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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Rundown

...tonight is the close of all the Halloween festivities kids, and you've got some excellent options to help you celebrate...

...if you head out early, swing by the Dayton Dirt Collective for their Misfits Tribute show. Twenty bands are gonna take turns bashing out a couple of tunes each, so it should be a good time...

...after that, you've got some choices to make. You can head over to Blind Bob's for a fun bill with good friends. The Story Changes is hosting and have brought compatriots The Sound For Language, Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and 8-Bit Revival along for the ride...'ve got one of the single-longest-running annual events in Dayton music with the Monster Hop over at Canal Street Tavern. Brought to you by local punk icon Jamy Holliday, his Luxury Pushers will host Toronto's Saigon Hookers and yet another local icon, Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience. Your eardrums will never be the same....

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dark Art Show feat. The Black Cigarettes/Electric Smoke/Orange Willard/Hospital Garden -Tonight @ Pearl've got a very special musical treat tonight at Pearl in celebration of the Halloween season. In addition to a number of local artists displaying their art, four bands will take to the stage in musical costumes for a very rare treat. Here's the rundown: The Black Cigarettes as Motley Crue; Electric Smoke as The Ramones; Orange Willard as Rage Against the Machine; Hospital Garden as The Velvet Underground. Additionally, anyone who comes out tonight in costume will be invited to participate in a Halloween Fashion Show. This is one you can't miss....

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The Buddha Den Presents: Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Theresa Andersson/Wil Cope @ Canal Street Tavern 10.29.08 we at The Buddha Den closed out a string of great shows over the last few weeks, we had no idea that we had somehow been saving the best for last. Despite the encroaching cold, the crowd that gathered at Canal Street Tavern on this evening was in for a very special treat...

...kicking things off was the enigmatic Wil Cope, returning from his new base in Austin. Armed with a handful of new tunes from his watershed new album, Dead Moon Motel, Cope delivered a somber, yet playful, set of impeccable tomes on the desperation of modern living. In his absence, Cope's fingerpicked guitar and harmonica accompaniments have become more potent, yet elegant and subtle, recalling the finest moments of icons like Neil Young and contemporaries like Ryan Adams. With talk of a quick follow-up album, we can only hope that Cope continues to churn out more work in this delightful vein...

...up next, the buzz was brewing for the first Dayton visit by New Orleans-based artist Theresa Andersson. Employing looping devices to unimaginable effect, Andersson mesmerized the audience within moments and kept them rapt throughout her set. Andersson's ability to fuse her Swedish heritage (she sang one song entirely in that language) and the rich rhythmic textures of her adopted hometown of New Orleans created a bridge between the two wildly disparate cultures into a seamless new musical vernacular. While many artists will build up lush backing tracks in the studio, Andersson builds these delicate structures around guitar/violin/dulcimer/drums in real-time, in front of the audience, and proceeds to deliver such uninhibited performances that virtually anyone with a pulse is struck instantly with the realization that they are witnessing a talent of monumental proportions. If you missed Theresa Andersson last night, we urge you to never make that mistake again...

...rounding out the evening, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers had the unenviable task of following Theresa Andersson. Regardless, the lads served up their trademark raucous rock n' roll good and loud, inciting arena-sized singalongs throughout their set. As the band continues to introduce more new material into their set, it is becoming increasingly apparent that their incredible debut, Goodbye Ohio, will not the final word from Andrew & the Pretty Punchers...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Andrew & the Pretty Punchers/Theresa Andersson/Wil Cope-Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...head on down tonight to Canal Street Tavern for the last Buddha Den Presents show for quite a while (we don't yet have another on the books). Please come on down and check out what we've got for you tonight. Opening the evening we have the return of Wil Cope (pictured), back up from Austin with an excellent new album in tow, Dead Moon Motel. We are very to present the first Dayton visit of Theresa Andersson (from New Orleans) as well. Her one-woman show (aided by numerous loop pedals) is sure to turn some heads. Rounding out the evening we've got one of Dayton's finest current bands, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. You know it'll be a drinkin' good time...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

