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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 1984 NFL Draft/The Gunshy-Tonight @ The Trolley Stop

...if you're looking for a great way to wind down the weekend, stop in to The Trolley Stop tonight. Local troubadour Joe Anderl and The 1984 NFL Draft will be celebrating the end of their tour, as well as Joe's Birthday. Also on the bill are touring buddies The Gunshy. Action starts early at 7 pm...

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Legbone/The Independents/Downtrodn/The Adversaries-Tonight @ Nite Owl

...if yr idea of starting the weekend off right is a lethal dose of punk rock n' roll, then you have no choice but to head over to the Nite Owl tonight. Local icons Legbone headline a bill that features punk legends The Independents, Downtrodn from Columbus, and up-and-comersThe Adversaries. Are you punk enough to handle this one?

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The Buddha Den DJ Set 3.27.08

In case you missed it last night, here's what we played at Pearl:

8-Bit Revival "Led Astrea"
Brainiac "Pussyfootin" and "Nothing Ever Changes"
Captain of Industry "Greater Than, Greater Than" and "Plastique Bones"
The Gluons "October Girl"
Grizzzzy Bear "The Mush Room"
Guided By Voices "Glad Girls"
Jordan Hull "On to Me"
Human Reunion "Hug Jail" and "Red Ape"
Jet Kid Committee "LOL"
My Latex Brain "Capitalist Knife"
The Northwest Ordinance "Surf and Destroy"
Jesse Remnant "The Human Cannonball"
Toads and Mice "Desert"
Towhee "Streetlights"
The Whathaveya "The Other One"
Wild & Free "Get It Straight" and "Where's Yer Head?"

As always, thanks to everyone for coming out and digging the Dayton music. If you'd like yr music to appear on one of the lists, contact us at to find out how...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Buddha Den DJ Hour-Tonight @ Pearl

...that's right! It's time again for our monthly DJ hour, courtesy of the good kids at Fab Gear. Head over to Pearl, where from 10 to 11 this evening will be playing our favorite Dayton tracks from past, present, and future. Starting at 11, Fab Gear takes over and will be playing the best vintage jams in town. It's totally FREE, so you have no excuses. See you there....


VIDEO: The Motel Beds "Ocean Flows" - Live @ Nite Owl 3.22.08

...if you missed it, and odds are that you did, here's a taste of the incredible set turned in by The Motel Beds at Nite Owl last Saturday. The sound gets a little crunchy at times and the vocals aren't very high, but have a look and you'll understand why we're so excited about these guys are working again. Thanks to Carolyn Moogsteden for the clip.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PROFILE: Dayton Dirt Collective we've been keeping tabs on what's happening in Dayton, we couldn't help but notice the proliferation of benefit shows for the Dayton Dirt Collective as of late. Curious to know more about what this group is up to and, more importantly, to share with all of you, we caught up with Nick and Mindy from the DDC for an interview...

The Buddha Den: How did the DDC form? What were its goals initially? What are they now?

Nick: The DDC is basically a group of people in bands/showgoers who also would throw shows either at their house or in whatever bars would have us. I noticed we were all separated and groups would stick to their own groups shows. When I would throw a show I would see the same faces and then I’d see other people’s show flyers and wonder who the hell they were. So we decided to combine forces, sorta like the justice league, and fight evil or put on shows…I see it as the same thing. The goals have been the same since we started. It’s real simple, we want an all ages show space, four walls, a ceiling, some electrical outlets, and a toilet. Nothing fancy, nothing esoteric, just a place to book whatever band we want and not care how much the bar made in drink sales.

Mindy: the DDC formed from Dayton dirt which we nurtured and watched grow into a beautiful collective flower.

N:Wow, that was cheesy.

TBD: How does your collective work? Why did you decide to establish a collective? Who are some of the core members?

N: The collective started, as most things do, with some ideas and desire. We now have it very structured. We have a treasurer, schedule coordinator, public relations, human resources, and facility coordinator. We have by-laws drafted up which are going to be sent in to get us incorporated. We have an accountant and I’m at this moment trying to get us a lawyer pro-bono. And trust me lawyers are dying to get in on this thing and work for free. We are all volunteers, no one is getting paid for any of this and no one ever will. We started the collective cause this is a lot of work. Plus, Dayton needs this.

M: The core group is a bunch of dedicated super humans that is constantly growing in size.

TBD: We’ve heard that the DDC has secured a space for shows. When do you plan to host your first shows? How is this venue going to be different from other venues in Dayton at present?

