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Saturday, May 31, 2008

beaches and bye-bye....

...if you're ready to kick off summer the right way, head down to Oregon Express tonight where the kids will be having a Beach Party and bands. Headlining the night is The Goody Two Shoes, who have really hit a stride as of late. Up from Cincinnati, you've got the consummate songwriting/musicianship of The Turnbull ACs. Opening the night will be the surf rock stylings of Brian and the All-Nighters...

...over at South Park Tavern tonight, The Story Changes kicks off an extended tour that will take them deep into the west over the next few weeks. Take a look at their dates and let anyone you know out there to go check them out. Also on the bill tonight are After the Accident and Models. Big rock party...

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The Human Reunion/Romance of the Young Tigers/Lungs @ CADC

...upon arriving at the gallery space in the Cannery District, we were informed that the PA had not arrived and that the out-of-town-band, Unpsparing Sea (from Cleveland), had canceled. As fas as we were concerned, this was absolutely no way to start the evening. Alas, we waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually, Lungs began and thankfully their bludgeoning riffs and sprawling grind were sufficient to bring us back into enjoyment of the evening. As a band we'd not yet seen in town, Lungs were a welcome surprise. Drawing heavily from such 90s icons as Slint and Unwound, Lungs has taken enough from that palate and added their own sludgy melodicism to the template. On this particular evening, the band suffered through several gear failures, but still came out just fine. Apparently, the band is gearing up to release a 7" later this summer, so stay tuned for more on that... if the evening couldn't drag out any longer and be riddled with any more gear failures, as Romance of the Young Tigers prepared for their set they were befallen by numerous gear-related issues that put their start time well past that promised for the headliner. Regardless, once the group began, their ebb and flow of sonic landscapes resonated through the gallery and out on the streets of Dayton like an ocean across the harsh post-industrial landscape. As the sheets of distortion raged and retreated, the subtlety of the electric piano offered a welcome familiarity against the backdrop of feedback. While Romance of the Young Tigers continues to challenge audiences in Dayton and beyond, we'd have to say that it's an experience best enjoyed through recorded mediums...

...after enduring the numerous technical barriers, we simply could not hold out for The Human Reunion to take the stage. We apologize to both readers and the band for this, but if anyone has a report or imagery, we'd love to hear it...

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Friday, May 30, 2008

DDC Benefit feat. The Human Reunion/Unsparing Sea/Romance of the Young Tigers/Lungs-Tonight @ CADC their ongoing efforts to infuse the Dayton music scene with new life and vigor, the Dayton Dirt Collective will be holding a benefit show this evening at the CADC Gallery (520 E. Third St. in the Cannery building). Headlining the event will be none other than the Kings of Clack, The Human Reunion. Also on the bill are Romance of the Young Tigers, the haunting Americana of Unsparing Sea (from Cleveland), and post-rock outfit Lungs. We'll see ya there....

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De Novo Dahl/Tally Hall/Carolina Liar/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs @ Pearl 5.28.08

...arriving a bit late and not realizing that a fourth band had been added to the bill at Pearl on this evening, we unfortunately completely missed the set by locals Stone the Mayor Sheriffs. Instead, the first band we witnessed on this night was Carolina Liar, a band who earlier in the day had their video featured on MTV's TRL program. We had our suspicions that many in the audience had caught that performance and rushed down to see the band perform. No worries, the band sounded great and had plenty of enthusiasm to spare. Decked out in Boy Scout uniforms, the Caronlina Liar's soaring, brooding pop seemed destined to flood the airwaves in the coming months. Keep an eye out for these guys... the changeover between bands wrapped up and the sharp-dressed gentlemen of Ann Arbor's Tally Hall took the stage, we could not have been more shocked with what came next. Out of the silence emerged a song that everyone in the club new instantly: it was the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, Freebird. No, not some ironic reworking of the song. It was a note-for-note rendition, served up with sincerity. For our money, this was a remarkable display and one we aren't likely to witness any time soon. As Tally Hall plowed into their own tunes, the band's quirky powerpop stood out as their impeccable harmonies and inventive arrangements continued to surprise at every turn. With the band poised for an appearance at Lollapalooza this summer, it was certainly a treat to have them in Dayton for an evening...