PROFILE: Theresa Andersson

...currently hailing from New Orleans, Swedish transplant Theresa Andersson is currently out on tour in support of her latest album, Hummingbird, Go! With the albums's lush layers fusing together Andersson's affinity for her Swedish homeland's current indie pop and the rich musical heritage of her adopted hometown of New Orleans, it might be difficult to believe that the entirety of the album was created right in her own kitchen. Using various loop pedals to orchestrate the numerous instruments employed, as well as layers of her own voice, Andersson translates the arrangements into the live setting with stunning accuracy. Here's a clip of her performing in her kitchen...

The Buddha Den Presents Theresa Andersson this Wednesday, October 29 at Canal Street Tavern.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Lungs/Mako Sica/Vanity Theft/Captain Dangerfoot-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective

...if yr looking to get something going tonight, head on over to Dayton Dirt Collective for a eclectic bill. Headlining the evening are the sludgy post-rock outfit Lungs. Also on tonight are spooky post-rockers Mako Sica (Chicago), all-female indie rockers Vanity Theft, and Captain Dangerfoot. Festivities kick off around 7, so be sure to make it down early...

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The Buddha Den Presents: Toads and Mice/Everthus the Deadbeats/Sleepybird @ Pearl 10.23.08

...with the cold beginning to bear down on the Gem City, we gathered at Pearl yet again for another great Thursday show. Opening the evening, the sprawling sonic landscape that is Sleepybird offered up a an uplifting set of hypnotic tunes. From the dramatic entrance of the marching drum to the soaring, anthemic surges, Sleepybird demonstrated yet again why they are one of the finest, most unique, outfits currently going in Dayton... up we had the colorfully costumed Everthus the Deadbeats from Indianapolis. With their set drawing largely from their incredible new album, John Kill and the Microscopic Lullaby, the psychedelic swagger of ETD held the crowds attention throughout. With bounding synths and searing guitar work, the subtle, demanding grooves of the rhythm section provided unending support for the group's freak-pop melodies. With any luck, the band will soon find receptive ears throughout the land...

...rounding out the evening, the always-impeccable Toads and Mice served up yet another rousing set of cathartic exuberance. Although we've covered this band at length over the last year, Toads and Mice solidly remain at the pinnacle of the Dayton scene. With a tour planned for next month, we can only hope that the band are successful in exporting what has emerged as one of the most engaging sounds in town...

For more photos from the evening, go here. Black and white photos of Toads and Mice by Marla Bremer.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Toads and Mice/Everthus the Deadbeats/Sleepybird-Tonight @ Pearl

...we've got another great show for you tonight at Pearl that you simply cannot afford to miss. On tap we have two of Dayton's finest in Toads and Mice and Sleepybird, both of whom are poised to issue new releases in the next month. Along for the ride are Indianapolis indie/freak sensations, Everthus the Deadbeats, who are currently out on their Halloween Vision Quest tour in support of their incredible album, John Kill and the Microscopic Lullaby. Head and down and we'll see you there....

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bootleg Collective Issues More LIve Dayton Shows

...although they've been laying low for a while, it appears as if The Bootleg Collective has been hard at work. The outfit recently issued three more live offerings that are sure to titillate. You can pick up live sets from such Dayton notables as Lungs, Stone The Mayor Sheriffs, New Vega, and the live debut from Squids Eye band, The Aqwua Boys. You can get all these free goodies over here...

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The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO feat. State School-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...carrying on with our new weekly event at Oregon Express, The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO is very excited for the return visit tonight of new local buzz band, State School. The twee/folk trio is such an amazingly fun time, we highly recommend you make it down to check them out. The open mic starts at 8:30 and you never know who might pop in. As always, this is a FREE show...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taskmaster/Coastal/Brutophilia/Rusalka/Infirmary/Being-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective

...if yr looking to stun yr senses into oblivion, you've got a great opportunity to do so tonight at the Dayton Dirt Collective. Check it...

