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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Buddha Den Summer Sampler 08

..It's time again for The Buddha Den to bring you some of our favorite music from Dayton. As always, we're giving all this to you for free. We've got some of Dayton's most notable bands as well as several bands old and new that are slightly off the beaten path. Regardless, we think it's a pretty fun comp. Check it...

Sleepybird “Certain Guessing” previously unreleased
Captain of Industry “Facefull of a Headfull of Hair” from The Bronze (courtesy of All Hail Records)
Accidently On Purpose “AKA” from the Miminari EP (courtesy of Consumer Value Deluxe Records)
Nightbeast “Jungle First Date” from Inside Jokes for Outside Folks (courtesy of Thriving Records/Eastwest)
The Happy Planets “The Summer Slime” from Death; Midwest
Drexel “Trick Knee” from Sexual Pancakes
Paego Paego “Liberation Through Miracles” from A Bird For Every Country
Mountain Screamer “Midnight Molester” previously unreleased
Umbrella Men “Sing Along Song” from Umbrella Men
The Human Reunion “Badge Mask” from the upcoming Arc de Square album (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)
Lungs “Lanterns” from Lungs
Jet Kid Committee “Rock N Roll 4U” previously unreleased (courtesy of Squids Eye Records)

...a very special thanks to Ryan France for putting together the artwork which is included in the download. The art includes instructions to make a nice little jacket in which to put your Summer Sampler. That's right, we took care of you...


UPDATE-11:42 AM EDT: We have a small technical glitch with the music files. We are working to correct them and they should be fixed within the hour. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will update this post when the file is fixed. Thank you for your patience and continued support...

UPDATE-12:37 PM EDT: We have corrected the glitch. The link above should provide you with all the audio files and the artwork for The Buddha Den Summer Sampler 08. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy...


The Nightbeast Backlash many of you know, the inexplicable Nightbeast put out his debut disc, Inside Jokes for Outside Folks, a while back. Well, it's gotten some reviews. It's actually gotten a review from a pretty big publication: Alternative Press. Well, seems the reviewer didn't care for it too much. Actually, not at all. The album got summarily panned. Well, Nightbeast didn't care for that too much. So, he took the only action he really could: he wrote a song about it. You can check it out here. Different strokes...

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Captain of Industry/Lab Partners/Grizzzzy Bear @ Gilly's 6.28.08

...while many shows in Dayton begin with a relative whimper as the opening band is forced to endure the unspoken code of show attendants arriving well past the fashionably late mark, on this evening at Gilly's the force that is Grizzzzy Bear enjoyed a nearly packed house from the very beginning of their set. As the band unleashed their newfound fury, the collective jaw dropped throughout the club. As a band that is riding an undeniable buzz in Dayton, Grizzzzy Bear on this night proved that the hype is deserved. While the band is certainly pulling away from the synth-heavy psyche/pop on their debut disc, the ADD-inflicted tendencies of their arrangements that made that album so brilliant are simply taking a more aggressive slant as the Myspace-only track "Mr. Bloodsuck" suggests. As one infectious riff turned into a sludgy grind and then spun out into a snotty pop nugget, it seemed apparent that Grizzzzy Bear stands as one of Dayton's finest young bands...

