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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Closing Summer Down

...although we officially have another three weeks of summer left, we all know that Labor Day weekend is really the end. Well, you have a couple of good options to help you say goodbye...

...over at Oregon Express, the rarely-seen Lab Partners will debut their new lineup with ex-Heartless Bastards drummer Kevin Vaughn tonight. Also along for the ride you've got the blues-infused raunch Pearlene and the always-fun garage of The Goody Two Shoes... could also head over to Canal Street Tavern tonight to check out the unbridled rock n' roll of The Whathaveya. Also on the bill are Tin Can Telephone and Alert the Press...

...if you're in the mood for an artier affair, head over to the C2 Gallery for the Found Art Show. In addition to numerous visual artists, a number of musical acts are slated to play including Hospital Garden and Outside Residential. Should be a good one...

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Introducing The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO @ Oregon Express

...we at The Buddha Den are very pleased to announce a very special new event that we will be hosting in Dayton. The good folks over at Oregon Express have asked us to host a weekly event on Wednesday nights that we have dubbed The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO. Here's the format: the night will be partly open mic that will be fueled by sign-ups the night of and will also feature two acts that are hand-selected by us in advance. The best part is that the event is FREE. We would encourage all local and regional performers to come out and try out new material. Perhaps you have a side project that you would like to play out with sometime. Maybe you're a new band looking for a gig. All of these scenarios are what we're looking for with The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO...., when does it start? We're kicking this off on Wedensday, September 10. Here's our lineup of featured acts in September...




If you would like to be a part of this event, contact us over at our Myspace...

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Grizzzzy Bear Changes Name

...perhaps it was all the confusion with Grizzly Bear, perhaps it was the confusion between the solo work of Brian Baker and the live band, but whatever the reasoning Grizzzzy Bear has announced that will now be known as Friday Night Vampire Club. They will make their first appearance under the new moniker next Wednesday night at Canal Street Tavern for The Buddha Den Presents with Pretty & Nice (Boston), Eat Sugar (Cincinnati), and 8-Bit Revival....

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Yakuza Heart Attack/Southeast Engine/Jesse Remnant/Cry Baby Genius @ Pearl 8.28.08

...with the hordes gathered yet again last evening for the monthly Squids Eye Records showcase at Pearl, we walked in to catch opener Cry Baby Genius (aka Mike Payne, who also serves as drummer for Andrew & the Pretty Punchers and The Judy Blooms). Releasing his debut on this night, Cry Baby Genius prowled the stage area in a nearly trance-like state as his distinct cadence spilled out over the beats. At his most impassioned, CBG nearly tore out his own soul to get across to his audience. By the end of the set however, a failed attempt at a new track gave way to a playful freestyle that proved that while Cry Baby Genius may be intense, he still knows how to get a party started...

...although we've loved his debut record since it came out, this was the first opportunity we'd had to see Jesse Remnant live. With the no less a backing band than 3/4 of Shrug, Remnant's summery pop melodicism absolutely shined on this night. Although tuning issues seemed to plague Remnant for a large part of the set, it was overshadowed by his band's consummate musicianship, in particular the multi-instrumental showcase by Eric Cassidy. From the Beach Boys-flavored harmonies, to the GBV-style brevity, Remnant & co. delivered a set of flawless indie pop that has us hoping for more appearances very soon....

...on a rare Dayton appearance, a new stripped-down version of Southeast Engine stepped into the void and ushered in a set of powerful, earthy tunes. Although guitarist Adam Remnant seemed somewhat self-conscious on this performance by the quartet, he still propelled the band into a rousing set that had the audience dancing and singing along throughout. One of the highlights of the set was a song performed for the first time last night that featured an extended piano duet between Remnant and keyboardist Michael Lachman which served as an hypnotic diversion from the rollicking rocker that bookended the piece. We're looking for that one to appear on their Daytrotter session soon....

