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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Towhee 5.10.08

...following up on the success of our first big showcase featuring Andrew & the Pretty Punchers, we're gonna do it again May. This time around we're featuring the indie pop sweethearts, Towhee. The band has garnered some serious press accolades over the last year on the strength of the their debut disc, Streetlights. They've grabbed ears with their subdued, yet elegant brand of indie rock. We're very pleased that Towhee is participating in The Buddha Den Showcase Series... far as the details go, same deal as last time:

It's a FREE show.
It's an ALL AGES show.
Music starts PROMPTLY AT 9 PM.
The show will be at SOUTH PARK TAVERN, 1309 Wayne Ave.

If you're curious at all, swing down and check it out. You've got nothing to lose...

Thanks to Andy at Magnetic Flux Design for the poster art. We'll see you on May 10...

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Captain of Industry to Release on All Hail Records

...we are pleased to report that the third Captain of Industry album has officially found a home for release through Columbus's All Hail Records. The band will celebrate the release of the as-yet-untitled full-length with a show at Gilly's on June 28 that will also feature Grizzzzy Bear and The Scourge of the Sea. We'll keep you posted as this story unfolds...

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wet Leather @ South Park Tavern 4.26.08 celebration of their good friend's upcoming wedding, Wet Leather joined forces after more than a three-year absence. On this particular evening at South Park Tavern, the band didn't miss a step as they plowed through their distinct brand of punk/sludge/funk. Guitarist/vocalist Nithin Kalvakota reminded us of why his absence in this town (he's currently earning his MBA at Case Western University in Cleveland) is such a glaring one. Kalvakota's vocals veered from croon to howl to falsetto, often all within a single passage. His guitar was given solid support from the stick-twirling Jay Madewell and the always-bouncing Bruce Hull. The band also tossed in a couple of choice covers by X (the one from Australia, not LA) and Agent Orange. With only two more shows lined up before the band is gone for good, you may want to check out this non-revival...

For more photos from the night, go here. All b & w photos by Marla Bremer.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wet Leather-Tonight @ South Park Tavern

...we're not gonna call it a comeback, but it's definitely been a while since the guys in Wet Leather graced any stage anywhere. So, tonight should be a pretty big deal with the band performing at 11 SHARP, with DJ sets by all members of the band before and after. Remember, this is a totally FREE show, so you know everyone will be there....

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Toads and Mice @ Pearl 4.24.08

...arriving a bit alter than planned, we made it to the Pearl just in time to catch one of our favorites, Toads and Mice. On this particular evening, the band was in full command of their craft, deftly navigating through the advanced algorithms of their material with a grace and precision that we have come to expect from the band. Even the new song, "Baby Trash Can", came off as if one of the oldest tunes in the band's repertoire. As the band continues to branch out and play more shows throughout the region, we're looking for Toads and Mice to be one of the breakout bands from Dayton in 2008...

Black and white photography by Marla Bremer. For more images from the show, click here.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Northwest Ordinance/The Sics/Psylis/The Daytones-Tonight @ Nite Owl

...if your musical inclination lean more toward raucous punk flavorings, you'll need to make yr way over to the Nite Owl tonight. Still fresh off the release of their State of Ohio album, The Northwest Ordinance headlines an evening that also includes The Sics, newcomers Psylis, and The Daytones...

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Toads and Mice/Lungs/Endless City/Brandon Hawk-Tonight @ Pearl've got a good one tonight to kick off yr weekend. Over at Pearl, Toads and Mice headline a bill that also includes the post-rock/ambient outfit Lungs, Endless City, and an acoustic set by Brandon Hawk. As if that weren't enough, DJ Jay Madewell will be spinning the best vintage garage, soul, funk, and new wave in between and after the bands. See ya there...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Accidently On Purpose/Switchblade Serenade/Mountain Screamer/Splattertude/Shame Club-Tonight @ Nite Owl

...for your midweek mischief, we submit the following: head to Nite Owl tonight for five bands that are certain fix your rock n' roll needs up just right. Dig the female-fronted onslaught of Accidently on Purpose, the garage-trash of Switchblade Serenade, the fuzzed-out duo Mountain Screamer, the deranged grind of Splattertude, and the big vintage riffage of Shame Club (out on tour from St. Louis). You know you wanna...