...having not been spotted on a Dayton stage in nearly a year, Lab Partners hit the stage shrouded in psychedelic fog. The band filled the club with their trademark soaring shoegaze/drone pop and seemed to grab some unfamiliar ears. Guitarist Mike Volk veered between elegiac 12-string guitar work to slashing power chords as Amy Smith's synth bass and Mike Smith's echoed jangle washed over the audience like a seemingly tranquil, yet utterly enveloping, tidal wave... last the time came to celebrate Captain of Industry's release of their incredible new album, The Bronze. As keyboardist/vocalist Nathan Peters strode out in a dapper suit jacket, the rest of the band filed in and proceeded to lay down their patented brand of indie prog/pop with a joyful determination that carried throughout their set. As the band tore through chunks of their new album, they also dug out a number of tunes from their back catalog, all served up with a undeniable sense of purpose on this night. From the aggro fire of "Sabo" to the lilting saccharine of "Popsicle", on this night COI simply could not miss. Drummer John Lakes and bassist Ian Sperry held down the frantic rhythms as guitarists Kevin Oldfield and Tommy Cooper drew from a seemingly endless palate of sonic delights. As if the occasion wasn't already special, the band offered up a ferocious cover of Deerhoof's "The Perfect Me". As the band closed out an extended encore with "Good Side Son" off their debut disc, it seemed as if the night served as a reckoning of the band's past with their seemingly bright future... the end of the evening, there was a consensus that everyone would like to see more shows like this on a regular basis. For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Captain of Industry CD Release/Lab Partners/Grizzzzy Bear-Tonight @ Gilly' The Buddha Den Giveaway

...we've been talking at great length about the incredible new album by Captain of Industry, The Bronze. Tonight is the big local CD Release show at Gilly's and you really couldn't ask for a more stacked bill. Opening the evening will be buzz band of 08, Grizzzzy Bear (who are currently in the studio working with COI drummer John Lakes). You've also got local shoegaze masters Lab Partners (who are putting the finishing touches on their new album). This could very well end up as one of the best shows of 08. You really can't afford to miss this one... need another reason to come out? Well, The Buddha Den has teamed up with Captain of Industry to hook up yet another CD giveaway. Tonight at the show before COI hits the stage, The Buddha Den will present 3 lucky winners with a copy of the new album, The Bronze. How do you win??? Simple. Email us at with "THE BRONZE" in the subject line. First three respondents will be notified and receive their prize tonight at Gilly's. Don't hesitate....

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Captain of Industry on WOXY Today the release of their stellar new album The Bronze is this weekend, Captain of Industry will hit the airwaves yet again this afternoon. Stepping up for their third appearance in the fabled WOXY Lounge Acts, COI will be performing tracks off their new album and chatting it up. Tune in here at 4 PM today, and if you miss it, you can grab the download later over here. Be sure to tune in to The Buddha Den tomorrow morning for a very special announcement regarding the release of The Bronze...

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The Northwest Ordinance/The Buddha Den DJ Hour @ Pearl 6.26.08's what we played in The Buddha Den DJ Hour at Pearl last night...

8-Bit Revival "Led Astrea" from Under the Fairweather
Accidently On Purpose "AKA" from Miminari EP (out July 4)
Captain of Industry "Gold For Your Mouth" and "Healthy Spines" from The Bronze (out July 28)
De Novo Dahl (Nashville) "Shakedown" from Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
Electric Banana "Denim on Denim" from Denim on Denim
The Gluons "The Modern Late at Nights" from Meet the Gluons
Grizzzzy Bear "Stale Body" from Grizzzzy Bear
Jordan Hull "On To Me" from Jordan Hull
Human Reunion "Red Ape" and "Hug Jail" from Squids Eye Sampler
The Interiors (Chicago) "I'm So Happy" from The Interiors
Jet Kid Committe "LOL" from Dayton, OH Vol. 1
My Latex Brain "Capitalist Knife" from Good Is Dead
Nightbeast "Jungle First Date" from Inside Jokes for Outside Folks
Pretty & Nice (Boston) "Grab Your Nets" from Blue & Blue EP
Jesse Remanant "Better Than You" from The Human Cannonball
Toads and Mice "Ghengis Kahn" from Toads and Mice
Towhee "Streetlights" from Streetlights
The Whathaveya "The Other One" from The Whathaveya Explodes! (out July 4)

...following our set of local tracks, The Northwest Ordinance lunged headlong into a furious set of brilliant garage-grunge. Serving as a lightning rod stretching back through Detroit-via-NYC-via-Seattle, this band knows its lineage and serves to update the mold. As the band tore through a number of newer tracks as well as those from the most recent album, State of Ohio, their raw intensity left most of the audience stunned. Navigating string breaks and various technical issues, the band might need a few adjustments in balancing out their levels for maximum effect. Regardless, NWO stands as one of the most interesting bands in Dayton at the moment...