...closing out the evening, the long-awaited return of Yakuza Heart Attack drew a sizable crowd to their feet and the responded with their trademark high-octane nintendo prog in full force. While the band seemed a bit hesitant early on, the crowd's unwavering adulation seemed to fuel the band and they settled in and delivered the electronic equivalent of a classical masterpiece. As keyboardists Keith Rankin and Matt Emmons veered between incredibly inventive melodic themes and severe dissonance, the rhythm section of Justin Baker on bass and Chris Mengerink on drums provided a muscular backbone to the compositions. We can only hope that we don't have to wait another year to catch Yakuza Heart Attack again....

Black and white photography credits to Marla Bremer. For more photos from the night, go here.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Eye for an Eye's another Thursday night, which you all know means some quality shows are coming yr way. The ubiquitous Squids Eye Records will be hosting their big monthly show tonight over at Pearl and you don't want to miss it. The big story here is that the extended hiatus of the incredible Yakuza Heart Attack has officially ended and they'll be performing tonight along with Southeast Engine (Misra Records), whose fiery brand of Americana is out for a short weekend jaunt which includes a stop in Rock Island, Illinois for an illustrious appearance for a Daytrotter session on Saturday. Stepping out as a sideman for older brother Adam in Southeast Engine, Jesse Remnant is slated for an all-too-rare solo set this evening. You've also got a special treat in Cry Baby Genius, who will be celebrating the release of his mixtape tonight as well...

...if all that isn't enough for you, earlybirds can swing over to Dayton Dirt Collective tonight for an eclectic bill. In from Columbus Ease the Medic and Winter Makes Sailors are out on tour for a few days that will take them into the deep South. Also on the bill are The Salt March and the jazz-tinged rock of newbies Black Wolf Fight...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Black Cigarettes/Electric Smoke-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...over the last several months, the Wednesday Night Music Club at Oregon Express has served as a perfect midweek free event. Not only has the open mic portion of the evening introduced a few new talents, the bands that have come through have sometimes moved onto better gigs both at OE and elsewhere. Tonight is a very special treat, with two of Dayton's best young bands performing together for FREE. Taking many of their cues from 70s icons such as AC/DC and Think Lizzy, as well as traces of 80s metal and 90s early alt-rockers like Stone Temple Pilots, The Black Cigarettes and Electric Smoke are very much brother bands that each take a slightly different twist on similar points. They won't be giving this away forever, so head on down and get it while you can...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blind Bob's Opens This Friday an announcement from the owners, the long-awaited arrival of Blind Bob's comes this Friday, August 29. The club will officially open its doors at 4 pm, and from photos on the club's Myspace, it appears as if the space has undergone a miraculous transformation. Although many still lament the loss of Nite Owl, it appears as if the new owners and their dedicated workers have transformed the tattered beauty of a building into a real gem in the heart of the Oregon District. While a few noteworthy shows are already on the books, we encourage all local and touring bands looking for shows to contact Blind Bob's booking agent at


Monday, August 25, 2008

Herpes Releases "Tod von 'nem disco-tanzer" on How Much Art Can You Take?

...the Dayton-based artrock label How Much Art Can You Take? is offering an incredibly engaging 7" EP from Berlin art/punks Herpes. The disc is driven by edgy synths and raw vocals, but retains an unmistakable danceability beneath it all. As an EP, the disc begs for repeated listens. Just don't hold yr breath for a visit to the States anytime soon....

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Jordan Hull @ South Park Tavern 8.23.08

...with the sweltering heat bearing down on the Gem City last evening, the South Park Tavern filled to capacity to witness Jordan Hull perform for his CD release show. With an incredibly gifted rhythm section backing him up on this night, Hull's material transcended the subtle restraint present on his debut disc into an impassioned delivery that had the audience enraptured all evening. Hull displayed the full range of his myriad talents on this night, ranging from articulate fingerpicked guitar numbers to a tune done on ukulele to an off-the-cuff rendition of the Velvet Underground classic "White Light/White Heat" (which included verses of "That's Alright, Mama" and "Maggie's Farm") that sent the audience into a frenzy. By the end of the evening, it was apparent to all in attendance that young Jordan Hull is one of the finest talents to come out of Dayton in quite some time...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Jordan Hull-Tonight @ South Park Tavern