...capping off the evening, De Novo Dahl delivered yet again in Dayton, as both band and audience were whisked away on a wave of sheer exuberance. As the band rolled from blistering dance numbers to slow, grinding funk, the kids just kept on dancing and giving back to the band as much as they received. As can often happen at Pearl, the boundaries between band and audience were completely erased and as the one became the other, the joy of this evening was apparent on the faces of all...

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

De Novo Dahl/Tally Hall/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs-Tonight @ Pearl

...out on tour in support of the new album Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound, Nashville's indie/glam partystarters De Novo Dahl are making their second stop in the Gem City this year. Tonight the band will be at Pearl, along with tour-buddies Tally Hall and local prog/thrashers Stone the Mayor Sheriffs. In case you have somehow missed De Novo Dahl every other time they've been through Dayton, trust us, you NEED to see this show....

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meg, You're Starting to Slip

...while exile may often be perceived in a negative light, many have reveled in its uncertainty and ushered in a new era of personal creativity. In this particular instance, we are witnessing exile in progress. More specifically that of one Jake Geisege of The Judy Blooms. Today Geisege issued forth a new demo for the song "Meg, You're Starting to Slip". While its demo quality has its charms, what's more important here is the way in which Geisege is breaking into new territory. More than any of his post-Wild & Free tracks, there is a more refined sentimentality and a sharper control of the melodies. Sure, he's still got a rock classicism that is his stock in trade, but as time wears on his ability to infuse an increasing number of elements continues to impress. In many ways, it reminds us of the bristling wit of a younger Ray Davies combined with Jack White's effortless singalongisms. Have a listen for yrself....

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Canal Street Tavern's Dayton Band Play-Offs Registration NOW OPEN

...yes, it's summer again and that can only mean one thing in Dayton: time for the Annual Dayton Band Play-Offs at Canal Street Tavern. For the uninitiated, the Dayton Band Play-Offs has been an annual right of passage for nearly 25 years. Such Dayton icons as The Method, Brainiac, Real Lulu, and Shrug have all championed the event. More recently, bands such as Bluekarma, Mona, and Orange Willard have done the same. More than that, ask pretty much any musician that has spent any time playing in Dayton and they'll most likely admit to having done at least one year in the Play-Offs. If your band is looking to make a mark, this is a great place to start. You can download your registration form right here. Get 'em in...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

take it or leave it.... if local labels haven't done enough lately to help the Dayton music scene, both Fictionband and Squids Eye Records have offered up new samplings from the Gem City. While combing through the past, Fictionband has come up with random offerings from Ohio Casket and Cigarhead. For those of you who missed them the first time, take a listen and dig the history. Meanwhile, Squids Eye Records has made a new track available from the long-defunct Jet Kid Committee in advance of the promise of a 4-song EP from the outfit later this fall. Why? Well, keep in mind that Jet Kid Committee was the breeding ground for such current Dayton fixtures as Grizzzzy Bear and Yakuza Heart Attack, as well as the massively underrated Scott Deadalus. Just have a listen....

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Echos Dayton-Tonight @ One Eyed Jack's

...with the closing of Jasper Wall Cafe a few months back, the kids at Echos Dayton were left without a venue. Well, after regrouping and seeking out a new venue, Echos Dayton returns this evening. Apparently, the event will be held weekly instead of monthly now, offering even more opportunities to up-and-coming poets and musicians. On the music tip this evening, Towhee, One Cool Kid, Leo Walter, and Phil Estes will all be performing. As always, this will be a free show. Head and down and dig it...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

My Latex Brain/Sah/Accidntly On Purpose/Switchblade Serenade-Tonight @ Aquarius

...wanna start your long weekend off with a bang? The only way to go is over at Aquarius tonight. The brutal grind of My Latex Brain headlines a bill that also includes heavy-hitters Sah (from Michigan), Accidently on Purpose, and Switchblade Serenade. After the smoke clears, you won't know what hit ya....