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Translation Loss to release new Mouth of the Architect album this summer

...according to sources within the band, Mouth of the Architect will release their new album, Quietly, on the Translation Loss label on July 22. While a CD release show and subsequent tour are planned at this point, specifics continue to remain elusive. For now, head over to the band's Myspace page and check out the teaser track "Hate and Heartache", which opens with moody spoken voice over crystalline guitars before finally giving way to the giant, sludgy riffing that is the cornerstone of the band's sound. Stay tuned to The Buddha Den for more information at it becomes available...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Orange Willard/The Celebrity Pilots/The 1984 NFL Draft-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...if yr out and about this evening, head over to Oregon Express and catch what we have been informed will the last performance by Joe Anderl (The 1984 NFL Draft, who on this night will feature Tod Weidner and more) for many months. Anderl has been extremely busy with touring over the last several months and this serves as the end of a period of intense activity. Also, you should stick around and check out The Celebrity Pilots (from Cleveland) who we profiled earlier this week. Closing the evening you've got the alternarock flavorings of Orange Willard....

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National Record Store Day in Dayton

...yes, there are still independent record stores in Dayton. Today is National Record Store Day, in which more than 30 independent record outlets across the country celebrate the culture of independent record stores. Two of the country's most renowned indie record stores, Dingleberry's (who was the first record outlet in the country to EVER play in-store music video promos. Seriously. Look it up.) and Gem City Records will both host special events and have incredibly stupid good deals for patrons...

...starting at 4 today, Dingleberry's will have DJ Jay Madewell (pictured above) spin vintage rock, soul, funk, and new wave. Over at Gem City Records, there will be special in-store performances by Nick Kizirnis, XL427, and many more all afternoon. Wanna show yr love for independent music? Wave that flag....

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Muder Your Darlings/Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience-Tonight@Tumbleweed Connection've got a rare double dose of maximum rock n' roll tonight at the Tumbleweed Connection. The local rock giants that are Murder Your Darlings and Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience will be on hand to flatten your eardrums like no one else can. If you don't already know, you better find out...

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Hospital Garden/Audrey Ryan/Mascot/The Boombarians @ South Park Tavern 4.17.08 the weather warmed in Daytonia last eve, it seemed as if everyone was itching to get out and have a good time. Fortunately, there was quite a fine bill of music at South Park Tavern to be enjoyed...

...opening the evening was the debut of The Boombarians. Decked out in vines and flowers in celebration of the full arrival of spring, the band reveled in their raw, guttural approach. As the band howled and gyrated throughout their perfectly brief set, their absence of pretense and embrace of the more visceral aspects of rock n' roll left us hoping that we'll see more of this outfit around town...

...after a set by Mascot, Audrey Ryan brought her one-woman-band to the stage. Recalling everything from Joanna Newsom to Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, Ryan's set commanded undivided attention from the audience. Oscillating between electric guitar and accordian, and always playing both kick drum and tambourine with her feet, Ryan's undeniable musicianship left us hoping for a return to Dayton very soon (for those of you that missed her last night, Audrey Ryan will be at the Trolley Stop tonight as well)...

...closing out the evening, newer outfit Hospital Garden plowed through a set of uncompromising indie/grunge, the likes of which would appeal to fans of Dinosaur, Jr. and other pre-Nirvana indie acts. Not only was their sound incredible, guitarist Lucas raved around the stage as if himself amplified, spitting shards of blistering guitar over top of an incredibly solid rhythm section. Splashing their sound with hints of Pavement and GBV as well, we're looking for more great things from Hopsital Garden in the coming months...

For more pics from the show, click here.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Art Art Art label launches...

...serving as yet another indication of the vibrancy of the Dayton music scene at the moment, new label Art Art Art announced its launch today. Operating out of Dayton and NYC, they intend to issue releases not only on CD and vinyl, but will also be offering their entire catalog as free downloads. We can't wait to see what these guys dish out in the coming months...