For more pics from the show, go here.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can't Explain is becoming custom here in Daytonia, looks like Thursday night is gonna be alright. Here's the lowdown...

...over at Pearl tonight, Fab Gear presents a very special show, featuring The Buddha Den DJ hour from 9-10, followed by garage/punk faves The Northwest Ordinance and special guests The Wholigans (The Who tribute band). Afterward, the Fab Gear DJs will be spinning all the best vintage jams you can think of...

...another good option tonight is the show over at Jimmie's Cornerstone featuring up-and-coming sludge purveyors Mountain Screamer. Also on the bill are Gem City Saints and space-age punk of Atomic Johnny...

...if your tastes seem to be leaning a bit more toward the avant this evening, head over to Acid Fever House to check out sludge/funk/experimentalit drum/bass duo E=MC Hammer (from Milwuakee), one-man noisefest Mannequin Hollowcaust (from Tennessee), and the electronic/noise machinations of The Killbot...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

REVIEW: Captain of Industry-The Bronze

In many band's catalogs, it is their debut offering that ends up as their defining work. After honing their sound on the stage, a band is often able to capture the intensity and immediacy on their first venture into the studio. The material presented is typically so well-rehearsed at that point that it seems there could be no way to top it. However, in some cases a band takes a few albums before finally hitting a stride and making that definitive statement of their sound. In the case of Captain of Industry, their third album, The Bronze, (out on All Hail Records) seems destined to fall into that latter category.

Since their last album (2005's The Great Divide), Captain of Industry expanded their ranks by adding long-time Dayton journeyman Tommy Cooper on guitar (augmenting core members Nathan Peters on vocals/keyboards, John Lakes on drums, Kevin Oldfield on guitar, and Ian Sperry on bass). With this addition, Cooper gave the band additional stability in the rhythm section and enabled Oldfield to more confidently indulge his gratuitous knob-twiddling. As their first work with Cooper in tow, The Bronze is a decidedly more muscular affair than either The Great Divide or the band's debut !, which suggested a band more in love with Herbie Hancock than David Bowie. While COI has always had a penchant for prog rock and twisted, sprawling arrangements, with The Bronze the band has refined their ideas to such a razor-fine point that nearly every track on the album serves as proof of a band in full command of its prowess.

The one-two punch of "Gold For Your Mouth" and the manic "Sweet Nectar Action" indicate the band's growth from last year's studio binge on The Gold Teeth EP. Most notably, the guitar interplay of Oldfield and Cooper drive the tracks in a way that the guitars have not done elsewhere in the COI catalog. This is a trend that most notably defines the shift on The Bronze from the band's previous work. Perhaps one of the most defining moments on the album, "Facefull of a Headfull of Hair" showcases Peters' melodic gifts and effortless wordplay draped in sheets of vibrato guitars and piano stabs. The scale-running workout at the song's conclusion only further builds the case for the band's newfound guitar-centric sound. As if the point needed further evidence, check out the ferocious prog workout of "Sabo" and the dynamic slashing shuffle of "TKO".

While the Captains may be steering their ship away from calm waters, this is not to say they have not taken with them the melodic gifts which helped craft their sound. The track "Popsicle" is easily as memorable as anything James Mercer has dished out, and its irreverant lines of "One man gets wasted/Another joins the rodeo/One DJ quits his job/Because what he plays blows" highlights Peters' ability to infuse a dose of humor into his sublime melodies.