M: Yes! We have a space, 144 E. Third Street. The first show is in May or something and it will be different cause anyone can come in, anyone can play a show, anyone can be a member and have a say in how the venue is run. DDC is for the people, by the people.

N: Tentatively we get the key in April to get ready and we start paying rent in May. We already have some shows booked in May with bands from Seattle, New York, Georgia, France, Sweden, Texas, and more. We are also going to be included in Urban Nights. We are going to be the ONLY (non Christian) all ages club in Dayton…as far as I know, anyway.

TBD: In the long-term, what are your goals with the DDC in Dayton? How do you think it will help the Dayton music scene?

N: hopefully we’ll be around for a long time. Some of our inspirations were 924 Gilman in California, Mr. Roboto project in Pittsburgh and Charm City Art Space in Baltimore. Those places have been open and running for years so we are very hopeful ours will be too. People just have to remember to respect the place, no fights, no drugs/alcohol, no racist/homophobic/sexist attitudes. Hopefully, with a great place to play more bands will spring up and with so many bands coming in from all over it is a great opportunity for local bands to get some great connections and make some good friends.

M: our long-term goals are the same as our original goals, to provide a safe all ages venue with emphasis on music. It’ll open up the doors to all of the bands and supporters who are under 18, believe it or not they exist.

TBD: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about the DDC?

N: I would like to say thanks to Jimmies Cornerstone Bar for letting us do some of our benefit shows there and all of the houses that let us do shows in their basements or front rooms. Some bars are kind to bands; it’s not their fault it’s illegal for minors to be in the bar. Also, we are just two members of the collective and if we said anything stupid it’s cause we’re stupid.

M: Our website will be up soon and we are on Myspace, of course. DDC literally rocks!


Monday, March 24, 2008

VIDEO: Grizzzzy Bear "The Mush Room:

...this clip came our way the other day and we've had it in heavy rotation since. As their first visual statement, we'd like to think that Grizzzzy Bear is one group of guys we'd like to hang out with a lot. Sure, it's kinda freaky in a Greg Kihn kinda way, but that would definitely not deter us in the least. The clip, done by Chris Brown, will hopefully only be the first from one of our favorite Dayton bands...


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Motel Beds @ Nite Owl 3.22.08

...with so many great shows in Dayton last night, we chose to attend a single event rather than running a marathon throughout Dayton. In our defense, we caught an amazing set by a long-too-latent talent in this town, The Motel Beds, over at Nite Owl. Led by PJ Paslosky and Tommy Cooper (also of Captain of Industry) and rounded out by members of Human Reunion and Captain of Industry, the band dished out some incredible new material as well as dusting off some gems from their previous incarnation. As one sublime melody after another whizzed by our heads and the band seamlessly complemented each other at every turn, we were left hoping that sooner than later we get a new disc from The Motel Beds...

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Friday, March 21, 2008

8-Bit Revival/Pretty & Nice/Exit Clov @ Pearl 3.20.08

...following the forgettable set by locals After the Accident, DC's Exit Clov took to the stage, fronted by twin females and recalling everything from The Breeders to Teagan and Sara as far as vocals are concerned. With the twins also employing guitars, keys, and dualing violins, the band's inventive and driving rhythm section which were seemingly hellbent on twisting the group's sugary pop overtones into an arty postpunk amalagam. The standout of their set was the song "MK Ultra", which is already a huge hit in a parallel universe....

...making their fourth tour stop in the Gem City in just over a year, Boston's Pretty & Nice dished out their trademark Tazer Rock in copious doses. The newer material unleashed during their set left us with high hopes for the upcoming album due out late summer on Hardly Art. As the band oscillated across the stage like electrocution victims, the audience stood amazed at what was happening before their eyes...

...closing out the evening, 8-Bit Revival celebrated their return to Dayton after more than a week spent touring through the deep South. The band was clearly in jovial spirits, as bassist Alan Baker climbed speakers and ventured out into the audience on numerous occasions. Even without the antics, 8-Bit turned in an inspired set...

For more photos from the show, click here. All b/w photos of 8-Bit Revival by Marla Bremer.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

8-Bit Revival/Pretty & Nice/Exit Clov/After the Accident-Tonight @ Pearl

...your good friends over at Sarasvati have set up another good one for you tonight with their Machine Art Show tonight at Pearl. Headling the evening you've got local faves 8-Bit Revival, who just returned from a jaunt through the South that included a stop at SXSW. Also on the bill are Pretty & Nice (Tazer Rock from Boston, who we profiled earlier this week), Exit Clov (indie/new wave from DC), and local alterna-rockers After the Accident. With four bands and dozens of artists exhibiting, why would you want to miss this one? See you there...