...we at The Buddha Den are very pleased to bring you another installment of our monthly Showcase series at South Park Tavern. This month we are extremely excited to host Jordan Hull, who will be celebrating the release of his self-titled debut CD. Our sources tell us that Hull has put together an all-star band to back him up for this evening, so you don't want to miss this one.... always, this event is FREE and ALL AGES. Music starts PROMPTLY at 9 PM, with a second set starting around 10:30. If you wanna find out what we've been talking about, come on down tonight and see for yourself. Besides, South Park Tavern just opened up their new patio....

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Shawen Acres/The Story Changes/Human Reunion-Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...tonight at Canal Street Tavern, you've got the chance to see three guys who have part of the Dayton scene for over fifteen years each. Shawen Acres is the newest project from Nate Farley who has served time in GBV, The Amps, and The Method. Punk outfit The Story Changes has been led by Mark McMillon in numerous incarnations and names for years. Tonight will also be the farewell show for TSC bassist Kyle, who will be returning to Minnesota. Human Reunion features Jeremy Fredricks who played in Cigarhead, Lazy, Let's Crash, and The Dirty Walk before landing in this project. Head on down tonight and learn how it's been done in Dayton for years...

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dayton Music Fest 08 Lineup Announced

...for the fourth year, the Dayton Music Fest will showcase some of the best of Dayton and more. While we previously announced that ex-GBV legend Robert Pollard will headline the event, here's the full lineup slated to perform on October 4....

Robert Pollard
The Joose Box
The Whathaveya
Come on Caboose
Paper Airplane
Paego Paego
The Kyle Sowashes
Jordan Hull
Lab Partners
After The Accident
Jasper The Colossal
The Rebel Set
The Story Changes
The Northwest Ordinance
Grizzzzy Bear
The Human Reunion
The Sailing
Kris N.
Joe Anderl
The Poor Devils
Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience
The Goody Two Shoes
Toads and Mice
Dorsie Fyffe and the Fearless Flies
Andrew and the Pretty Punchers
Vanity Theft
Towhee sure to stay tuned for your complete Dayton Music Fest 08 schedule and any changes/additions that may occur...


Ladyfest Dayton Benefit feat. Accidently On Purpose/Good Sir Con Artist/The Twitches/State School/Paige-Tonight @ Pearl

...serving as the final benefit show before Ladyfest Dayton kicks off on September 12, tonight at Pearl presents some of the best ladies (and gents) in Dayton. Headlining the evening will be the grungy punk of Accidently on Purpose, as well as Good Sir Con Artist, the gothic/country of The Twitches, the twee/folk of State School, and a solo set from Paige (Jasper the Colossal). Head on down and support the ladies...

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Jordan Hull on WYSO case you've wondering what all the buzz is about over young troubadour Jordan Hull, tune today to WYSO 91.3 FM or online to catch an in-studio performance/interview with Hull. Don't forget about this on Saturday, brought to you by The Buddha Den Showcase...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lab Partners Announce New Drummer

...late last week Dayton's resident psyche/shoegaze outfit Lab Partners announced they have switched things up in the drummer position. Bidding farewell to longtime drummer Todd Carll, the Partners have brought in ex-Heartless Bastards drummer Kevin Vaughn. Vaughn will step in to help the band wrap up their forthcoming sixth release and gear up for a long-awaited return to live action. You can catch the new lineup on August 30 at Oregon Express....

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The cooperative hootenanny

...after disappearing for a few months late last year, the long-running Canal Street Tavern Musician's Co-Op has made quite the resurgence in recent months. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Eric Cassidy (from Shrug), the Co-Op continues to serve as a fertile breeding ground for local songwriters to step out into the light and work out new material. The co-op takes place every Tuesday night at Canal Street Tavern and is always free to get in. Head on down and see it all before everyone else does...