While it may have taken Captain of Industry a few swings to come up with the long ball, The Bronze is a shot that may very well be heard 'round the world. With their idiosyncratic blend of prog-infused-indie pop and a stack of songs that easily stand up against most of what passes for modern rock, Captain of Industry have produced an album that may very well move them up out of the minor leagues and send them to the show.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hospital Garden/Engine the Gun/Juffage/Lost Apparitions-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective

...since it's a weeknight, here's a good early show for ya. Head down to the Dayton Dirt Collective to check out one of new faves, Hospital Garden, along with local ambient outfit Engine the Gun, the one-man tape-driven experimental/noise/ambient of Juffage (aka Jeff T. Smith from Chicago), and the Dischord-flavored post-rock Lost Apparitions (from Iowa). Show starts at 7 PM, so get down there early for what looks like an excellent mid-week show...

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Squids Eye Launches Mouth Fu Label

...the ever-busy Squids Eye Records announced another new venture late last week. The new Mouth Fu label will focus on hip-hop releases that may not necessarily fit into the Squids Eye format. The first shot slated to be fired from the Mouth Fu cannon will be Mike Cooley Presents Trunk Bound Music...

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Rev Meets the Captains anticipation of the release of their third album, The Bronze, Captain of Industry will be in-studio with Rev. Cool Jim Carter this evening on 91.3 FM WYSO. The guys will be on the program from 9-10 PM this evening playing tracks off their new album as well as some in-studio performances. Tune in on the dial or catch it online here...

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Towhee/Hospital Garden/Electric Banana/Mascot @ Pearl 6.19.08's difficult to say for sure whether the closing of Nite Owl has really affected music-going in Dayton, but from recent turnouts on Thursday nights at Pearl, it would seem that the lack of quality weekend shows in recent months has turned the Pearl into the de facto weekend show on Thursday nights. Steady turnouts for all manner of shows bears this out, and last night was no exception...

...after a short opening set by Mascot, new buzz band Electric Banana whipped into the Pearl to lay down their self-proclaimed "fuck music" for the kids. The duo clearly seem more concerned with shredding than with quality backing tracks, as their drum-and-bass tracks were called up using a Discman. After struggling through the first half of the set with PA issues, the guitars finally cut through and by the time the band reached the climax of their set with the title track of their Denim on Denim album, Electric Banana were finally able to deliver on the promise of the recorded material. While much of their act relies on schtick and swagger that suggests the band may be little more than another Tenacious D, the fact remains that Billy Blanco and Jimmy Spade can shred on their guitars. The pair also know how to serve up jams that crack and smile and get heads banging simultaneously (see "The Mexican Jam", a tale of l'amour at the local Mexican joint) that get people up and moving. We'd like to think that as Electric Banana puts in a few more hours that we'll see these guys outstrip the gimmicks and seriously make a mark on the local scene. We're gonna keep an eye on these guys and we recommend you do the same... up were one of our favorite newer bands, Hospital Garden. The only other time we'd caught them, the PA was simply no match for the band's sound and the vocals never broke through. On this night, however, the vocals of Lucas came through clearly and the plaintive, earnest vocal delivery recalled everything from Alex Chilton to Paul Westerberg to Conor Oberst. The rhythm section of Sarah and Ian Spencer nailed down the structure as Lucas slashed across the tunes with utterly fuzzed out bursts. As this band continues to solidify, we highly recommend that you try and check them out...

...closing out the evening was one of Dayton's best-kept secrets, Towhee. Why this band continues to remain at the fringes of the local scene baffles us, as on this night their mastery of indie pop music was in full display. Between the stunning melodic guitar interplay of Brandon and Valen to the solid dance beats laid down by Josh to the solid, yet incredibly playful bass lines laid down by Sarah, Towhee is a band that begs to break through. The band are currently wrapping up their second album and we can't wait to hear it....