Audrey Ryan/Hospital Garden/The Boombarians/Mascot-Tonight @ South Park Tavern

...if it's quality craftsmanship you desire in yr songwriters, you should definitely head on over to South Park Tavern this evening. Headlining the bill is Audrey Ryan from NYC making a tour stop in Dayton. Employing accordian, guitar, banjo, violin, glockenspiel, and more over top of her whimsical melodies, it should be quite the treat for lovers of folks like Andrew Bird. You've also got the new outfit Hospital Garden, who have recently added a drummer, dishing out highly-digestible indie melodies. The Boombarians will reportedly be making their debut this evening, and Mascot offers up his own brand of indie/folk. We'll see you there...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Introducing....The Judy Blooms! if relocating to Brooklyn wasn't enough for songwriter Jake Geisege, now he's gone and cashed in the moniker Wild & Free for The Judy Blooms. Geisege also recently posted a few new demos that he's dubbed I Wasn't Born This Handsome, featuring crowd-pleasers like "Call On Your Heart". We anticipate there will be more to come, so definitely keep an eye on The Judy Blooms....

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VIDEO: Human Reunion "The Rub"

...courtesy of our good friend, Carolyn, here is some footage from the Human Reunion's set at the Nite Owl last Saturday night. While the audio is a little distorted, you can hear everyone in the band pretty well. Check out what you missed...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PROFILE: The Celebrity Pilots

...with an appearance scheduled for this Saturday at the Oregon Express, The Buddha Den took time to speak with Chris Sheehan of The Celebrity Pilots recently. The Cleveland band (formerly out of Columbus) travel in psych-tinged indie pop and have previously worked with frequent Robert Pollard co-conspirator, Todd Tobias. Here's how it all went down...

The Buddha Den: Why don't you give our readers the Cliff Notes on The Celebrity Pilots to begin with? I'm sure they'd love to know the background.
Chris Sheehan: Did you know that they make Cliff Notes for Joyce's Ulysses? I've tried to read that damn thing like five times and haven't been able to get more than a third of the way through.

Our Cliff Notes might read a little something like this:

Chapter I – Chris Sheehan records a record with Todd Tobias on drums and bass. 'Beneath the Pavement a Beach', a clumsy reference to the French Situationist movement and Paris Student Riots of 1968, is released in Sept., 2005 and the band tours the Midwest and East Cost in support. The band consists of Adam Dowell on bass, Jeff Faller on synth, and Dan Gerken on drums. Many miles away, something crawls from the slime at the bottom of a dark Scottish lake.

Chapter II – Still asserting America's neutrality, President Woodrow Wilson plays squash with the Kaiser Wilhelm at Agincourt to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the 100 years war. The Celebrity Pilots hole up in the studio to record their third record 'Hawks of the Lesser Antilles' while their second 'Spooky Action' is being assembled from various scraps of detritus and a room of 100 monkeys. Josh Gerken takes over on drums for his brother.

Chapter III – 'Spooky Action', a dense and whirling fuzzy pop monstrosity, is released in time for Arbor Day.

Chapter IV – Expanding to a full five piece (Dan back as guitar/keys), The Celebrity Pilots (now with Retcin!) play The Everyready Battery/Trojan/Celestial Seasonings sponsored Middle Eastern Music Fest and Renaissance Fair, live at the Wall of Jericho. 'Hawks of the Lesser Antilles' is released on Edison Wax Cylinder to combat the proliferation of illegal downloads.

Chapter V – 2027 AD: Much confusion and hysteria abound as researchers at the Lunar Sea of Tranquility Research Center and Sandals Resort uncover a large obsidian monolith which is emitting music from an unknown and forgotten band from the early 21st century. It is thought that the music had been with us before time and will be forever. Nations strike ad hoc peace accords and human unity is at an all time high. Attention quickly dissipates as it is discovered that Kevin Shield's unreleased back catalog is embedded in the Jupiter Eye. Lt. Commander Sean Preston Federline leads the mission to retrieve the archived materials.

TBD: We saw that you recently played at the Grog Shop in Cleveland with white-hot buzz band Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper. How did that go over for you? Were the bands cool?

CS: That was a great show – we played to a packed house for the first time in a great while and I think we sounded great. Having Dan on guitar and keys is a big boost – not only does it mean I have less to fiddle with on stage, it adds a great deal to the textures that we were trying to bring out before with just one guitar. Definitely much more dimensional and layered.