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The 1984 NFL Draft(Joe Anderl) Tour Starts Today of Dayton's best is heading out for an East Coast jaunt starting today. If you know kids elsewhere, spread the word...

The 1984 NFL Draft (feat. Joe Anderl)
Mar 20 Andyman’s Treehouse Columbus, Ohio
Mar 21 The Beachland Tavern Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 22 The Brillobox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 23 Rob’s House Dallastown, Pennsylvania
Mar 24 The Cake Shop New York, New York
Mar 25 The Fire Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 26 Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar Charlottesville, Virginia
Mar 27 The Boot Norfolk, Virginia
Mar 28 The Spazzatorium Galleria Greenville, North Carolina
Mar 29 Ashland Plaza Hotel Ashland, Kentucky
Mar 30 The Trolley Stop Dayton

*all dates w/The Gunshy

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Titbag "Full Belly, Empty Balls"

...the incessantly prodigious Fictionband has issued forth another salvo, kids. This time, enter the Tard metal treats of the debut by Titbag, Full Belly, Empty Balls. As the band's name clearly suggests, this is by no means for the lighthearted or the humorless. All taken in stride, however, Titbag delivers some grinding metal stripped to its most steely core. Apparently, Fictionband has endured legal proceedings and endless negotiations to acquire the rights to issue this lost classic from the 70s "Kings of Tard Metal". Let's be clear: You will find no spandex. You will find speed. You will find virtuostic guitar work. You will find epic metal sething into your veins. You will want find your head whipping to and 'fro. As always, the kids at Fictionband serve this up to you on a steaming hot platter as a completely FREE DOWNLOAD. Just go...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nightbeast - Tonight @ Pearl/L'Eighties Night no finer a setting than the middle of L'Eighties Night, the inimitable Nightbeast will treat his hometown to an uber-rare live performance as a preview of his upcoming debut, Inside Jokes For Outside Folks tonight at Pearl. The 'Beast hits the stage at midnight, so we'll see there....

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Dayton Music Fest Open Poster Art Submissions

...are you a lover of music, but not a maker? Are you adept in both? Well, the kids over at Dayton Music Fest would like to invite you to submit the glory of your work as the face of the DMF this year. That's right! You could on posters all over town and all over the interwebs... might one accomplish this impossible feat? Well, head over here and find out. Did we mention there's a cash prize? Yeah, we thought that might get you moving...


Monday, March 17, 2008

PROFILE: Pretty & Nice

..we caught up with the kings of Tazer Rock, Boston's Pretty & Nice, traveling out of Austin following the flurry of South By Southwest.The band, who recently signed to Sub Pop subsidiary Hardly Art, will be making a tour stop in Dayton this Thursday night at Pearl. Here's what they had to say as they made their way across the Plains states...

The Buddha Den: So this tour you’re on, this is the first jaunt of the new year, correct?

Jeremy: This is the first undertaking of ’08.

TBD: So do you have a name for this tour?

J: The poster says ‘Pretty & Nice vs. South By Southwest

TBD: And who won?

J: I’d like to say, barely justifiably, that we came out on top, or it was right neck and neck where we escaped before the buzzer went off. One or the other, I’m not entirely sure. I’ll have to give it a day or two. I’m still recovering from the game points.

TBD: You did a bunch of dates, right? You went through the South before you hit Austin?

J: We had few dates on the way down, and now we’re doing a week’s worth of dates on the way back [to Boston]. Not an extensive tour, more of an easing into and out of SXSW. Any excuse to play a show.

TBD: Whatever excuse you need, right?

J: And usually we don’t need an excuse. We feel fairly righteous about touring all the time.

TBD: Yeah, I think you’ve proven that point. So, how was SXSW for you guys? How did it go over?

J: It was really good. We finally got a chance to hang out with Sarah and Montana from Hardly Art and Tony Jewel [sp?] from Sub Pop a ton and they are totally wonderful, excellent human beings and we’re really, really, really, really, really excited to work with them and have them around to play Hangman and Boggle and such.

TBD: Yeah, since the last time we saw you you’re now on Hardly Art. How did this all transpire?

Holden: The straight dope is that the A&R guy for Hardly Art and Sub Pop, this swell guy named Tony heard us on the Paper Thin Walls blog. Which I guess as our Dayton guy you would be well to know that, in the first place, Juan [Monasterio of Model/Actress, ex-Brainiac] saw us in Dayton and emailed John Schmersal the same day we emailed John Schmersal if Enon would do a show with us in Boston. Then John blogged about us on Paper Thin Walls. One of the reasons he even listened to us was that Juan had heard us. So, it’s all your fault. It kinda took a while. We’d been talking to them since September.