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

One More Saturday Night...

...if yr heading out this evening, you've got all kinds of options to quell yr rock n' roll thirst...

...if yr not afraid to drive a bit and seem inclined to do something good, the 2nd Annual Darfur Benefit is taking place all day out at the Janice Ward Center in Clayton. Although Grizzzzy Bear seems to have left the bill, you've still got some great music from Stump, Toads and Mice, Lvngs, Stone the Mayor Sheriff, and more...

...over at the Dayton Dirt Collective, you can dig into some punk and garage via offerings from Thee Pistol Whips, The Vectors, Best Friends, and Your Nasty Neighbors...

..if yr musical needs veer toward the ballistic this evening, head over to Canal Street Tavern and dig the unrelenting fury of the rarely-seen Murder Your Darlings and Accidently On Purpose...

...if yr looking for something a little more relaxed, head over to the Trolley Stop and check out an evening of Sleepybird, who are currently wrapping up work on their third album....

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Friday, August 15, 2008

You Indie?

...for those of you that remember Bettawreckonize from back in the day, it seems as if the force behind that seminal site have returned with a new blog called You Indie. With a fairly broad scope and straying well under the cultural radar, you might wanna make this a daily stop on yr interweb scan...


Blind Bob's Opening Delayed

...although original reports from the owners Blind Bob's slated their grand opening for this weekend, as could have been expected it's taking a little longer. The new grand opening date has been announced as September 5, and we'll keep you updated on the progress. For bands looking to play at the new club, you can contact their booking office at


The Sound For Language/Spanish Bombs/Disnihil/Towhee-Tonight @ Pearl

...head on over to Pearl tonight to catch some great Dayton punk in the form of The Sound For Language. With their most recent EP, the band has started to chart a darker course while retaining their gifts for crafting good songs. Also on the bill are Spanish Bombs and NYC hardcore action of Disnihil. Opening the night, check out the understated, yet danceable indie pop of Towhee...

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nightbeast Tours w/Hit the Lights

...the party force that is Nightbeast announced a string of East coast tour dates today that will take him out with Hit the Lights. If your friends out that way don't know about the 'Beast yet, better serve notice:

Aug 26 2008 8:00P Water St.
Music Hall Rochester, New York

Aug 27 2008 6:30P The Silo Nightclub Reading, Pennsylvania

Aug 28 2008 7:00P Sozo State College, Pennsylvania

Aug 29 2008 6:00P The Loft Poughkeepsie, New York

Aug 30 2008 8:00P Quad @ Stonehill College Easton, Massachusetts

Aug 31 2008 8:00P Nutty Irishman Farmingdale, New York

Sep 2 2008 8:00P Green St Greensboro, North Carolina

Sep 3 2008 8:00P Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, Florida

Sep 4 2008 6:00P Backbooth Orlando, Florida

Sep 5 2008 6:30P The Orpheum Tampa, Florida

Sep 6 2008 8:00P The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia

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Vega Cough Ritual

...only further bolstering our position that Thursday is the new Friday in Daytonia, here's the rundown of how to get yrself into a mess tonight...

...if yr into the usual Thursday scene at Pearl, they've got a good one for your tonight. Newbies New Vega headline along with The Host (Cincinnati), Halos Were Found at the Landing Site, and Stone the Mayor Sheriffs....

...if yr looking for something a little edgier, head on over to the Dayton Dirt Collective for a night of serious sludgy action. You've got a stacked deck with the pulverizing sludge trio Cough (Richmond, VA), the all-girl hardcore of Red Thread (Boston), the brutal grind of Churches Burn (Columbus), and local flavor from
Dripfeeder and Treefingers... if yr looking to get way out, head on over to Acid Fever House for a night of noise and psychedlia. Slated to appear are Altars, Cult Ritual, Vile Gash, and K. Anible. If you dare...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bootleg Collective issues Toads and Mice

...thanks to the tireless efforts of The Bootleg Collective, you can now grab a pair of recent live recordings from Toads and Mice. One set is from their recent appearance for The Buddha Den Presents at Canal Street Tavern, while the other is from a show at Gilly's with Sleepybird. Both sets sound great and, given the identical set lists, serve as an interesting study of the band's incredible discipline in the live setting. With a split between new material and tracks from their debut disc, it's interesting to witness this band as they move forward into uncharted waters. You can grab those for free HERE...