I thought Fleet Foxes put on a great show and Blitzen Trapper were very good. Cleveland crowds are funny though – I think people started leaving in between FF and BT. I'm not sure if they thought they had just seen BT or what?

TBD: After about a year out from the release of your last album Spooky Action, how has the reception been? How do you feel about the album at this point? Are you itching to get back to some recording work soon?

CS: We didn't get as much press with this one, but I think it was a better album than the first – maybe not as consistent, but better. I was glad it was a little more noisy, a little less clean indie pop than the first. Sometimes I look at these two records and wonder what would have happened if I combined the best of each but I guess ultimately I'm never going to be the guy who waits four or five years between releases and rabidly self-edits. You're going to get pretty much everything I've developed into a song because, from a personal standpoint, it's much more interesting of an exercise to develop everything and fit it in like a patchwork quilt than it is coming up with 10 consistent songs that get in and get out.

We just finished a third record, 'Hawks of the Lesser Antilles' and I'm pretty much set up in the attic at this point with some decent equipment.

TBD: Being much larger than Dayton, it seems as if Columbus has several larger pockets within its music scene? How would you describe the current vibe in Columbus? In comparison to other cities you've visited?

CS: I actually live in Cleveland, but I grew up in Columbus and I'm there enough to recognize that it's a pretty happening music town. Always has been really . . . Losing Little Brothers was a blow, but there's a lot of interesting music and places to play – hell, it was just called 'The Capital of Independent Arts' by some rag . . . so if that's not a death knell I don't know what is.

This period of Columbus music reminds me of the bands from the late 80s/early 90s (Gaunt, Scrawl, TJSA et al) – it's noisy and rough but there's a pop foundation under those rueful laminations. But there's more than just that happening. Columbus is always going to benefit from the influx of young people that either go to OSU and stay, or move in from the surrounding area and I think that's going to perennially keep new bands springing up.

TBD: Columbus is pretty lucky to have a resource like to help promote its scene. How do you think the work of Mr. Duffy has helped the Columbus music scene? How is it putting out your releases on his Sunken Treasure Records label?

CS: Rob Duffy has been a huge part of Columbus music for almost a decade now and we are completely indebted to him for putting out and promoting our first record. In fact, if it weren't for him I'm not even sure that I would have pursued a live line-up as quickly. He's just one of those guys who gets completely immersed in music and loves it unconditionally to its core and seeks out all kinds of new records and just never gives up on it. He's not completely jaded and mercurial like me (ha!).

TBD: Is there anything else readers of The Buddha Den should know about The Celebrity Pilots before you hit our town this weekend?

CS: Our goal for this show is to change how humans perceive and process sound. Anything less will be an abject failure. catch The Celebrity Pilots this weekend at the Oregon Express as they share the stage with The 1984 NFL Draft (Joe Anderl) and Orange Willard...

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NEWS: Wet Leather to reunite

...while Dayton is not well-known for its bands reuniting, there seems to be a minor outbreak as of late. The Motel Beds are making a new run, and now Wet Leather has seen fit to unleash their heavy brand of dance/rock onto the local scene yet again. It's members have been keeping busy in various projects ranging from Power to the Peephole, Kalvakota, and Area Code, a stint in grad school for guitarist/vocalist Nithin Kalvakota, and serving as host for the perpetually-popular L'Eighties Night for drummer Jay Madewell. Alas, it's time for them to join forces again on April 26 at South Park Tavern with a FREE show. Yes, it's time to GET WET!!!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Grizzzzy Bear "Passing" out on Squids Eye this summer

...despite what you may have heard around town over the weekend, Squids Eye Records will still be issuing the next Grizzzzy Bear album, Passing, this summer (yes, full-length. Not an EP as we previously reported). The disc will feature remixed versions of Grizzzzy tracks from fellow Squids HCMJ, Ceschi, and Keith Kawaii, a full-band version of the title track (off their first album), as well as a number of new tracks from the fertile mind of one Brian Baker. Whenever it hits the streets, you know we'll let you know....