TBD: Oh no, I helped somebody. I’m such a horrible person.

H: I know. We do that sometimes then we kick ourselves.

TBD: So they’re gonna put out the next release, correct?

H: Exactly.

TBD: Excellent. When should we expect something new to come along?

H: Something new will come along on our tour this summer. The album won’t be out until late summer/early fall. I think we’re gonna have some kind of goodies or something for summer.

TBD: Like a self-released something or other?

H: Totally undecided right now. We’ve talked to Hardly Art about doing a pre-album fun pack or something. I dunno.

TBD: Sounds good. Did you guys record some new stuff over the winter?

H: Yeah, we’ve got a good bunch of it already moving and then some sweet inspiration happened. Actually a lot more writing than we expected, and that will probably be included. It’s underway.

TBD: Any working titles yet for the album?

H: It’s a secret. We wrote the name down and then we put it in a box with a dead cat and buried it in the backyard. Then we’re gonna open it up when the album’s done and if the cat’s alive, we’re gonna use it as the title.

TBD: Like if the title brings the cat back alive?

H: Exactly.

TBD: Clearly then you’ll have a magical title on your hands.

H: That’s the plan. We’re just gonna keep killing cats and burying them until we find the right title.

TBD: I think that’s a new working model you got there. Let it never be said that you don’t innovate.

H: No. I appreciate you saying so.

TBD: So how many shows did you pick up at SXSW?

J: So, we didn’t play with any yaks at SXSW, but we hope to in the future.

TBD: Good to know.

J: We played an awesome showcase about an hour after we rolled in. We were technically opening for The Lemonheads, which was hilarious. The Von Bondies played, and a couple other bands we didn’t know. We dropped the snare drum and it got holes. Then our stage manager, who was a gem and a half, ran back to his house and got some old snare heads for us. That was really fun. We got to hang with our label cats. And we played a parking lot. No, wait, we played a warehouse the next night. Like 15 minutes outside of Austin. Then at the end of the night a couple of us almost got snuffed by a promoter who is a rabid, raving methhead. Then the next morning we played a parking lot, which was totally awesome, with a band called Birds and Batteries. So we got a little bit sunstroked, then we played the back of a coffee house on Saturday night. So, a bunch of cool little shows. Everything went totally smoothly.

TBD: So, you’re going to Tulsa tonight, right?

J: Yeah, we’re in Tulsa tonight. Then Columbia (Missouri), then Bloomington (Indiana), then we knock on your door. And hopefully it shall sound good.

TBD: This time you’re hitting Dayton on the way back rather than on your way out.

J: We like our tour route. We really love going down the East Coast then coming back up and around. We do that often. We don’t mean to, it’s just that it makes sense. But this summer we’ll finally be venturing out of our stomping route and making our way to the West Coast, to go surfing. We’ll have fun, fun, fun ‘til daddy takes the t-bird away. So, summer: west coast, record. Or it’ll be summer, then record then west coast, or west coast, then record, then west coast again. Maybe we’ll get out of country…

TBD: Maybe go to Europe and far away places?

H: Maybe Japan and China. We’re trying.

TBD: Is there anything else you wanna make sure that The Buddha Den readers know about at this point in time?

J: We’re too busy singing to put anybody down.

TBD: I’ll be sure to let everybody know that.

Pretty & Nice, who are out on tour with Exit Clov (DC) will be stopping at Pearl this Thursday night for Sarasvati's Machine art show, featuring locals 8-Bit Revival and After the Accident.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

the folk and the fury...

...this evening's best options illustrate the wide range of music happening in Dayton at the moment. If you're in a more relaxed mood this evening, stop over at Oregon Express to catch Umbrella Men (and more), or swing up to Canal Street Tavern to catch one of our favorites, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. If it's unbridled rock n' roll you desire, they've got you covered over at South Park Tavern (on Wayne) with Harlots, Six Gallery (from Columbus), Sexicon, and intermission sets by John Gassett. Don't let the rain stop you. Pick a path and head on down...

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Grizzzzy Bear/The Sailing/Toads and Mice/Romance of the Young Tigers @ Nite Owl 3.14.08 night fell on the Oregon District, waves of people moved throughout the district as gallery openings and art events dotted the area. Outside of the Nite Owl, music lovers gathered in support of Squids Eye Records' celebration of their first year. With lines pouring out the door, this was one of the biggest events of the season. Before things got under way over there, we stopped in to Jasper Wall Cafe to catch the young Jordan Hull, performing as part of the Echos Dayton for March...