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The Buddha Den DJ Hour @ Pearl 5.22.08

...for those of you who missed it last evening, here's what The Buddha Den played last night at Pearl. Take a look and see if we played your band...

8-Bit Revival "Led Astrea"
Area Code "You Knew the Gravity"
Captain of Industry "Sweet Nectar Action"
Cry Baby Genius "Rosary Beads"
The Dead Like Presleys "Wires in the Vines"
De Novo Dahl (from Nashville) "Make Some Sense" and "Shakedown"
The Eazy E-Street Band "Cessation"
The Gluons "The Modern Late at Nights"
Grizzzzy Bear "Time Machine"
The Human Reunion "Red Ape"
Jet Kid Committee "LOL"
Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience "Hot Action!"
The Motel Beds "Ocean Flows"
My Latex Brain "Capitalist Knife"
The Northwest Ordinance "Dancin'"
Jesse Remnant "Better Than You"
Toads and Mice "Dig Hole"
Towhee "Streetlights"
Wild & Free "Where's Yer Head?"

If you'd like to see your band on this list next month, please contact us on our Myspace so you can send us your finest...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Buddha Den DJ Hour-Tonight @ Pearl

...that's right kids! It's time again for The Buddha Den DJ Hour, brought to you courtesy of the good folks over at Fab Gear. Tonight at Pearl between 10 and 11 pm, we'll be spinning the best Dayton tracks from the past, present, and future. Come and down tonight and check out what you may have been missing. After we're done, the Fab Gear DJs will be spinning the best vintage soul, garage, funk, disco, and punk all night. We'll see you there...


The Everybodyfields/Umbrella Men-Tonight @ Canal Street Tavern

...emerging alt-country sensations The Everybodyfields (from Johnson City, TN) kick off a Midwest tour this evening at Canal Street Tavern. Fronted by Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews, the outfit has garnered rave reviews in such taste-making publications as Paste Magazine for their earthy country flavor, and the group will wind up this tour with an appearance at the massive Bonnaroo Festival in mid-June. We'd highly recommend you get out tonight and catch them while you can. Opening the evening will be local folk duo Umbrella Men, who we are looking towards to make a big move in 2008. Get on down....

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lemuria/Bomb the Music Industry/Till Plains/Delay/The Fivenineties-Tonight @ Dayton Dirt Collective may still be early in the week, but the kids down at the Dayton Dirt Collective are hellbent on making every night a rock n' roll event. Tonight they've got a pair of touring bands and some local/regional bands making the scene. Headlining is Lemuria (from Buffalo), who are out on an extended tour with Bomb the Music Industry (from Georgia). Also on the bill this evening are Till Plains (from Cincinnati) and Delay (from Columbus). Opening the evening will be local punx The Fivenineties. What should you expect this evening? Pretty much a pop-punk smorgasbord running the gamut from mid-90s Sub Pop/4AD female fronted bands to old school So. Cal. pop/punk to DC-style art/post-punk. Who sounds like what? Head down tonight and find out for yourself....

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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Sleepybird @ South Park Tavern 6.14.08

...building of the tremendous success of our first two showcases, The Buddha Den is proud to bring you the next installment featuring Sleepybird. Having caught the band back in February where the unleashed several new adventurous compositions, we could not be more excited to host Sleepybird on the cusp of the release of their third album, The Sadness Will Last Forever. Mark your calendars now, because you don't want to miss this one....

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Urban Nights-Tonight

...there are so many musical options tonight for Urban Nights, we hardly know where to begin. First off, the Dayton Dirt Collective will host their official opening with performances by The Goody Two Shoes and more. Over at The Merc, The Circus will host Sideshow III, featuring numerous performance artists and bands, most notably Sleepybird among them. In other various locales around the city, there will be many more bands performing on smaller stages at different times. We highly recommend you just get out and walk around downtown and make a night of it...