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Andrew & The Pretty Punchers @ South Park Tavern & Human Reunion/Grizzzzy Bear @ Nite Owl 4.12.08 we began our evening with our show over at South Park Tavern, we'll start our report there. With our first foray into hosting our own events, we were very excited to be showcasing Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Being the only band of the evening, the audience seemed more than satisfied with the new format. A&TPP turned in a rousing performance filled with love songs, screams, and drinking songs that drew the audience fully into their world. More like a house party than a typical bar show, the lines between band and audience were blurred throughout the night as both pushed each other, with the result an incredible beginning to The Buddha Den Showcase series. We'd like to thank everyone that came out to support this event....

...after wrapping up our event, we bolted over to the Nite Owl to catch the last two bands of the evening, the twin forces that are Human Reunion and Grizzzzy Bear. With the club packed to capacity, Grizzzzy Bear unleashed their newer, more aggressive onslaught with a precision and a sense of purpose that we had not heard in the newer material before. After a couple of months spent trying to solidify this new direction, on this night everything seemed to come together for Grizzzzy. Peppering the set with their more familiar material off their debut disc, the new songs seemed to gel within their set in a way we had hoped would materialize. Take notice Dayton...

...making their first appearance of the year, Human Reunion took to the stage with an urgency that fueled their set with a fire that truly placed them at the top of the heap in Dayton. Their pulsating beats firmly grounded the music as their trademark synth squibbles careened around the room, whipping the audience into an absolute frenzy. With Jeremy Fredericks prowling the stage and further enticing the audience, Human Reunion served notice that they are still a formidable musical force in Dayton...

For more photos from the night, click here.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Andrew & The Pretty Punchers-Tonight @ South Park Tavern if we haven't tipped you off to enough great music happening in Dayton tonight, here's our big offering. The Buddha Den Showcase series kicks off tonight at South Park Tavern (1301 Wayne Ave., corner of Oak & Wayne) with a special performance by one of our faves, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. We think these guys will make a huge impact with the release of their as-yet-untitled upcoming debut disc, so head down and catch them up on the way up. Music will start promptly at 9 and the band will do two short sets during the evening (one at 9, the other around 10:30). Remember, this is a FREE show for ALL AGES. Make us your first stop of the night...

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Human Reunion/Grizzzzy Bear/The Iry/Kink Ador-Tonight@Nite Owl

...seriously, we weren't kidding when we said tonight was HUGE. Check this out: two of Dayton's finest are heading up a big show over at Nite Owl tonight. The Kings of Clacktoids, Human Reunion, return from months of absence to headline this one. You've also got the white hot synth-lovers Grizzzzy Bear, who have been tearing up Dayton as of late, making quite a mark on the scene. Opening the night will be The Iry (from Columbus; think Interpol) and Kink Ador (from Nashville; indie/new wave), both of whom are making tour stops in the Gem City tonight. You know this is one you'll not want to miss...

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Sleepybird-Tonight @ Boonshoft Planetarium

...hey kids, tonight is HUGE night for Dayton music. We've got several shows we're talking about today, so pay attention. First up, we've got experimental folk/psych masters Sleepybird, who will be doing a high-profile show up at the Boonshoft Planetarium. Taking their lucid brand of indie/folk and pairing it with a light show of this magnitude is certain to elicit quite the reaction from the audience. Tickets can be purchased here through the band. Music begins at 8 PM. Do what you can to not miss this one...

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ruetschle/Nick Kizirnis Band/The Poor Devils-Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...if you read our Profile on them earlier this week, you'll already be pretty excited about seeing power-pop faves Ruetschle tonight over at Canal Street Tavern. We're looking forward to hearing some of the new material slated to appear on the band's upcoming Color Theory album. Also on the bill tonight is local icon Nick Kizirnis with his rotating cast of characters, and alterna/rockers The Poor Devils, who recently returned from an extended hiatus....

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Gluons/Scott Deadalus/Magic Jewels-Tonight @ Acid Fever House off the release of their brilliant noise/pop debut Meet the Gluons, The Gluons will headline a show tonight over at the Acid Fever House. Also on the bill will be Scott Deadalus, who effortlessly dishes out scores of melodic gems in the vein of Syd Barrett armed with loops and samples, giving a distinctively modern update. Opening the evening will be Magic Jewels. Get there...

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Breeders/Mountain Battles-Out TODAY

...after the sheer thud that was Title TK, The Breeders new album Mountain Battles seems to echo back to the band's heyday and justify their continued existence. From the loping drone and swell of We"re Gonna Rise" to their instantly recognizable swagger of "Walk It Off" to the pulsating "Bang On", we're pretty excited that the Deal sisters have bestowed another new work upon us...