...opening the evening over at the Nite Owl, the ambient/noise outfit Romance of the Young Tigers perplexed most audients, but left us with a sense that perhaps in more inviting environs they could become a truly captivating experience... up was our favorite set of the evening, Toads and Mice. While the set got off to a rather slow start, by mid-set the band had hit its stride and in front of a capacity audience proceeded to demonstrate why they are truly one of the best bands in Dayton today...

...with their debut disc coming out later this spring on Squids Eye Records, The Sailing delivered an inspired set of hair-flailing anthemic rock. With their prog tendencies in full display, their high-energy set impressed us, although we felt they could have made a stronger impact with a slightly shorter set. Regardless, we are very much looking forward to their debut disc...

...closing out the evening, Grizzzzy Bear whipped the audience into a frenzy as the throng charged toward the stage. As we endure the band's stylistic shift into a prog/metal stance, we were left somewhat bemused as much of the band's strongest material off their debut disc was left off the setlist. Clearly, Grizzzy Bear continues to find its footing with the new lineup, but with so much obvious talent we are more than willing to follow them down the rabbit hole...

we'd like to thank Tony Gilbert and everyone at Squids Eye Records for an amazing night and for proving that Dayton music is still, very much, alive and well. For more photos from the show, head over here....

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Friday, March 14, 2008

down on the street....

...tonight's a big night for music in Dayton, so we hope we see everyone out there. Here's the lowdown...

...we're starting early tonight over at Jasper Wall Cafe with one of our favorite monthlies, Echos Dayton. This month their musical guests will be Jordan Hull, who everyone really needs to check out, and indie/folk duo Umbrella Men. Featured poets this month are Fred Kirchner, Matthew Estvanic, and Cherokee. This gets under way early at 8 pm, it's free, and it's all ages. Go grab a coffee, catch some culture, and get ready for the main event... of the most highly-anticipated musical events of the season, tonight at the Nite Owl the ubiquitous Squids Eye Records celebrates its first year with a showcase of monumental proportions. Four of the labels finest are on tap for the evening: Grizzzzy Bear, Toads and Mice, The Sailing, and Romance of the Young Tigers. In addition, Squids Eye will be handing out a complimentary sampler CD to everyone in attendance. With four of Dayton's most promising young bands and the most ambitious record label in town putting this on for you, you owe it to yourself not to miss this one...

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out-a-Towners Noise Buffet-Tonight @ Acid Fever House

...this evening, your good friends over at Acid Fever House invite you to come and share in a buffet. Leave your silverware at home friends, this will be a noise buffet. The house will be hosting four touring noise bands that seem to veer more toward the electronic end of the noise spectrum. Head down and get yr fill...


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Soft And I'm Cuddly...

...Dayton's resident panda-style lover Nightbeast is getting ready to release his debut disc, Inside Jokes For Outside Folks, on May 6 via Thriving Records/East West. Next Tuesday night, March 18, at Pearl, Nightbeast will be performing for free. You won't want to miss this party. For now, go check out the new version of "Love Panda Style" and get ready...

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Snake Oil "Almost Acoustic Music" available through Fictionband

...yet again, your good friends over at Fictionband have gone out of their way to make more great music from the basements of Dayton available to you completely FREE OF CHARGE. This time around, they're offering up the splendid debut from the now-defunct Snake Oil, Almost Acoustic Music, which originally came out (and is still available for purchase) through Star Heartless Records (as are several other remarkable releases...) Featuring the songwriting talents of ex-patriate Steven Gullett, the disc veers between raunchy foot-stompers, stripped-down rockers, and the heart-wrenching finale, "Angels Are Never Enough". You need this one.

...also, in case you missed them, go back and download the last 2 Caregiver LPs and the new Peopleperson and Spirit Breaker. You won't see these bands out performing, so better grab these free downloads and dig...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NEWS: Nite Owl to Change Ownership

...the Dayton Daily News reported today that the Nite Owl is being bought and will likely undergo dramatic changes when it re-opens as Blind Bill's in June. You can get the full story over here, but rest assured, many changes are afoot and will have sever effects on the local music scene. Despite its myriad problems, the Nite Owl has been one of the few clubs to allow 18 & up shows and has played host to numerous touring acts over the last few years. The new ownership intends to end the 18 & up shows and to gear the venue towards an "Americana" theme. On the upside, they plan to move the stage. I guess you take the good with the bad...