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More chunkies for mass consumption

...while their release schedule may be erratic at best, it can hardly be denied that the kids over at Fictionband are doing great work unearthing some of the most interesting releases from Dayton's sordid past and present. This time around, Fictionband offers up an abridged version of local home recording aficionados Ohio Briars 5-disc opus Punch the Red, which includeds ex-GBVer Dan Toohey. As if that weren't enough to digest, also on yr plate is the sole release from The Igniters, Igniting I (circa 2000). Grab these two platters as FREE DOWNLOADS HERE.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PR Film from the Dayton Dirt Collective

...for those of you that have not made it down to the Dayton Dirt Collective yet, they have recently put together a promo film that presents the lowdown on the DDC. The film was put together by Glad Girl, so check it out...

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grizzzzy Bear/Yakuza Heart Attack/Netherfriends/Young Turks-Tonight @ Front Street

...we apologize for the last minute notice, but if yr looking for a way to wrap up yr weekend, you can't go wrong the bill down at the Front Street warehouses tonight. Brought to you courtesy of Dethfits, you've got the always incredible Grizzzzy Bear, the return of Yakuza Heart Attack (first show in a year!!!), Netherfriends (experimental psyche from Chicago), and Young Turks. If you can find it, you know this one's gonna be out of control...

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Epicene/ESR Records so Shut Down one of the long-standing signals of the vitality of Dayton's noise scene, Epicece/ESR Records announced yesterday that after tidying up a couple more releases that it will cease to exist. You should still be able to round up any last minute selections in the next couple of weeks, but, through a Myspace announcement, label head Matthew Reis has decided that he is unable to continue with the label at this time. So, if it's noise you need, you'd better hurry before the shop closes down...


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sohio/The Winter Sounds/Twin Arrows-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...tonight at the Oregon Express, you've got a good bill of quality rock n' roll. Hailing from the iconic indie town of Athens, GA, The Winter Sounds (pictured) make a tour stop tonight with a sound that fuses traces of their hometown flavor with a distinctive British spin. Up from the Middletown area, Sohio has earned quite the regional reputation with their own twist on Local newcomers Twin Arrows (ex-Late Nite Drivers) open the evening. See you there...

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fab Gear Presents: Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Sitandance-Tonight @ Pearl

...with the weekend fast approaching, it's time again for another great show at Pearl. Yet again, Fab Gear has yr back with a double bill for ya to get yr fill. Tonight you have Andrew & the Pretty Punchers, hot off the release of their stellar debut disc Goodbye Ohio, and the always-surprising Sitandance. In addition, DJ Nonekned will be spinning vinyl throughout the night. Head on down...

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The Buddha Den on WOXY's Local Lixx Redux

...In case you missed The Buddha Den on WOXY's Local Lixx last week, you can go here and grab the podcast now, complete with playlist and links to all yr favorite local bands. Thanks again to Joe Long of The Futurist and Each Note Secure for having us down to play our favorite tracks from Dayton and beyond...


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Story Changes Seeks New Bassist

...after hiring bassist Kyle Sando from Minneapolis last winter, The Story Changes announced today that Sando will be leaving the band to further pursue his education back home. The band are currently seeking a bassist. Here's the info from the band:

We're currently on the lookout for a bassist and want to explore as many options as possible.

We have things worked out to continue playing live so we won't have to cancel any shows or rush any decisions, but we're still in need of finding a fulltime guy or girl for the spot. If you are interested please get in touch and we will get some info from you and touch base from there about a possible get together.