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Human Reunion/Yea Big + Kid Static/The Goody Two Shoes @ Pearl 5.15.08 the brutally cold rain fell down on this Thursday night, those who were undeterred received a very special treat this night at the Pearl in the form of one incredible show. Opening the evening, the always-splendidly-dressed The Goody Two Shoes hit the ground running, sounding the best we've ever heard them. Truly, the band has put in some very hard work and it is really beginning to pay off. The sparkle of their choruses that were once buried under murky guitars and shaky rhythms were delivered on this night with a confidence and sense of purpose. We understand the band is currently in the studio working on some new tracks. We're most certainly looking forward to more from The Goody Two Shoes... up were the dynamic duo of Yea Big + Kid Static from Chicago. Their ability to bring fun and a sense of humor back into hip-hop effortlessly won over the audience on this night. As the pair winded and weaved through the crowd, jumping on every surface they could find, and even inciting many in the audience to break loose and just dance, we could not have been more grateful that Yea Big + Kid Static continue to make Dayton a regular tour stop...

...closing out the evening, Human Reunion offered up their finest in electronic manipulations. The driving rhythms of drummer Ian Kaplan and bassist Alan Baker undeniably anchor this band. As the synths and angular guitar work slashes across the sound, the band's songs continue to shine through. We're hoping that the band is able to release it's debut before too long and get it out to the masses...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Human Reunion/Yea Big + Kid Static/The Goody Two Shoes-Tonight @ Pearl if this week has already been a good one, there's a really great bill over at Pearl tonight. Headlining will be the always-exciting Human Reunion,, who have been bringing it on strong since their return to activity last month. They'll be hosting Chi-town hip-hop duo Yea Big + Kid Static, who you absolutely have to catch. Seriously. Opening the evening will be garage mainstays The Goody Two Shoes....

...we spoke earlier this week with Yea Big + Kid Static's Stefen Robinson (a.k.a. Yea Big) about their upcoming visit to Dayton. Here's what he had to say...

The Buddha Den: For our readers who aren't familiar with Yea Big + Kid Static, can you tell us a little bit about how the project started? What were you each doing before?

Yea Big: We met through the internets. I was looking for a vocalist to work with and Static came to my rescue. Before our union we both had solo projects and various other things/bands going on. But once we started working together we quickly realized we were way better together than apart, so this project became the focus for both of us.

TBD: You infuse an incredible dose of humor and self-deprecation into your particular brand of hip-hop. What made you decide to go that route?

YB: That's just the type of dues we are. Static writes all of the lyrics, and he has a particular knack for his kind of smart, humorous, and as you called it "self-deprecating" style. It's easily relatable shit, i think.

TBD: It's great that you continue to make Dayton a regular stop when you're out. What is it that keeps you coming back to Dayton? How do audiences react to your live show both here and throughout the country?

YB: The people are what keep us coming back to Dayton. we love the bands we've gotten to play with here, and all the folks involved with booking the shows, and the audiences are always super fun, and all the awesome people who have lets us sleep on their floors. It's just a good time whenever we come. we get relatively warm responses pretty much everywhere we go these days. It's actually really heart-warming. Even when we are in a town we've never been to before performing for 10 people, those 10 people really come through for us. We're lucky to meet so many nice folks, for sure.

TBD: When we caught at Therapy Cafe back in October, your debut disc had just come out on JIB. How has the response been to your album? How have things changed for you since it's release?

YB: The response to the album has been decent. It sells well on the road. We've gotten some solid reviews and whatnot. Things haven't changed a whole lot since the record came out, except we're finding that more people do know who we are these days. But that could be for any number of reasons.

TBD: What can people expect from the live Yea Big + Kid Static experience?

YB: Dynamic hip thrusts and shimmies.

TBD: Is there anything else that you'd like our readers to know?

YB: We both really like Tim Fite's new record, Fair Ain't Fair. You should check it out., get down to Pearl tonight and check out Yea Big + Kid Static, as well as Human Reunion & The Goody Two Shoes. You know it's gonna be a good one...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hospital Garden/The Northwest Ordinance/Mountain Screamer-Tonight @ Oregon Express've got a rare Wednesday night treat tonight. Over at the Oregon Express, your host DJ Jay Madewell will be hosting his Wednesday Night Music Club from 8 to 10, then you've got three bands for FREE. First up is the sludgy duo Mountain Screamer. Then, the post-punk fury of The Northwest Ordinance. Closing out the night will be the last-minute addition of up-and-comers Hospital Garden. All this for free? Oh yeah...