PROFILE: Tony Gilbert of Squids Eye Records

...this Friday night, Squids Eye Records will celebrate their first year with a big show at the Nite Owl. We caught up with label founder Tony Gilbert recently to talk about Squids Eye...

The Buddha Den: What led to the formation of Squids Eye Records? When did you decide to start the label and how long did it take to launch it? What labels were you involved in before? How did you make the jump in running your own labels? What contacts did you make that enabled you to do this? Why did you decide from the beginning that you wanted to be involved in running a label?

Tony Gilbert: The frustration I had releasing music from people who I had no personal relationship with and in which the only conversations we had were business related led to the formation of Squids Eye Records. I decided to start Squids Eye Records in early 2007 but had the idea for a structured local label when I was doing Net31 and went to The Sailing and Yakuza Heart Attack show at Oregon Express. The show was amazing and still holds up as one of my favorite local shows. I started my first label in High School. It started out as a fake little CD-R label with my best friend Mike Cooley. By the fourth release it became real, sold a few thousand copies of our first official release and then from there on each release sold better. The main contacts I got were just from networking with different artists and labels. Anticon and Sage Francis did a lot to help me out in the early days along with a handful of other labels and bands.I decided I wanted to be involved in some aspect of music since music consumed my life anyway, so at the time I thought the easiest way to be involved was to start a label, was I ever wrong.

TBD: What climate led you to believe that it was a good idea to have a Dayton-centric label? How did you envision selling the music of Dayton to the world? Why did you decide to call it Squids Eye Records? What were your goals with setting up this label?

TG: Just the fact so many people I knew were making great music but no one seemed to care outside of our little circle. Squids Eye is on a 3 year plan as for sales numbers and everything. I didn’t expect to begin the label and automatically start where I left off. That being said, the label is doing better then expected and the response we have gotten from outside vendors has been great. Putting out records from Neotropic and Ceschi really helps the catalog, because they already have a built in fan base which leads to their fans checking out more of our artists.

Dozens of names were tossed around, none of which stuck. Then one night I was talking to Keith online and we were tossing names back and forth and he said Squids Eye and that stuck out. He then followed it up with a rough draft of what would become the logo. I checked into it and the name was available, so Squids Eye was born. Since then it's spun off into different sub labels – Squids Eye Limited for Limited Edition projects under 1000 units and SE Direct which distributes Squids Eye directly to hundreds of stores worldwide. We will also be doing the manufacturing and distribution for Ceschi and his brothers David new label ‘Fake Four Inc’ which I am excited to get started on. My goals with the label is to just get the music heard by as many people as possible and not lose the ethics that were put in place on day 1. The main goal is to remember and make sure the artists remember this is an art project above everything else, not a record label in the traditional sense. Sometimes with so much money involved it’s hard to remember that. In the end if the label is monetarily driven, then regardless of its success the label has failed.

TBD: Since the inception of SER, what has been the reception from the Dayton music scene? On the national/international level? Do you feel that having such an active label in Dayton is helping to attract attention to the city?

TG: For the most part the reception has been good, there are a ton of supporters and that makes all this worthwhile. When I approach stores they laugh when I tell them we are based in Dayton. I then send them promos and they call me back and tell me they just ordered the catalog from the distributor. It's just getting people to give it that first listen. That’s all the records need. For the most part we try and package everything as appealing as possible and I think that helps spark peoples interest as to what’s inside. We sell more records in Boise, Idaho then here in Dayton, but I’m not disappointed. Here they pay to see our bands monthly and come out and support in that way. I hope what we are doing is attracting people to Dayton. I make sure that everyone knows we are from Dayton.

TBD: What have been some of the best selling releases? What is your favorite release from the last year? What sort of musical theme, if any, do think runs through the SER catalog? What type of label are you trying to be?

TG: The best selling Squids Eye releases thus far is Yakuza Heart Attack and the compilation [Dayton, OH Vol. 1]. both have been doing very well all around North America and overseas people have begun to take notice. Picking my favorite releases is trouble, so I will just say it’s the compilation since it represents all of our bands, and I really love the artwork on that one. Keith killed it. In the beginning I would say the musical theme would be synth heavy, but since then we have added bands spanning all genres. We really don’t have an ongoing musical theme, except for good music made in Dayton basements. I look up to labels like K, Touch and Go, and Dischord – their sense of community is amazing, bands help out other bands, labels help out other labels. I’d love to see this sense of community come to life in Dayton. We all have our little cliques and rarely leave them, and we all need to break that.