-ultimate canadian crusher-

-waves and waves of fuzz from Canada-

-power electronics/harsh noise one man powerhouse-

-canadian synth destroyer-

-walls of pounding noise from Illinois-

-local harsh noise practitioner, also known as "Bean"

...head on down and you'll never be the same...

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The Buddha Den Presents: Gentleman Auction House/Blastronauts/Sitandace/The Happy Planets @ Pearl 10.20.08

...for the few that opted to head out to Dayton for this rare Monday night show, they were treated with an incredible night of inspired performances. Luckily, those that took the stage this night dug deep and delivered the goods...

...although burdened with an ailment, The Happy Planets (aka Eric) mustered up more energy on this night than most six-piece bands in good health. Roaming the dancefloor, as well as nearly every surrounding surface, The Happy Planets got the small crowd up and moving from the start and dished out a highly entertaining set of electronic dance music that ultimately left his dress on the floor and the man dancing around in briefs... up we had the dapper Sitandance open with a dramatic reading of the standard "If You Wanna Sing Out", which gave way into an exploratory set of freak pop and free jazz. Augmented on this night with a saxophonist, the band delved even further than usual into their psyche-pop regions. Oscillating somewhere between Beefheart and Waits, the band is certainly one of the most unique acts going in Dayton at the moment... from Columbus, Blastronauts rolled in on this night at least a couple of members short. Although the band's funk-tinged indie rock had a few shining moments, the lack of a bass player left a slightly thin sound and visibly hindered at least one member of the band. We're hoping Blastronauts are able to secure a steady lineup soon, as their songs are more than deserving of a full reading...

...closing out the night, St. Louis outfit Gentleman Auction House rose to the occasion and delivered an epic set for the dwindling crowd. Armed with dual drummers and keyboardists, as well as all manner of percussion and wind instruments, GAH possess a unique blend of earnest sentimentality a la Conor Oberst or Arcade Fire which is perfectly offset by an Elephant 6-sized playfulness that always keeps things in the fun zone. Although witnessed by only a handful of Daytonians, it is certain that those few will certainly spread the gospel of Gentleman Auction House...

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Gentleman Auction House/Blastronauts/Sitandace/The Happy Planets-Tonight @ Pearl

...we know there aren't too many shows on Mondays at Pearl, but this one you'll definitely want to catch. We're very excited to be hosting St. Louis septet, Gentleman Auction House. The band has been getting rave reviews, including landing their latest album, Alphabet Graveyard, in the CMJ top ten. We spoke with them last week as well. If you wanna check them out beforehand, they'll be in the WOXY studios today at 1:30 for a Lounge Act set. You can tune into that right here. Also on the bill tonight are Blastronauts (Columbus), the always-surprising Sitandance, and solo newcomer, The Happy Planets. Hope to see you down there....

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: The Northwest Ordinance/Boombarian/Everything, Now!/Electric Banana-Tonight @ Pearl've got a great opportunity tonight to catch a few of Dayton's finest young bands, as well as a special treat out-of-towner over at Pearl. The Buddha Den Presents has put together what we feel is a very exciting bill featuring the garage/psyche/freakpop of Everything, Now! from Indianapolis. You've also got three great young locals that are building some good buzz: The Northwest Ordinance, Boombarian, and Electric Banana. Trust us, you don't wanna miss this one...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gotta Get Over the Hump....

...well kids, it's midweek and even so you've still got a couple of good reasons to get out tonight in Dayton...

...if you're looking to save a few bucks, The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO is FREE tonight over at the Oregon Express. In addition to the open mic (which is always surprising), we also have the jazz-tinged experimentalism of Black Wolf Fight. Action starts at 8:30, so you can still make it home early... could also swing out to Canal Street Tavern tonight to catch a good bill. We recommend checking out new experimental dreampop outfit New Vega, as well as Low Red Land and Giant Jerk...