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NEWS: Nite Owl Officially Closed

...after more than 25 years as a jazz, blues, reggae, and underground rock hotspot, the Nite Owl has officially closed today. We understand that the building will be closed for renovations over the next couple of months and will reopen as Blind Bob's. For now, all shows have been cancelled. If you had a booking, we would recommend contacting the person who set up the show to see if it may be moved to another venue.

So long, Nite Owl....


Tiny Saddles out on Fictionband

...the good folks over at Fictionband have done it again, bringing forth the work of those who toil in obscure home studios. This time around we have Tiny Saddles, the fertile brainchild of Nick Morano, who served time as drummer in Abracadaver! and Ohio Casket. With this particular project, Morano dives into electronic flavors, spicing them up with random lo-fi stabbings. As always, you download the tracks for FREE courtesy of your friends at Fictionband...

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Towhee @ South Park Tavern 5.10.08

...once again we found ourselves at South Park Tavern, hosting our second showcase. This particular evening we chose to showcase the band Towhee, who we were very eager to put in front of a Dayton audience. The band truly rose to the occasion, despite some early setbacks, and delivered a set of engaging, upbeat songs. As guitarists Brandon and Vallen effortlessly interwove their guitar lines around each other in some primordial sonic dance ritual, bassist Sarah and drummer Josh held down the rhythm section with authority, creating slightly complex, but infectious and danceable beats that virtually beg to be sampled. Veering from introspective and relaxed passages to full-throttle rock, Towhee won over the audience on this night and left us eager for their upcoming second album...

For more photos from the evening, please go here.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Buddha Den Showcase Presents: Towhee-Tonight @ South Park Tavern's time again for The Buddha Den Showcase, kids. This month at South Park Tavern, we're featuring indie-poppers Towhee, who we also featured back in January on our inaugural seasonal sampler. The band will be doing two short sets (at 9 and 10:30). We'll be featuring some of our favorite local tracks before, between, and after the band as well, so we'll see you down at South Park Tavern tonight. Remember, music starts PROMPTLY at 9 PM. If you were there last month, you know it's gonna be a good time. See you there...

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Christgau loves Drexel

...Dayton's very own proprietor of the derelict lounge, Drexel, will be featured in an upcoming buyer's guide by no less a musical authority than Robert Christgau. In an official statement from Drexel to Dingleberry's:

"We're going to be featured by America's Dean of Music Critics, Robert Christgau, in his buyer's guide next month that is published in Blender, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Village Voice, etc...

And you guys [Dingleberry's] are the only physical retail outlet in the world where one can obtain a copy of River of Chowder."

According to Dingleberry's these extremely rare artifacts will be made readily available for the extremely low price of $4.99. Go getcha some...

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Buffalo Killers/Andrew & the Pretty Punchers @ Pearl 5.8.08 the precipitation died down just long enough for everyone to congregate for what appeared to be the first great show of May, we made our way to the Pearl and found that a sizable audience had already gathered in anticipation of the opening act, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Having seen the band numerous times (most recently at The Buddha Den Showcase in April), we could not have been happier that the band had been given the nod to open for such a high profile show. On this particular evening, the band sounded very good and delivered their set with a sense of purpose, seeking to prove to all in attendance that they did indeed deserve this opportunity. While missing the mark on a few occasions, the band never withdrew from attempting to push themselves and their audience to even greater heights. Just before the last song, leader Andy Smith lost his spectacles and, perhaps due to impaired eyesight, burned with searing intensity on the final song of the set...