TBD: What role do you think SER plays in the current Dayton music scene? What more do you think SER could do to bolster the scene at this time and for the future? What are your long-term goals with the label? Do you think there is enough talent in Dayton at this time to really make an impact nationally?

TG: The role I think Squids Eye is playing in the current Dayton scene is the same as the majority of the other bands. Just trying to get their music heard by as many people. Squids Eye like other bands could bolster the scene by doing more touring. The long term goals are not much different from the goals I have right now. Down the road I hope to hire a few people and concentrate more on doing physical and digital distribution for other artists and labels. I would love to see more labels and more artist self-releasing, I’ve started a CD Manufacturing broker service just for that reason, to help local acts get their music manufactured with out getting screwed. I think there is enough talent in Dayton to make an impact nationally. I think there are a few records coming up that will help Dayton make some noise. I think the upcoming Captain of Industry album and tour will knock some doors down.

TBD: What bands/artists do you think are poised to break out of Dayton (SER act or not)? What bands/artists would you like to work with in the future? What are your plans for helping your roster get out of Dayton? Do you plan to have more showcases elsewhere?

TG: I will not include Squids Eye bands. I honestly think all given the chance could break out of Dayton. I really believe Human Reunion and Captain of Industry could and will break out of the slums of Dayton. They have put in a ton of work and it’s their time. As for what bands and artists I’d like to work with; Human Reunion, Captain of Industry – I think we will work with both these bands in the future in some form. Once this initial batch of records is out, we will set up a proper tour. Right now the majority of my time is spent on manufacturing, distribution, publicity and sales of the current and upcoming releases. But a proper tour will be setup around Summer – I’d like to get Grizzzzy Bear, Toads and Mice and the Sailing out there as soon as possible for all parties.

TBD: How do you think this showcase on March 14 will affect your label's visibility locally? Why did you choose these 4 bands to represent your label? How do you think they define what SER is all about, or do they? What are your hopes for this show? Why the decision to give away a sampler at the show? How does that disc represent your label at this time?

I’m hoping people pay attention and come out for the show. This year has been 22-hour days pushing the Dayton music out to the world. I’d like to have a proper celebration here locally just for my own psyche, to know people are paying attention in town. I wanted to give something back to the people that I see at each show who pay to get in week after week. I figured a sampler CD would be appropriate. The CD has 20 tracks and showcases a track off of all our upcoming releases and available releases. This is the definitive representation of Squids Eye Records in 2008.

TBD: With such an active release schedule, do have any concerns that you may be saturating the market or overextending your labels capabilities or do you think it merely demonstrates the vitality of your label and your commitment to consistently offer the best of Dayton music?

TG: The only reason the release schedule is currently so active is because the bands here in Dayton have been working on these records for years but never had a proper outlet, now with Squids Eye we are playing catch up and putting out all these debuts. At the same time as long as friends are making great records I will release them, at this point, if we don’t put out these records they sadly won’t get heard outside of Dayton. I just don’t want anything to slip beneath the cracks; the music deserves more then that. Squids Eye is just here to document the current scene, I understand money is tight, I don’t expect people to buy everything, but when they want it, it will be here. sure to head out this Friday, March 14 to catch Squids Eye Records Anniversary Party featuring performances by Grizzzzy Bear, Toads and Mice, The Sailing, and Romance of the Young Tigers. Everyone will get a free copy of the Squids Eye Sampler just for coming out. This one will be huge and you know we'll be there...

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Oregon Experiment

...all this snow gotcha down? Don't know what to do while yr cooped up in yr house? Well, start a band. Start writing some songs. The Oregon Express is starting up The Oregon Experiment starting on Wednesday, April 2 and will give new bands a good opportunity to get some more gigs. From 9 to 10:30 solo acts and small groups can sign up to play. Then, the rest of the night will feature 3 bands that are booked in advance. The OE booking agent Gretchen is looking for new bands, so do good on one of these nights and she'll get you a Saturday night gig. If you need to know more, head over here...

...For everyone else, be sure to head down and catch the new talent because it's FREE!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

last minute rendezvous....

...we just got a last minute notice that gutter-garage superstars Switchblade Serenade will make a surprise appearance at the Nite Owl tonight. What? The snow? Well, if yr brave, we're sure you'll be rewarded. Tell em The Buddha Den sent ya....

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

all for one....'s been a fairly slow week in town, but you have a few choice options this evening that should be enough to get you out and about...