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PROFILE: Gentleman Auction House

...with their most recent album, Alphabet Graveyard, debuting a #6 on the CMJ charts and the band touring relentlessly across the states, it seems that the sky's the limit for St. Louis septet Gentleman Auction House. The Buddha Den spoke recently with frontman Eric Enger about the past, present, and future of Gentleman Auction House...

The Buddha Den: First off, how did Gentleman Auction House come together? What forces and previous bands landed you at this point? How did you finally decide to stop at seven members?

Eric Enger: GAH started as sort of a one-off need-some-friends-to-play-a-show distraction from other things we all were doing. Some people came and went in the beginning and then the door locked. To be honest, none of our previous bands really matter other than to break up the page with occasional capitalizations of things.

TBD: While there may be some convenient reference points for your sound both contemporary and a little further back, how do you describe your sound? From what influences does the band draw?

EE: Certainly we all have different tastes (as riding in the van with us would demonstrate), but from a songwriting standpoint I just like big messy pop. Any folky leanings are probably about to vanish because I'm definitely in an anti-acoustic guitar phase right now. Played out. But Nineties' pop and the bulk of New Jack Swing tends to monopolize ye olde cd player. Still big Soul Coughing fans. Girls Against Boys. Self. Although I'm randomly getting back into Juliana Hatfield and GBV so I hope I don't forget how much I dislike the guitar, acoustic or otherwise. And can anyone stop Jesse McCartney right now? What the H? Great!

TBD: Tell us a little about your relationship with Emergency Umbrella and the success of your latest album, Alphabet Graveyard, on the CMJ charts and the blogsphere at large. Did you have any sense that this album might make this kind of impact?

EE: EU's been very encouraging to us and it helps that we have a mutual interest in each other both professionally and, more importantly, personally. Every time Billy Schuh gets a haircut our entire band blushes. I'm not sure what "impact" you're referring to because I know my dog still looks at me like I only exist to suit her needs. I'm guessing everyone else has a similar tale. Tail? But it has been nice to have some label backing, etc., and we've been fortunate thus far.

TBD: How would you describe the current music scene in St. Louis? What sorts of things are happening with the various clubs and bands? What styles seem particularly prominent at the moment?

EE: St. Louis' music scene is like our weather. If you don't like it, wait a second and it will change. The town is always replacing exciting bands with others. Which is not to suggest that there aren't some great bands with longevity, because there are. Of course there's tons of awful shit too. Tons. Dance punk (and variations thereof) is the last local "trend" that I was really exposed to. Some good bands made it interesting though. And, again, some not so much. Although we've been on the road a bit lately, so I'm sure there's a lot that I don't know about. But you should check out John Hardy and the Public. No trend there, just great songs.

TBD: What does the near future hold for Gentleman Auction House? Any big plans we might like to know about?

EE: We actually have a Christmas record coming out on November 18. Pretty excited about that. I love Christmas the most. And we have some more touring to do throughout the rest of the year. Then we gear up for 2009. More touring, alien abductions and a new record.

TBD: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Gentleman Auction House?

EE: Everybody in our band has fingers for toes. I typed this with my feet.

...Gentleman Auction House will perform at Pearl next Monday, October 20, as part of The Buddha Den Presents series...

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: The Goody Two Shoes-Tonight @ South Park Tavern

...after taking September off, we are very pleased about the return of The Buddha Den Showcase Presents tonight at South Park Tavern. This month, we bring you the vintage garage/punk sounds of one of Dayton's favorites, The Goody Two Shoes. If you haven't caught this band yet, you should really make the effort to swing on out tonight. As always, tonight is a FREE/ALL AGES show. Music starts promptly at 9, with a second set later in the evening. See you there...