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hospital Garden/Towhee/Electric Banana/Mascot-Tonight @ Pearl

...thanks to the kids over at Sarasvati Productions, you've got a pretty eclectic mix of Dayton flavor over at Pearl tonight. From the melodic grunge of Hospital Garden, to the impeccable indie craftsmanship of Towhee, back through the metal throwback of newcomers Electric Banana, to Mascot, there's a lot of styles being presented this evening. Head on down and check it out. We'll see you there...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cowtown Classics

...thanks to Chris over at People With Animal Heads for tipping us off to this one. Looks like Chris DeVille over at Columbus Alive has taken on the daunting task of researching and listing the 100 Top Albums to have come out of Columbus over the last 30 years. While much of the list is fairly contemporary, there are a few blasts from the past that might be worth researching. At present, they've got 100-41 listed. Looks like they'll keep unveiling a few more each day until the article runs on Friday..., anyone wanna start talking about the best 100 Dayton albums??? Be our guest...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Act Naturally never know where Dayton ex-patriate Billy Catfish will turn up next...well, we try and keep pretty good tabs on this guy, as it's always a good story. Turns out Mr. Catfish recently participated in the Cincinnati 48 HR Film Project, turning in a performance in the film Whiskey Pistolero. The film will screen at the 20th Century Theatre in Oakley this Sunday, June 22. Tickets are $10 and there is precious little seating. For more info, head over to the Dead Trend. Head on down and see what ol' Billy Catfish is up to now...


The Motel Beds Get Chunkied their ongoing efforts to remind everyone that the past is not really dead, Fictionband has provided us all with another fine sampling of Dayton bands gone by with their ongoing Cute Little Chunkies series. Well, kinda. This time around we've got a heaping helping from The Motel Beds, who we also featured on The Buddha Den Spring Sampler. Fictionband officials claim that The Motel Beds stand as one of the best Dayton bands of all time. We'll let you judge for yourself, but you have an abundance of evidence that you can grab for FREE RIGHT HERE. There's a pretty strong case, what with PJ Paslosky's impeccable pop hooks and Tommy Copper (currently serving time in Captain of Industry) as the perfect foil on guitar. Sure, they're all but defunct now, but every so often The Motel Beds make an appearance in Dayton. If you hear about it, do yourself a favor and be there. For now, just grab this and thank Fictionband...

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Sleepybird @ South Park Tavern 6.14.08

...on our third attempt to showcase the embarrassing riches found buried within the Dayton music scene, we were very pleased to host Sleepybird in the cozy environs of South Park Tavern. While the octet had its issues navigating the small space, once every member found its space the band just rolled along. During the shorter first set, the band eased into the evening with several tracks off their upcoming third album, as well as older material. The set was closed out by an incredible virtuoso viola solo by the incredibly talented Lisa Garr. Upon returning for their second set, drummer Shon Walters marched through the club with a bass drum, only to be joined by guitarist/vocalist Nick Tertel and trombonist Dustin Malone on a meander back to the stage...

...From their plaintive ensemble singalongs to their symphonic arrangements, Sleepybird's songs can get at the listener in so many ways. With a distinctive midwestern flavor, their humble yet elegant songs are presented with an intensity and joy for the music. Sleepybird seem poised to transcend with the release of their upcoming album, The Sadness Will Last Forever...

For more photos from the night, go here.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Sleepybird @ South Park Tavern

...that's right, kids. It's time again for our monthly showcase over at South Park Tavern (big orange building at Wayne and Oak). This month, we're putting the spotlight on Sleepybird. The band is currently wrapping up their third album, The Sadness Will Last Forever, which is slated for an October 13 release. Come out tonight and check them out as they prepare to shed their skin yet again. Remember: This show is FREE and ALL AGES. Music starts promptly at 9 PM. See you there...

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The Magpies @ Trolley Stop 6.13.08

...with the room filled to near-capacity and the patio under the persistent threat of rain, the Trolley Stop on a Friday night was quite the happening. Why? The promise of some serious, down-home rock n' roll brought to us by Cleveland's The Magpies. From the word "go", the band hit the gas and simply never let up. From squealing slide guitar to elegiac organ to the big shuffle and swagger of the rhythm section, The Magpies simply play rock n' roll in its most primal incarnations with a passion and playfulness that so many younger bands substitute with pretense and posturing. While some of the nuance that graced their new album, Eastern Standard Time, was converted into more fuel for the fire on this night, The Magpies reminded us last night that rock n' roll is supposed to

For more photos from the evening, go here.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Story Changes On Tour the weather gets warmer, it's always a good time for bands to hit the road. Very few Dayton bands take to touring like the juggernaut that is The Story Changes, so we're gonna let you know where you can see them over the next couple of months. In addition to a couple of hometown shows, the boys will be all over the Midwest and West during the summer, so if you know people you should let them know about catching one of Dayton's hardest-working bands in their town. Here's the facts...