Monday, April 07, 2008

PROFILE: Ruetschle

...boasting one of most difficult names in Dayton to spell and pronounce correctly (it's Rich-ly), local powerpoppers Ruetschle are gearing up for their third release on Poptek records. Taking a break from recording the new album (which is due out this Fall) to play a show this Friday, frontman Mike Reutschle took a minute out of his schedule to talk with us here at The Buddha Den...

The Buddha Den: So Reutchle has been laying low since last fall, primarily working on new material from our understanding. How is the new album, Color Theory, coming thus far?

Mike Ruetschle: We are been spending time writing songs versus playing shows over the last 4 or 5 months. We have about 7 songs ready to record, and are just waiting on finishing up bits and pieces of another 6 or 7 songs. We will weed out as many as we need to, swap some out for new ones that we haven’t even written yet, and put 10 or 11 songs on the next record. Our plan is to have all the songs written prior to going into the studio so the recording process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

TBD: By the way, where did you come up with that title?

MR: Andy can up with the name Color Theory. Given that my day job is an architect – the name strikes a chord with me. Color is back!

TBD: We assume that the new album will come out on your Poptek label, correct? When should we expect this release? What else does Poptek have coming up?

MR: We will release Color Theory on Poptek Records. We hope to have the release sometime this fall, maybe even at the Dayton Music Fest. Poptek Records will also be releasing Yesterdays Forever by XL427 (Andy Ingram’s project), and putting out a digital only re-release of Ruetschle’s first record, Self-Titled Rock LP.

TBD: With your decision to do a show to kinda test out the new material, should we anticipate that there might be a more active performance schedule for the band with the release of Color Theory?

MR: We will be trying 5 new songs at this Friday’s show. With this fall’s release of Color Theory we will return to playing out more actively.

Ruetschle will be performing this Friday night at Canal Street Tavern, along with The Poor Devils and the rarely-seen Nick Kizirnis Band...

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Punk Nite Prom-Tonight @ Nite Owl plus more....

...tonight's a big night for Dayton punk rock. Over at the Nite Owl, Punk Nite Mike will be hosting the Punk Nite Prom, featuring local punk icons Luxury Pushers, along with newbies, Overrated, Rad Company, The Sics, and Thee Alliance. All are encouraged to wear their best prom attire to celebrate the event...

...elsewhere tonight over at the Oregon Express, Dayton bids adieu to one Andreas Tyrodimos (who is headed westward) as Sexicon performs its last show. Also on the bill are Black Owls and Jar-Gon. Head on down and pay yr last respects...

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Acid fever and cornerstones....'s a good night for Dayton music yet again, kids. If you're inclined to get yr drink on, head down to Jimmie's Cornerstone to witness the garage-trash maelstrom that is Switchblade Serenade. Sharing the bill will be fuzzed-out newbie duo Mountain Screamer...

...if perchance you long for the intimate setting of a house show, we've got a great one for you tonight over at Acid Fever House. Opening the evening will be The 1984 NFL Draft (nee Joe Anderl), fresh off an East Coast tour. Next up you've got one of our absolute favorites, Toads and Mice. Closing the night will be perennial Columbus faves The Kyle Sowashes, who will be celebrating the release of their new album, Yeah, Buddy! Should be a great one...

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Andrew & The Pretty Punchers 4.12.08

...we here at The Buddha Den are very pleased to announce our first foray in show promotions as we will host the first installment in The Buddha Den Showcase series on Saturday, April 12 at South Park Tavern (the big orange building on Wayne). Our first featured artist will be one of our favorites, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. The band is currently in the studio working on their debut, so you won't want to miss this one...

...DETAILS: South Park Tavern is located at 1309 Wayne Ave. Music will start at 9 PM. The band will do 2 short sets (one at 9 and one around 10:30). Before, between, and after the band The Buddha Den will play tracks from Dayton and beyond. Admission is FREE and is open to ALL AGES. Since we're starting early, make us your first (and last) stop of the night. Mark your calendars now...

...we'd like to give a very special thanks to Roger Owsley for designing an amazing poster!

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