.A. and a friend did it, did the filming.

Kim: They went to a Skatetorium.

TBD: It’s not a skating rink anymore?

Kim: Apparently not.

Kelly: Skatium. No. Skatorium. It’s dingy. It’s a dive.

Kim: I wasn’t there. I was just thinking that we needed something visual because I tend to YouTube things, even if I just wanna hear a song, I YouTube it. And I was thinking if we give this away, how will people actually see it? How will people hear it? If it’s me, I would wanna YouTube it. So, it’s like we need something visual to throw up there.

TBD: So you guys know the girls in St. Louis? Is that what it was?

Kim: Yeah, she came up when she was like in her teens, she drove from St. Louis to I think Cleveland or Detroit to Lollapalooza and her mother didn’t know she was gone, she didn’t have any money, but she said hello to us and we introduced her to our parents. My mom and dad freaked out and gave her bus money and hotel money, too. Or gas money, something like that. And we just kept in touch with her all these years. She’s in a roller derby league and we ran into her and Kelly had the idea of not just….I was thinking if we wanna put it on YouTube it has to have some kind of visual aspect to it. Maybe we could just put a picture, I don’t know, we just need something, placeholder, it has to be visual. Kelly said that her and Amy Whited, the girl who’s in the roller derby, Arch Rivals, that’s what they’re called, that’s the team name because there’s the big St. Louis Arch, so that’s the Arch Rivals. So they talked, Kelly and this Amy girl talked and said that it would be really good to get them on skating. So I thought cool, Kelly went out there, I thought they would come back with some girls spinning around the rink, and that’s what you could YouTube, you know? I thought that would be great. But it turned out to be a real video. It looks really cool. They’re singing along to the song because they were given the information and they had they lyrics. There’s even shirts made with some of the lyrics on it. It’s done really well. It looks like a proper video.

TBD: Cool.

Kim: I know. I can’t believe it. But there’s no place to put it up. I mean I guess there might be an MTV still, but I don’t know if there is. It really doesn’t matter. It still looks cool.

TBD: I’ll put it up.

Kim: There you go. Exactly.

TBD: So you did all this yourself? All done in-house?

Kim: Yeah, Kelly did. And the bass player, Mondo. He has a friend named James Ford and he helped, too. Just them three.

TBD: So that’s coming up this week?

Kim: It should be out today. They’re putting it up somewhere. said that they wanted to show it, which is cool. I mean, I don’t know who goes [there]. It’s a good place. I don’t know how to put it up. So there you go.

TBD: Eh, it’s on YouTube.

Kim: Exactly.

TBD: People that wanna see it can find.

Kim: That’s how I would find it. Exactly.

TBD: So what’s next beyond all this?

Kim: We’re trying to get more shows for the summer. We’ve got some more songs on the 4-track. I don’t know. I think one of them sounds alright.

TBD: You have standards, and that’s OK.

Kim: The only standard is I have to sing it and it’s like, uh.

Kelly: Yeah, so in August we have a couple shows in England and then we’ll work out from there to get more shows around that.

TBD: Do you see more releases?

Kim: Oh yeah.

TBD: Do you think the model of doing it this way on your own is something you’re gonna keep working?

Kelly: Ask me in about a month. We’ll see how this one goes.

Kim: I don’t know how. It’s gonna end in tears. There is no record company anyway.

Kelly: Right. I think this actually makes a lot of sense to me. So far. I’ve really enjoyed the process. I think it’s very creative.

Kim: Yeah, it has been. It’s been really fun making the vinyl. It’s been really fun handscreening it.

Kelly: It’s weird, because we’ve always…Vaughn [?] from 4AD always did the artwork, we weren’t really involved. We were as involved as we wanted to be or could be at the time, but he was always really good about that. It doesn’t really feel like that much has changed.

Kim: Even when we did like shirts we used the guys from Dayton to the hand screening, you know Alien Workshop is from here, so there was always handscreening here in Dayton so it’s not like we were…

Kelly: We made t-shirts here. We recorded.

Kim: We used Refraze, we used Cro-Mag. Yeah, so. It’s like an EP, so it didn’t make sense to have a sit-down meeting with a record company for an EP. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t have been able to get it out in time for All Tomorrow’s Parties anyway because they take to long.

TBD: Yeah, there’s a schedule to it. It’s prohibitive.

Kim: It is.

Kelly: Prohibitive. Good word. I’m gonna use that word a lot.

Kim: Oh god.

...and here's the video they mentioned for the title track off their Fate to Fatal EP, featuring the Arch Rival Roller Girls...