Saturday June 14th - 8pm
Tempe, AZ
Last Exit
with: Let Go, Source Victoria, Domo

Sunday June 15th - 8pm
Mesa, AZ
Hollywood Alley

Monday June 16th - 7pm
Flagstaff, AZ
Macy's Coffee House

Wednesday June 18th - 8pm
Grand Junction, CO
the Spotlight Lounge
with: Riveter

Thursday June 19th - 8pm
Colorado Springs, CO
the Rocket Room

Friday June 20th - 9pm
Omaha, NE
T.O. Garcias(Papio Bowl, behind the Rock)
All Ages

Saturday June 21st - 9pm
Cedar Falls, IA
The Reverb
with: Give Away the Plot

Saturday June 28th - 2pm
Dayton, OH
Downtown Dayton Main Garden in the Public Library

Saturday June 28th - 7:30pm
Troy, OH
The Moose
with: After the Accident, Models, the Off Season

Sunday June 29th - 7pm
Columbus, OH
with: Queen City Station

Thursday July 10th - 9pm
Cincinnati, OH
Dirty Jack's

Saturday July 12th - 5pm
Sidney, OH
The Sidney Salvation Army
with: I Was Totally Destroying it, the Machine, Gold Plated Ocean
All Ages

Saturday July 12th - 7pm
Union, OH
Trish's Cafe
with: After the Accident, the Off Season
All Ages

Sunday July 13th - 9pm
Dayton, OH
the Pearl

Tuesday July 15th - 9pm
Brookville, OH
the Leiber Center
with: The Sound For Language, the Great American Beast
All Ages

Friday July 18th - 8pm
Milwaukee, WI
The Ring

Saturday July 19th - 8pm
Houghton, MI
Level 2 Skatepark

Sunday July 20th - 8pm
Madison, WI
The Loft
with: the Readiness

Tuesday July 22nd - 9pm
Cedar Falls, IA
The Reverb
with: Give Away the Plot

Thursday July 24th - 7pm
Omaha, NE
PS Collective

Friday July 25th - 7pm
Ottumwa, IA

Saturday July 26th - 8pm
St Cloud, MN
with: A Short Lived Tragedy, No Pride

Friday August 22nd - 9pm
Dayton, OH
Canal Street Tavern


The Magpies-Tonight @ Trolley Stop

...if you're in the mood for some down-home rock n' roll served up with a whiskey and a smile, you should definitely make yr way down to the Trolley Stop tonight to catch the self-proclaimed indiefolkrockrevivalists The Magpies. Out on tour in support of their debut disc, Eastern Standard Time, this band is a force that you really need to see live to fully appreciate. We spoke with guitarist/vocalist Roger Hoover earlier this week and we're looking forward to an inspired night of music tonight. See you there...

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ladyfest Benefit Show-Tonight @ Pearl

...while the Ladyfest legacy began out west and has appeared in numerous metropolises across the country, this is the first planned Ladyfest Dayton, which is to be held September 12-14. Tonight the organizers will be hosting a benefit to raise funds for the big event. Performers slated for this evening include Traci Root (Nashville), Alyson Greefield (New York), Paige, Kelly Campbell, Miranda (who we featured at our Songwriters-in-the-Round event last Sunday night), Dawn Cooksey, Jasper the Colosaal, and Boombarion. Head on down and support the ladies making music in the Gem City...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PROFILE: The Magpies

...even in an climate where trendy vintage has nearly supplanted subtance, it's refreshing to come across a band like Cleveland's The Magpies. Sure, they might have a sound that could have just as easily been at home in almost any other decade where rock n' roll had a presence, but it's not due to any trendhopping. It's because their music has roots. Deep roots. They have a respect and understanding for the American music that has come before them and night after night they pay homage to that tradition. As the band prepares to make a tour stop in Dayton this weekend, we took a minute and spoke to singer/guitarist Roger Hoover about this legacy, as well as the band's new release, Eastern Standard Time...