...on tap over at Jimmie's Cornerstone we've got another Dayton Dirt Collective Benefit featuring The Goody Two Shoes, The Gluons, and up-and-comers Jasper the Colossal. Word is that the new cable program Underground in Day-Town will be on hand to document the event for posterity....

...over at Pearl, there will be a benefit show for Dayton for Darfur. Musical acts include Record Records Record and Mascot, as well as numerous spoken word and performance artists... if that wasn't enough options, you've got a couple of heavy hitters over at Canal Street Tavern also. Columbus-based Happy Chichester will make an appearance backed by local faves Captain of Industry. Also on the bill are CMJ alums Halos Were Found at the Landing Site. Should be a good one... yr homework and chart a course. We'll see you out there....

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

NEWS: Pitchfork to launch April 7

...we're that most of you had high hopes for MTV at some point in your life. You know, maybe you'd keep finding cool music on there and see good videos. Especially once MTV2 came around. Yeah, we were pretty disappointed as seems as if the ubiquitous Pitchfork doesn't find the status quo acceptable either and have taken it upon themselves to change the way the game is played. Engaging all forms of technology and taking an end around every visible barrier to entry, Pitchfork announced yesterday that beginning April 7 they will launch, a free, online music channel dedicated independent music. They promise on-demand content featuring music videos, exclusive performances, new and rare documentaries, and more. We suppose if anyone has the ability to do this, it would be Pitchfork. Get ready kids, the game's about to change....


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Gluons/Scott Deadalus/The Zombies of Funk - Tonight @ Nite Owl

...after you go vote today (you DID go vote, right?), head on down to the Nite Owl for an evening of synth-driven psych-pop. With their debut album about to be released on the formidable Squids Eye Records in a couple of weeks, The Gluons are poised to join an elite and talented group of Dayton musicians that have done likewise. Scott Deadalus performs solo, but armed with various synths and samplers produces an incredibly sweet pop sound landing somewhere between The Strokes and Syd Barrett. Opening the evening will be The Zombies of Funk. You know you'll be there....

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jamy' Interstate Rock n' Roll Explosion 1 - Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...local punk icon Jamy Holliday and his Luxury Pushers is taking it upon himself to kick out the doldrums of cabin fever this evening with his first ever Interstate Rock n' Roll Explosion over at Canal Street Tavern tonight. Featuring six bands from as many states/provinces, this is sure to be more rock n' roll than your dollar is actually worth. Promising short sets from the bands, lightning fast changeovers, and merch giveaways all night, how can you really pass on this one? The show starts PROMPTLY at 9:30, so don't be late. Carry on, Jamy...

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Dayton Music Fest 08 Submissions Open TODAY

...that's right, kids. It's already time to start thinking about the 2008 edition of the Dayton Music Fest. Much like last year, there is an online submission process that is FREE and EASY. Submissions will be accepted between now and June 29. You have no excuse to not submit your band. You can click here and finish in about 10 minutes. What are you waiting for? Go. Now. Don't wait. See you in October....


My Latex Brain/Accidently on Purpose/Switchblade Serenade @ Canal Street Tavern 2.29.08

...with it being a leap year and all, it could have gone either way last night over at Canal Street Tavern. In fact, it went both...

...after missing the debut of opener Swell, we came in on an reduced lineup of Switchblade Serenade. Following the departure of guitarist Matt Webster, the remaining trio is soldiering on with incredible intensity. The sleeker outfit delivered their trademark gutter/garage with an intensity and directness that only bolstered their sound and left us hopeful for whatever might come next from this highly unpredictable group... this was our first report on Accidently on Purpose, our expectations were high. Digging way back into an early 90s/pre-Nirvana brand of grungy punk, the band impressed us with a distinctive blend of punk/art-rock influences. Charismatic Greta Smak prowled the stage with burning intensity, drawing all eyes onto her and her band for the duration of their blistering set. As soon as you get a chance, be sure to catch them... last, the moment of celebration on this evening had arrived, as the post-industrial juggernaut known as My Latex Brain unleashed its new album, Good Is Dead. Although there was lengthy delay due to myriad technical difficulties, the band persevered, channeling their frustrations into their performance and elevating the intensity of their sound to nearly unbearable levels. As bassist Chris Corn and drummer Roger Owsley initiated a sonic Blitzkrieg through the venue, singer Hoops screeched and howled his mutilated rantings, the sum which resulted in an unparalleled assault on all sensory intake. Truly, MLB is one of the most exciting and inventive bands in Dayton at the moment...

..for more pics from the show, take a look over here.

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