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Echos Dayton Signs Off

...after almost a full year of bringing together some great literary and musical talent in Dayton, Echos Dayton announced yesterday that they have suspended/cancelled all upcoming events. If you made it out to any of these events, you know that they brought something very unique to the table. We are very saddened to learn of this and wish all the organizers well...


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO feat. Cry Baby Genius/The Lost Revival-Tonight @ Oregon Express

...if yr looking for something to do tonight on the cheap, head on over to Oregon Express for our FREE weekly event, The Buddha Den NTRO/XPO. In addition to the always surprising open mic portion of the evening, we have two great featured acts for you tonight: you've got the always colorful hip-hop of Cry Baby Genius, as well as the moody indie rock of The Lost Revival (Columbus). Did we mention it's all FREE???

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Buddha Den Fall 08 Sampler

...well kids, it's time again for the quarterly sampler brought to you courtesy of The Buddha Den. We've assembled a collection that we're quite proud of and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do. Just like last time we've also included a nice little sleeve that you can print out and use as a sleeve for the sampler, courtesy of our good friend Ryan France. Here's what we have for you this time around...

Andrew & the Pretty Punchers “Our Modern Love” from Goodbye Ohio
Hospital Garden “Ypsi” from Hospital Garden EP
Mystery of Two “Gravity” from Gravity Digital 7” (courtesy of Exit Stencil Recordings)
Keith Kawaii “Jet Kid Committee No. 11” from Jet Kid Committee (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)
Everything, Now! “The Shelter” from the upcoming album, Spatially Severed
Everthus the Deadbeats “Organics Mechanics” from John Kill & the Microscopic Lullaby (courtesy of Standard Recording Company)
Billy Catfish “Crystal Balls” from Half a Jug Full = NO DEAL
Twin Arrows “Desert Rose” from The Free EP
Vanity Theft “Where’s the Action?” from the upcoming album, Post Script, Pace Yourself
Cry Baby Genius “Yours Truly” from I Been Tryin’ (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)
Electric Banana “Denim on Denim” from Denim on Denim
Boombarian “Jesus Unfolding”
Pretty & Nice “Tora Tora Tora” from Get Young (courtesy of Hardly Art)


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dayton Music Fest 08 -10.4.08

...although last year we were able to cover a fair amount of the Dayton Music Fest, we admittedly fell for the hype surrounding the potential for a sellout at Gilly's in anticipation of Robert Pollard's homecoming show with his new band, Boston Spaceships. As a result, our account of the evening focuses on the action at Gilly's. Still, we were very excited about what we saw...

...kicking things off were last-minute additions, Hospital Garden. Having seen them a number of times over the last few months, we felt the band turned in one of their best sets. Likewise, The Sailing rose to the occasion and delivered a powerful set for a swelling audience. At long last, Boston Spaceships took the stage following a surprise introduction by none other than GBV alumni, Don Thrasher. For the part of the set that we caught, Pollard and co. combed through a flurry of material from Brown Submarine, as well as recent releases by The Takeovers and Pollard's recent solo album, Robert Pollard is off to Business. Although we were not fortunate enough to hear any classic material, Pollard's newest live band might very well be one of the best lineups Pollard has ever assembled...

Hospital Garden

The Sailing

Boston Spaceships

...after staying stationary for way too long on this night, we finally ventured over to Blind Bob's to catch a few of our favorites at DMF. Rolling into the Oregon District, the energy on the street was great. People were everywhere and seeming to have a great time. We caught the last half of Astro Fang's set, which may have been their best ever. The sound in the room was much improved over our previous venture into Blind Bob's, which we were very pleased about. We caught a few songs from the new lineup of Lab Partners, and they likewise sounded great. With the night waning, we headed out to try and stop into one more club...

...we got to Oregon Express just in time to catch a few songs from Human Reunion. By this point, we were getting a bit burned out, but the band sounded great...

...although we had a pretty good time, it would have been nice to have seen more. For more photos, go here.

...How did your night go? Got any good pictures?

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