The Buddha Den: If memory serves, wasn't the band on the cusp of becoming The Magpies last time you performed in Dayton as Roger Hoover & the Whiskeyhounds? Why the name change now? Does it signify any major change in the way the band works?

Roger Hoover: We had just changed our name to the Magpies in July of last year. I am still the principle lyric writer. Last year we had a few member changes in Roger Hoover & the Whiskeyhounds and when we started rehearsing new material we realized a fundamental change in our overall sound. Drummer Dave McKean, keyboard/accordianist Justin Gorski and myself all contribute equally when writing the music for each song. We discovered that by simply changing from a five piece to a four piece that we opened up new avenues in creativity.

TBD: How was Eastern Standard Time put together? Was this merely a collection of new songs or is there some sort of thread that ties the material together? Where/when was the album done?

RH: There is a statement on the back of the record that summarizes the album. Essentially I began writing short stories, as I still do, and turned these stories into songs. I wanted to create a collection of songs/stories about different characters all living in Eastern Standard Time. Each character is working on getting their way out of a tragic situation or getting themselves into one. The album was engineered and mixed by Ryan Foltz on a ranch in central-Ohio inside a vacant mansion over the course of four days. We brought the rough mixes back to Cleveland in January and recorded a few overdubs.

TBD: What factors influence the way this band works, not only musically, but what external factors like jobs, girlfriends, etc. impact the band? As the band draws on so many styles within the American songwriting tradition, who/what influences this band the most? How do you feel about this sort of music in the modern musical landscape?

RH: We're on the verge of booking longer tours. Typically we're out on the road 16 weeks out of the year. We're telepathic brothers on the road. The first few days we talk and after that its typically silent besides our normal meddling and buffoonery. We get along extremely well. We're don't concern ourselves with day jobs. The music business takes up most of our days. Playing music is the easy part. As for external factors; I cannot speak on behalf of the other members. As for myself, I have been able to remove my personal life from my songwriting. I am influenced by a lot of what I read: Cormac McCarthy, William Gay, Larry Brown...southern gothic writing. I gather notebooks full of anecdotes while traveling. Some anecdotes are completely imagined and others are exaggerated accounts of our daily lives and the lives of others.

TBD: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about The Magpies?

RH: The Magpies are a carnival ride. We can make any self-reflective individual laugh, dance, cry and rebel within the span of one song.

The Magpies will be in Dayton this Friday at the Trolley Stop. Check them out now and head on down Friday night...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

REVIEW: Jordan Hull-s/t

...sure, it's all too easy to make the obvious references to the earliest phases of a certain harmonica/guitar-playing-singer/songwriter. It's also incredibly easy to get caught up on the fact that he's only 18. The fact remains, however, that young Jordan Hull has issued an incredible debut album.

Working in the Nashville studio of Dayton ex-patriate Patrick Himes and accompanied by Dayton mainstays Brian Lakatos on bass (from Shrug) and Brian Hoeflich on drums (from Flyaway Minion/Brian Hoeflich & the All-Nighters), the nine tracks found on this disc display a command of songcraft that many of Hull's elders have yet to attain. The Sun Records-flavored "On to Me" is an instant classic, with it's singalong chorus that belies the song's strained sentimentality. The incredibly powerful simplicity of "Better Than You" may be the album's finest moment. With its hypnotic sway and pleading confessions, the song most clearly indicates the depth of Hull's writing. Album closer "How Dare He" closes the case with its winding verses echoing some of Dylan's finest moments from his earliest work and also from his post-Time Out of Mind era successes. Rather than be mired in the weight of the master's early socio-political work, Hull draws more from the romantic introspection perfected on Blood on the Tracks.