We call Dayton, OH home and practice in town quite a bit when home. Good gear is a must. Backing vocal ability is a big plus. We travel a lot and need someone who can pick up and go. We have a new album out on Future Destination Records along with two other discs of material. We have a lot of fun doing this, but there's also a lot of work involved and a ton of scheduling. We need someone reliable who is amped on the band and ready/able to hit the road.
An active list of shows and past touring schedule is listed under the tour link at www.theStoryChanges. com to get an idea of a workload.

- Good gear is a must
- Backing vocal ability is a big plus
- Ready and able to hit the road
- A positive and hardworking attitude is mandatory
- Dayton, Ohio area or able to commute regularly

Message us on myspace or email with all inquiries.

Best of luck to The Story Changes during this transition...


Genesis Climber/My Latex Brain/Electric Smoke/Tin Can Telephone-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective

...over at the Dayton Dirt Collective tonight, you've got a solid bill of big rock. You've got Genesis Climber (from Cali), as well as major local flavor from the post-industrial monolith that is My Latex Brain, the sleaze and swagger of Electric Smoke, as well as Tin Can Telephone. As always, this is ALL AGES and starts early, around 7:30....

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Live Grizzzzy Bear Tracks Posted; The Bootleg Collective Issues First Two Releases case you've somehow missed the entire flurry of Grizzzzy Bear live performances over the last year, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the sonic portion of the band's highly esteemed live fury from the band's show at Pearl on July 3 (you can read our review of the band's set this night right here). Head over to the band's Myspace to check out live versions of "Time Machine" and the unreleased monster "Mr. Bloodsuck".

The tracks are presented courtesy of The Bootleg Collective, a new organization that has set out to document live performances in Dayton. You can check out their first two proper releases--a show from Stump and another featuring both The Gluons and Ceschi Ramos/Dead By Wednesday--should be available in the next week as FREE DOWNLOADS. Be sure to check those out...

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Grizzzzy Bear/Yndi Halda/The Motel Beds/Lungs @ Pearl 8.3.08

...gathering for a rare Sunday evening show at Pearl, things kicked off with the instrumental quartet, Lungs. With their distinctive take on post-rock, the band's melodic sensibilities and dynamics place them firmly within the bounds of the style. Seemingly most comfortable with the heavier aspects of their spectrum, the more subtle passages are deftly executed. While the band may further explore the middle ranges of their dynamic range, on this evening Lungs demonstrated that they are one of the best young bands in town at the moment... up we had the return of The Motel Beds, not seen on stage since the spring. Backed by members of Captain of Industry and The Human Reunion, PJ Paslosky and co. attempted to kick out the cobwebs from their dormancy and serve up their patented experimental pop. While tuning issues seemed to plague the set somewhat, the Beds still managed to pull together a set of hook-laden tunes that will hopefully continue to improve as the band returns to a more active performance schedule... town from Canterbury, England, Yndi Halda gave a performance that those who were fortunate enough to be in attendance will not likely soon forget. Although the band may be easily tagged as post-rock, there is a nuance and sense of dynamics that provide them with a unique take on the style. Building from incredibly quiet spaces and allowing themselves to explore numerous plateaus, the band's ability to fully exploit their dynamics and further intensify their melodic themes only served to elevate their crescendos. While many of their contemporaries have codified the patterns of post-rock, Yndi Halda follow their own instincts and come away with a wholly unique canvas that may very well set them apart from the pack...

...closing out the night, Grizzzzy Bear proved yet again on this night why they are one of the best bands going in Dayton at the moment. With special guest John Lakes from Captain of Industry filling in on the drums, the band tore through a handful of tunes from their debut disc, continuing to expand the arrangements to accommodate a near-endless series of riff modulations that could easily provide enough fodder for another band's entire repertoire. Even intermittent technical problems could not hold Grizzzzy Bear back on this night, as the unreleased Mr. Bloodsuck served as the centerpiece of a brief set that left the audience clamoring for more...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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