...with nary a missed step between sets, Buffalo Killers roared into action. Their trademark blues-inflected vintage rock n' roll enraptured the audience on this night, drawing the crowd in and keeping them there for the next 45 minutes. Recalling the finest moments of Cream, the Stones, James Gang, and just a hint of late-period Beatles, the band's ability to edit their improvisations down to a maximum intensity stands as perhaps their most brilliant achievement. While the evening was essentially a warm-up for their upcoming tour opening for The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers by no means phoned this one in. Even after nearly an hour, they were still ready to dish out an encore, fan-favorite "Homegrown". And with that, we ended the evening with the rush of gold old rock n' roll...

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Gluons get Pitchforked one of the first of the new wave of Dayton bands to garner some notice outside of the Gem City, fuzz-pop wunderkinds The Gluons recently got a little love from the coalition of cool, Pitchfork. The site waxed favorable in their review of the track "Modern Late at Nights"(which we featured back in January on our Winter 2008 Sampler), off the band's debut, Meet the Gluons. Hopefully this is just the beginning...

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Buffalo Killers/Andrew & the Pretty Punchers-Tonight @ Pearl, we've got a REALLY good one for you tonight down at Pearl. You simply can't afford to miss this one. Headlining the evening are those modern/vintage monoliths, Buffalo Killers. Their undeniable songcraft and musicianship has earned them some serious recognition over the past year: a tour opening for The Black Crowes, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys producing their new album. Yeah, they're that good. Opening the evening will be locals Andrew & the Pretty Punchers (who performed at The Buddha Den Showcase last month...), still in the studio working on their debut that we can't wait to hit the streets...Before, between, and after the bands you've gots DJs Jay Madewell and Kevin Vaughn who plan to keep the party going all night. We'll see ya down there....

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holy Fuck/Human Reunion-Tonight @ Gypsy Hut (Cincinnati)

...if yr feeling like you need to get out of town for a night, here's a perfectly good excuse to do so...Daytonian switch flippers Human Reunion are opening for indie buzz band Holy Fuck (from Toronto), who will be heading over to Europe this summer to perform at such notable festivals as Glastonbury, Reading, and Pukkelpop. Festivities this evening take place at The Gypsy Hut in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood. You know it's gonna be electric. You know it's gonna melt yr mind. You know yr gonna go...

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Nightbeast "Inside Jokes For Outside Folks" OUT TODAY

...the world has waited long enough: the force that is Nightbeast officially releases his debut disc today, Inside Jokes For Outside Folks. As the interweb buzz grows, so the legend spreads. For all you Dayton folks, Nightbeast will be celebrating the release of the album on May 11 at Pearl. For the rest of the world, just go buy the album....


Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Sound for Language/Speakerfire/8-Bit Revival/New Vega-Tonight @ Pearl

...well kids, you've got a good to wrap up yr first weekend in May tonight over at Pearl. Heavy-hitters The Sound for Language headline, Speakerfire (in from Buffalo) are a special treat for afar, 8-Bit Revival dishes out big hooks and scrambles them up in a synthetic soup du jour, and New Vega will make their debut this evening as well. See you down there...

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

NEWS: Nite Owl to Close for Renovations

...while it's checkered past lists the Nite Owl as a coffee shop and jazz club at various points over the last 30-odd years, ownership of the Nite Owl has, in fact, changed hands and a resulting name change is soon to follow. According to new management, the venue will close in May (an exact date still remains elusive; our best sources say first part of May) and will stay closed for two months as the owners renovate the space. The club will re-open at Blind Bob's at some point in the future, with an emphasis on the "25 and up crowd", serving food and being strictly 21 & up...

..While it remains to be seen how this will affect the local music scene, it stands to reason that the reputation that the Nite Owl worked hard to build over the last 5+ years may very well be gone. Stay tuned....


Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Story Changes/After the Accident/Stone the Mayor Sheriffs/HQAX-Tonight @ Pearl

...we've got a big rock show to kick off yr weekend over at Pearl tonight. Perennial faves The Story Changes will headline a bill that includes Fuse kids After the Accident, the blistering algorithms of Stone the Mayor Sheriffs, and alterna-rockers HQAX. If that isn't enough, the venerable Jay Madewell will be spinning before, in between, and after the bands. Get there...

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