This is not to say that Hull is merely a Dylan knock-off. Sure, the comparisons are easy to make. However, Hull's other apparent affinity for the earliest strains of country-western, most notably those found through Hank Williams, infuse the album with a much-needed counterpoint. While the tracks that most readily evidence this (mid-album tracks like "Rusty Bones" and "Cause I Know") are some of the weaker moments on the album, by their mere presence they indicate that Hull possesses the depth to transcend whatever similarities his work may have with Dylan and eventually come into his own. Keep in mind, Hull is not yet even in his twenties.

Perhaps more than anyone in Dayton at the moment, Jordan Hull is poised to make a name for himself outside of the Gem City. On the strength of his timeless songwriting, his masterful guitar and harmonica work, and a voice that is at once youthful and wise, Hull may soon catch the attention of audiences that will no more easily accept the unmistakable talent before them.

For a short time, Hull has made a track available as a free download at his website. Head over now and grab the free track, as well a samples of all the tracks...

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Dayton Band Playoffs Update....

...preeminent local music critic Don Thrasher has provided coverage of the first round of the 24th Annual Dayton Band Playoffs over at Canal Street Tavern, complete with numerous photos of both The Joose Box and Electric Smoke. Apparently, bands can still sign up to participate in a legacy that includes such Dayton luminaries as The Method, Brainiac, Real Lulu, and Shrug. We'll keep you posted on Don's continued coverage of the playoffs....

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Six Blind Men and An Elephant the free download trend continues to expand within the Dayton music scene, younger musicians are starting capitalize on its potential. Sabastooge (aka David Corns of the band Paego Paego) announced today that his album Six Blind Men and an Elephant is now available as a free download RIGHT HERE. While the technology has made is possible for anyone with a computer to put their music up for the world, perhaps in this case barriers to entry might have been useful. Many of the tracks are little more than electronic noodling seemingly devoid of any structure or melody. Even when the computer-generated beats do appear, they provide no sense of purpose or even really elevate the tracks to danceable levels. It's an admirable effort, but we're much more interested in hearing Corn's full band project, Paego Paego. Perhaps technology is not always our friend...

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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Buddha Den Presents: Songwriters-in-the-Round @ Canal St. Tavern 6.8.08 the unseasonal heat nearly choked the city last evening, several of Dayton's finest songwriters gathered for The Buddha Den's first Songwriters-in-the-Round event at the legendary Canal Street Tavern. With four performers on stage at a time, each set delivered some incredible performances and an incredibly relaxed and fun show. In the first group, Nathan Peters (Captain of Industry), playing on Canal Street's ancient upright piano, threw out some of his finest work with his band as well as a choice cover of an old Ohio Casket song by the all-too-reclusive PJ Paslosky. Nick Tertel (Sleepybird) might have seemed somewhat reserved without the backing of his sprawling outfit, but his country-flavored tunes truly blossomed in this context. In a rare solo performance, Derek Gullett (ex-Switchblade Serenade) showcased some of his more personal material, overcoming various technical glitches along the way... the evening's second set, Tod Weidner (Shrug) demonstrated yet again on his home turf why he continues to be one of Dayton's underrated treasures. His literary wit and classic compositions are nearly as much a part of Canal Street's charms as the battered stained glass. The younger, but no less vital, Andy Smith (Andrew & the Pretty Punchers) might have been buzzing on the eve of his band's first proper recording sessions, but his songs of wisdom well beyond his years reminded us that this is a talent that will hopefully grace the Gem City for many years to come. After suffering through various technical aberrations, Dustin Rose (Toads and Mice) abandoned technology in favor of simple, yet elegant compositions. His departure from the material of his band completely shocked us and, yet again, gave of great hope of things to come. Newcomer Miranda offered up jazz/blues-flavored piano compositions and topped them off with a voice of such power and passion that we are hoping to see much more from her in the months to come...

For more photos from the evening, please go here.

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